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Auto Loan Finders
1800 Sandy Plains Parkway, Suite 320
Marietta, Ga 30066
770-425-6123 (ph)
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Extremely angry about poor customer service
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KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- I bought a 2006 Kia Sportage from Auto Loan Finders in Kennesaw Ga. I was contacted via phone to tell me I was pre qualified for a 100% financing. Then when I got there I found out I had to have $1495 for taxes and fees. They also told me the car was $11,000 but it ended up being over $12,000 and financed at 28% interest! I gave them $400 that day and had to agree to pay the other within a month. The car needed some minor work. I signed the papers and was told the car would be ready in a day or two. I have been back there several times and it has been almost two weeks. I still don't have the car. Not to mention I had a rental I had to return because I couldn't afFord to keep it any longer. They gave me a "loaner car". HA!! It was a 1995 Honda Passport that looked and ran terrible. It sounded like the whole back was going to fall off. I have had to put air in the tires 3 times because it has a leak in the tires. Also the tag is expired on it. They make it seem like it is my job to call them. When I do call they say "oh I was just checking on that, let me call you right back". But, they don't. They took off $400 of the"fees" and so they feel like they are doing me a favor! Why is it when you have bad credit people feel like they can talk to you and treat you any kind of way??? Whatever you do DO NOT BUY A CAR FROM AUTO LOAN FINDERS IN KENNESAW GEORGIA...The customer service SUCKS!!!

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