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Take Your Business Somewhere Else
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It took me many hours of phone calls, emails, being put on hold for 30 minutes each time to find out they never shipped the product I ordered. They kept claiming it was shipped, but they kept refusing to provide a tracking number.

I wish I had done some due diligence before ordering from this company.
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Anonymous on 04/14/2009:
thanks for the warning....I like to get my auto parts needs from the local Kragen...
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Poor Service
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CALIFORNIA -- Slow to ship. Sent substitute parts of inferior quality and wanted a 20% restocking fee for returning the parts. Never again.
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Stay Away From This Company!!
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This company has the absolute worst customer service I have ever experienced. I ordered a starter for my car several weeks ago, and I even paid the express shipping fee for an extra 15 bucks, and still haven't received the part in the mail!! I've called several times since then, and have been treated rudely, been called a liar by their supervisor, and he even hung up on me several times.

I have asked them on numerous occasions to provide me with a tracking number, and have been told that one would be emailed to me by the end of the day. Well, that was 2 weeks ago, and I still keep getting the same promises. They talk to you as if you're dirt, and as if they're doing YOU a favor by doing business with them. I honestly don't understand how a company such as this is allowed to do business in America. This is a huge black eye on the entire online auto parts sector, and even makes the good ones look bad.

Unless you want to make a 'Donation' to this business (because you won't receive the merchandise), then I suggest you purchase from a reputable company with a REAL customer service dept.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 10/02/2007:
I like your information.
DigitalCommando on 10/02/2007:
Tony, Is Auto Parts Giant a walk in business, or an online company? Did you pay cash, or use a credit card?
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Return policy
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CALIFORNIA -- We recently ordered ball joints from this company. Be sure and read the fine print. You may need it later if you need to get your money returned on parts that you have returned.

First, it took us a few weeks to get these parts. We had to go elsewhere to get parts to use for a repair as these parts did not arrive in a timely manner. It took weeks to get a return authorization.

When we finally did and returned the item, they did not process for an additional ten days from when the return arrived and refused to refund our
money claiming that they would only do so after an additional 2 weeks. They claimed we should have read the "fine print" on their website.

Further, they charge a restocking fee. We still have not received our money although our return has technically been with them for weeks.

Your refund is at their whim.

Good luck. We will not order from them again.
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No Customer Support
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FLORIDA -- Purchased parts online and received one item that was factory damaged, not damaged in shipping.

I have been hung up on several times, transferred and put on hold for eternity. After reading other reviews I guess I should feel lucky I received my parts at all. Yeah I spoke to Ed also, he told me his manager, Thomas, would have to make a decision on how to handle the return. I think I will just dispute the charge if I do not hear back from them today.

Beware, do not use this company
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