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Auto Seller Network Scam
Posted by on
Caller are desperate low-paid(commission only) scumbags from one of these BS market your auto companies. They will lie to you and tell you they have a buyer for your car. They spam Auto Trader and Craigslist ads. They will lie about having buyers, financing, marketing, websites, etc., anything to get you to give them your credit card number so they can charge you for non-existent marketing services. They also do not follow the law and call numbers on the National Do Not Call List. They also do NOT maintain a Federally Required Do Not Call List internally. Asking them to put you on their Do Not Call List will get you nowhere. These scumbags will call back again and again and again to harass you. Avoid these frauds !

Also, after they call, please go to :

and file a complaint against these frauds for calling you if you are on the national do not call list or if you have already told these scumbags to put you on a Federally required internal do not call list.

Also, these companies are VERY WELL KNOWN for coming to these sites and posting fake praise for their company. It's part of their plan. They know they get flagged all over the internet and search out the complaints. They post fake good reports about themselves continually.
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redmx3racer on 11/10/2009:
These places operate by scanning Craigslist, newspapers, local swap/sell books, auto traders etc.
They get your contact information from your ads. They may be scumbags-but they are not violating the do not call registry. They are not calling random people that don't have cars for sale.
However-once you tell them to quit calling you they should not call again.
DigitalCommando on 11/10/2009:
Just tell them you don't have a credit card but would be willing to trade your pine cone collection and start driving that bargain hard.
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Fraud or not a fraud
Posted by on
ARIZONA -- I'm not going to say these people are 100% fraud just yet. I was selling a vehicle on and craigs list. I kept getting phone calls from auto seller network. There pitch goes like this, we have contacts nobody else has and can sell vehicles quicker than any one else. They go on and on. I agreed to pay them around 499 and if it didn't sale I would be out of 100 dollars. The next day came and I was skeptical about giving them money up front. I could not find an e-mail they were supposed to send me I went all over it with no luck. I had to wait for my credit card statement to find a number to call them. I then called them and was told I had to wait 90 days. she said we would send you a check. So I wrote down the 90th day on a piece of paper. after the 90th day came a couple of days later I contacted them and they said I had to send out forms and I only had 7 days to have it sent to them. If I sold the car and my neighbor bought the vehicle, I would not get a refund at all. I also had to get a power of attorney to see if I still had the vehicle. This is my complaint they were not honest up front about the 7 day policy and it has been a month and no refund. If they refund me I might add to this to the review.
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Anonymous on 10/22/2009:
Hmmmm... I think you've just been had.
But, Craig's list isn't really better either. People can send fraudulent checks for the vehicle as well. If you don't make sure the checks are legit first before sending the vehicle, you'd be out of both money and vehicle.
If it does turn out to be a scam, there's probably legal recourse you can take.
Instead of going through Craig's list, might could put in a local ad for the vehicle.
I hope it works out.
Jason on 07/25/2013:
They contacted me in Sarnia Ontario as I had a trailer for Sale on Kijiji. They said if I paid them $297 dollars as a sales fee they could sell it to Oil workers in the USA for more than what I was asking. They did not want to deal with the sales guy I hired and did everything to avoid talking to the Sales Manager. I was skeptical about paying them money, I had the RCMP check into them and they found it was Red light for a scam. I used my best judgment and decided not to use them and saved myself money.
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Customer's Beware of Auto Seller Network
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- This company is a FRAUD. I used their service and didn't get one phone call about my car. I followed their refund guarantee terms & conditions 100%. Since April 15, 2009, I have been promised my refund eleven times. I'm still waiting for my refund and you will be to.

They should change their name to CUSTOMER RIP-OFF AUTO SELLER NETWORK.

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Auto Selling Service
Posted by on
PHOENIX, ARIZONA -- If you want to sell your vehicle then look the company up in BBB in Phoenix. The complaints speak for themselves. 4 months later and I still have not received my money back.

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Anonymous on 07/14/2009:
Can anybody do anything on their own anymore?!!!
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The Best Service Provider
Posted by on
CA, CALIFORNIA -- I can’t believe it. Thank you so much for sending me a buyer. Although he did try and haggle me, one phone call to my account manager at the Auto Seller Network helped me negotiate a fair selling price. I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully you approve my financing application and I can buy a vehicle from your site. I really want a BMW M3 and I have faith you will approve me. I feel silly for having debated signing up for 3 weeks with Todd. I assumed it was a scam and had no faith, but I have to say Todd convinced me otherwise and got me to list. He is definitely a valuable asset to your organization.

Thanks again Todd, and the Auto Seller Network family. I’m so happy you sold my car and will recommend you to my friends. Here I would like to suggest to all for a great auto service provider.
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