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Absolutely Awful Customer Service
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
DANBURY, CONNECTICUT -- Can't even begin to believe the customer service I experienced tonight in the Danbury CT store. I literally went home talking to myself about how terrible the experience really was. And what makes it worse is I used to work for the company, a fact I'm now even ashamed to admit. Here is what happened... I went into the store to get a battery warranty. My friend has a commercial account, and although it was late, commercial is supposed to always be available, and for something as simple as a warranty swap I didn't think I would have nearly as many problems as I had. First we went to the Brookfield CT store which was helpful in telling us they saw the battery under warranty but couldn't figure out how to swap it and because it was near closing time we decided we'd go to the store in the next town over to do the swap as they were open later. We got to the store and as we walked in the door we were greeting by a VERY rude employee who said "nope sorry nothing I can even do for you, this trip was a waste of your time...." I replied "well the battery is under the warranty we came here for you to do a swap it was bought less than a year ago..." She said "nope I looked I saw it but can't help you." At this point we walked out of the store and I made a phone call to the commercial manager of the Brookfield store. She explained that the employee would simply have to call the district manager to get approval because it was a commercial warranty which required approval. I went back into the store and waited to explain this to the Danbury employee... when I did she slammed around on the keyboard mumbling about how ridiculous it was that I was even there. She got through a few screens and said "Nope sorry still nothing I Can do and I'm sure as h**l not calling anyone at 9:30 at night..." And then she WALKED AWAY. Just left me standing at the counter while she went on to do other things. At this time I said ok, I'll call the district manager myself but he didn't answer. Through this time another employee in the store was waiting on a customer who was looking at the situation confused. I said something to my friend about how we would just need to call someone in the morning and the employee started cursing at me... telling me how f***ing ridiculous it was that I was even there, and how could I be f***ing serious... and then started saying well you never have anything nice to say anyway, you wanna see a b***h I'll show you one, you need to get out of this store." This is now with a customer standing at the checkout register and others in the store.... Now I can be sympathetic to the situation to a certain degree, I can be decent to people who treat me rudely or unfairly, but now here it is the following day and I have no ride to work... I have to wait until my friend gets out at 5 to try to go to Autozone to do this all over again. I am beyond mad. I worked for this company. I was a sales manager. No matter what type of transaction I had to deal with I had to be courteous. I dealt with past employees trying to use their discount cards, or get merchandise cheaper because they knew the system... I still had to maintain a level of professionalism and decency because that was MY JOB! You can't just go into a grocery store and ask a question and have the cashier walk away mid transaction because they don't want to deal with you. If it's not acceptable there, it shouldn't be acceptable anywhere. I feel like because I was a past employee who left on good terms mind you, that I was treated differently, and I'm beyond infuriated. I am making sure today to let everyone I know NOT to shop at Auto Zone. The ONLY reason I will EVER enter this store again is for something I ALREADY have under warranty. I will never go in there for any other reason. And I will continue to find places online to warn others of the experience you might encounter especially if you go to the Danbury Auto Zone and have the "pleasure" of meeting a lady named Jody.
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AutoZone's Customer Service Nightmare
Posted by on
MOORE, OKLAHOMA -- Anyone who has worked in a service related industry could rattle off a long list of DOs and DON'Ts as it pertains to providing good customer service. Customer service is one of the most important aspects of sales. It is one thing to make a sale once, but if a company wishes to continue in business year after year, how it handles customer service makes the difference in longevity and profitability. As any sales person should know, it is easier (and generally costs less internally) to sell another item to an existing customer than to continually spend the money and put for the efforts to find new prospects to turn into sales. The fact is, it costs a business much less to keep a customer than to make a new customer. This is why customer service is important. In theory, if a business provides good customer service to a customer, the customer will continue to purchase from that company. Therefore, a large portion of a company's business usually comes from repeat customers, and in general a smaller portion comes from new customers who are then converted into long-term customers. Businesses who do not understand this concept, and who provide poor customer service, will find that their profits dwindle.

AutoZone is an example of a retailer that has seen a loss over time due to their inability to provide good customer service. "Operating in a mature and fragmented marketplace, AutoZone’s growth has been largely dependent upon increases in store count rather than its same store sales which have been lagging over the past 5 years" according to Wikinvest (whose stock information is sponsored and provided by E-Trade). While still the largest player in the industry, O'Reilly Automotive is quickly gaining ground, most likely due largely in part to the service one receives at O'Reilly's.

Inputting the phrase "AutoZone customer service" into brings up about 5,650 results with pages upon pages of links, the largest portion negative comments. In fact, their customer service rating on Customer Service Board is a 66.87 out of 200 points possible. While putting in the phrase of "O'Reilly Auto Parts customer service" warrants only about 463,000 results, with a large portion being positive experiences. The service, level of expertise, warranty backing, and overall commitment of O'Reilly's has given this company the momentum to be ranked as one of the best retail service providers in the auto parts business. Go ahead, do the goggle search yourself and check out the feedback you read, by and far you will see the majority of the AutoZone links to be negative, while the majority for their competitor remain extremely positive.

Personally, I have been an AutoZone customer for more than 15 years. In general, most every car I have ever owned as being a lemon, thus I have spend a good portion of time and money buying parts at the local AutoZone threw out that span of time. Finally reaching the age where I can buy a reliable car, and one that doesn't need repairs, I kept my loyalty for the company that has taken care of me over the years...AutoZone. That is, until now. In one horrific customer service nightmare of a move, AutoZone, whom I have relied on and been loyal to for years upon years, lost my business...FOREVER! I am sharing my experience here because I want people to fully understand the magnitude that poor (albeit in this case it was worse than that) customer service can have on a company. Sub-par customer service can be the catalyst that literally creates the ripple that starts the wave, which eventually becomes the tsunami that wipes a company out. AutoZone, consider this your storm warning...the wave is coming.

At the age of 36, I have finally graduated the stage of getting a car that I DON'T have to work on (at least for a while). However, with a new snazzy car (love my PT Cruise) I decided that while I didn't have to invest the money in "fixing" the car, I could instead "invest in pimping out my ride" instead. I first stopped in at O'Reilly's Auto Parts, only because it was literally next door to the grocery store I had just left. I was on the hunt for Supergirl accessories for my ride. O'Reilly's had Supergirl floor mats for the (front seat), key chain, and decal, which I purchased. While checking out, I mentioned that that I had been initially looking for Supergirl seat covers and matching back mats. The man immediately offered to special order me the items, and mentioned a few more other Supergirl items he had already in stock. I told him that it was okay, I usually shopped at AutoZone anyway and I wanted to check and see what Supergirl items they had in stock to purchase before I special ordered items. I even added, "Besides, I can just order the items there if they don't have them either." The gentleman at the counter simply smiled, thanked me for my business, and invited me to come back and shop anytime. I spent roughly $25 there before I left, driving a to the west side of the city, AutoZone bound.

When I arrived at AutoZone I went directly to the car accessories, after all, I know how to navigate around the store well...I should as many times as I have been there! They didn't have any Supergirl items in stock, but they did have a catalog on the aisle that I glanced through and found the items I needed to order. In addition, I found a fuzzy pink steering wheel cover that I simply had to have. I grabbed it and the catalog and headed to the counter. The assistant manager, and another younger fellow helped me. The younger fellow didn't know how to special order items, so the assistant manager walked him through the process. The young man informed me that my custom ordered car seat covers and backseat mats would be in within two days since they had to order them from the manufacturer, but since they were coming direct from the manufacturer I had to go ahead and pay for them in advance. I did, but while I was checking out I mentioned a heater core that I had purchased there about 3 months ago that I had never taken out of the box. I told the assistant manager that I didn't have a receipt since it wasn't provided to me at the time of purchase (I had purchased it over the telephone) and I wasn't given one when I picked the product up either. The assistant manager told me not to worry about it that I was a good customer and to just bring the product (still sealed in the box) back and that worst-case scenario I would only be given in-store credit. In addition, he told me to check my bank statement that had the transaction recorded on my card and that he would most likely be able to trace the transaction back that way if I wanted to get cash back instead. He did go ahead and check my account on the computer, I apparently have a few of them since they reference them with your phone number rather than directly by name and I have had many phone numbers over the last 15 years. He said the transaction wasn't tied to my accounts but that I was a good customer and he would take care of problem. I left the store very excited about the prospect of having my new car "Supergirl'd out" before the upcoming weekend's end.

When Saturday came, I gleefully took my receipt, credit card, and heater core in its sealed boxed to the local AutoZone. A man who didn’t know how to look anything up on the system waited on me first. He apologized for his lack of computer knowledge, explaining to me that he was an AutoZone delivery driver normally. He went and got another young man who was able to look on the system to see my order. The young man went to the back to get my items but came back a few minutes later empty handed. He then grabbed another AutoZone associate (the young man who had actually placed the special order) who then checked the computer and went to the back to find my items. This associate too came back empty handed. Apparently, my order had not come in on the day promised, but he assured me that someone would call when it did arrive. While I was somewhat disappointed, I have ordered enough items from AutoZone to know that this is often times the case and that most likely my stuff would arrive by Monday or Tuesday. I told the associate that I would like to go ahead and return the heater core while I was there. He looked at me and said, The assistant manager "(name withheld for this site) isn't here. He is at lunch. I don't suppose you would like to wait about 30 more minutes for him to return, would you?" I told him that I had a lot of things to get done and would prefer it if I didn't have to wait. He went to the back to get the store manager.

The store manager came to the counter. He was probably 6 foot tall and I am guessing about 400 lbs. He looked inconvenienced from the get-go, but did ask what he could help me with. I explained the situation, and gave him the information from my bank statement that even included the store's number, which is store # 0522, the total amount including tax spent for the part, and the date the transaction went through my bank account. The manager told me upfront he probably couldn't do anything but that he would go back and research it. I stood at the counter for 20 minutes. While I couldn't see the manager, I could hear him laughing, cutting up with employees, and in general taking his time as though my time held no value. Eventually he came back to the counter and informed me that he couldn't trace the transaction as one that came from "his" store. I pointed to the store number and asked him if that number was for the location we were at. He agreed it was. I showed him the unopened box with the part inside and the side of the box clearly had an AutoZone tag on it, with a tracking number, part number, and many other items of reference that I am sure meant something to him. He wrote down some number off the box and headed to the back once again.

He came back a few minutes later and informed me that there is no way I got that part from "his" store because the only one of those particular heater cores that was sold at his store was sold in November. Was this man calling me a liar? It sure did seem like he was calling me out as being up to something underhanded. I then recounted the entire experience. Telling him how I had ordered over the phone, he then wanted to know the name of the associate I had spoken to as though I was going to remember that from 3 months ago. He then questioned why the ordered wasn't attributed to my account. I informed him I hadn't a clue, and how did I have control over that...wasn't that his associates' job to ensure that he tied an order to my phone number not my job as the customer? I explained again how I had ordered the part over the phone and how the man on the other end of the line told me it would be in for me to pick up within two days. I gave him my credit card over the phone since it wasn't being ordered and wasn't in stock...see a pattern here about what they DON'T have in stock (basically anything that I need it appears). I had gone to the store to pick it up two days later, however the part hadn't come in yet. A week or so later I came back to pick the part up only to find that someone had shipped it back since I didn't pick it up in a timely manner. They then reordered it to return back to the store (note they never refunded me even after they sent it back, but claimed they didn't have the stock room to continue to hold it in the store for me even though it was paid for). Once the part was back in the store, I picked it up. After all that, I ended up not even needing the part as once my mechanic tore into the car, we realized it wasn't the heater core that had been leaking into the front passenger floorboard but another issue entirely. When I finally finished recounting the details, the manager simply looked at me and shrugging his shoulders he said, "Well, why do you keep coming to us for things if we keep messing up your orders?"

It was then that I realized he had a point. I told him I would take care of the issue myself and asked him for the District Manager's number and the number for AutoZone Headquarters’ (which he didn't give me but instead gave me a cell phone number claiming it was the number I asked for). I asked him to look up my accounts so that I could have the numbers of how much money I had spent at the store in the past. He informed me I could have the district manager look that information up and that he had already spent more time working on my account than it was worth. I then told him that he could go ahead and credit me back for the special order that I had made since it wasn't in any way. He asked for my receipt, which I immediately handed him. He did whatever he needed to do in the system and then informed me all that I needed to do was "click OKAY" on the credit card machine and the money would be credited back onto my bankcard. I told him that I wanted to look at my receipt first to ensure that he didn't leave an item off. This apparently upset the manager who was clearly at a loss for patience with me by this point. He reiterated that I simply needed to "click OKAY". I told him as soon as I checked my receipt that I would. He added that there was no need to check my receipt that the tax wouldn't show until after I clicked on okay. I told him that was fine, but I was still checking my receipt first and then I would click on okay. He simply couldn't allow me the time to do the math I guess, because the man actually took the credit card plastic pointer pen and started reaching over the counter to "click OKAY" for me. He asked him to stop, "let me do my math and I will click it!" He was persistent, still trying to click the virtual button on my behalf, disregarding my asking him to give me a moment to look over the receipt. I finally put my hand where he couldn't touch the credit card machine and asked him (very firmly) to stop it and give me a chance to look over my receipt. He was still trying to get around my hand to "click OKAY", so I finally grabbed the plastic pointer pen from him. In the process, my hand slightly touched his thumb, lightly touching him as I reached for the pen. The manager lost it from there.

He started yelling...I mean loudly. "YOU HIT ME!” He screamed over and over. I was flabbergasted. "Are you serious?” I asked with blatant sarcasm. I looked around and everyone in the store was now staring at us, who knows if they had been before or not. "YOU HIT ME! YOU HIT ME! I AM CALLING THE POLICE AND MAKING A REPORT AGAINST YOU!" The manager is screaming at this point. Spit is flying from his mouth; he is practically foaming. I didn't yell, though my voice got firmer as I said to him, "You are really that worried about having to deal with a little girl that you are going to pull this?" "YOU HIT ME!” He interjected again. I looked the man dead panned in the eyes and said, "Mister, if I had you, I assure you that you would know it. Everyone would know it." He then started jumping up and down, pointing his finger at me, and spitting as he exclaimed, "THAT IS A THREAT! YOU ARE THREATENING ME! I AM CALLING 911!" He started reaching for the phone to dial, and I looked at him and informed him that I was leaving, never coming back, and he lost a lot of money based on his behavior. I informed him I was never coming back, which of course he informed me I was never welcome back so that wasn't a problem.

This is an example of how NOT to treat a customer. There are so many other, more productive, ways that this manager could have handled the situation. He certainly didn't need to infer that I was lying. Next he could have been very apologetic about the situation explaining that it was out of his hands and given me a number to call, thus wiping his hands of the situation but in a professional manner. There are truly a number of ways he could have handled it that would not have escalated the situation to such a point. In no way, shape, or form, however should the manager have attempted to complete any transaction on my credit card on my behalf without my permission, and this includes “clicking OKAY”. Nor should he have caused a seen, claiming to be hit when he wasn't, and to further that threaten to press charges against a customer on false grounds. This man, the manager of the Moore, OK AutoZone should not be allowed to work with the public is this is how he handles customer relations as it pertains to issues. I do not know what motivated this man to behave this way, or to pull such an underhanded display of manipulative attention getting stunt. Perhaps it is due to a borderline personality that cannot handle the stress of dealing with the public, or maybe it was his way of trying to discredit my complaint that was surely going to be made against this his manager. I do not know, but it doesn't matter at this point because the damage is done.

I made a phone call to my mechanic who has probably spent close to $100,000 with company. He says they just lost his business. I called several of my best friends and told them the story, again with the same promises that they will NEVER go there again after how I was handled. The fact is, I have never been known as a violent person. NO ONE who knows me would say that I am one to pick a fight, or one who is generally known for creating conflict. I am known as the person who avoids conflict. I do not like to fight, be it with a fist or verbally. People, who know me, know me to be a very honest person. I am the girl who tells on herself because if I didn't the guilt would eat me alive otherwise. I have no record of ever getting in a fight in my entire life, so this man claiming these things really upset me. I take it as a direct insult. The fact that this man made a scene with false allegations and put my reputation, integrity, and my personal professionalism on the line in such a way angers me so much more than not receiving a refund could ever have done. No one should be treated the way this man treated me, let alone a customer. I will never darken the doorways of AutoZone again, and if I have anything to do with it, no one I know will without at least hearing my story and making an informed decision to work with a company that allows someone with ZERO interpersonal and customer service skills to manager a portion of a billion dollar Enterprise!

O’Reilly’s can thank Robert at AutoZone located on 12th Street in Moore, Oklahoma for their new found customer. It didn’t cost O’Reilly Auto Parts one penny to earn my business or gain me as their newest loyal customer. AutoZone simply handed their 15-year customer over to them on a silver platter…the catalyst, poor customer service!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/14/2010:
Cut the entire first page and the first paragraph of the second page and I bet this review will get more hits. It is painful to read.

OP they sound terribly disorganized and I am sorry you did not receive better service. They apparently do not value your business and your dollar is best spent elsewhere.

That thing you guys did with the refund - fighting over the pen - was uncalled for on both parts but mostly yours. The man was FINALLY trying to do his job and you prevented him from doing so. Had you clicked "OK", you could have verified that the total was correct. I think you were trying to antagonize him and then cried, "I'm just a little helpless female" when he took the bait. Be careful of that, it may boomerang the next time you try it.

Congrats on the new wheels. I hope you enjoy them for many years to come!
db1105 on 11/15/2010:
I gave up half way into your theory of customer service. My theory is there are some customers who can never be satisfied because they believe that the customer is always right no matter what the customer does. I believe it is best if that company bans that person and never does business with them again.
Also, I've always have gotten gear service from Autozone.
Critical_level2 on 11/15/2010:
I agree, the post is very long and painful to read. At first I thought it was an advertisement for O'Rielly's Auto Parts.
You had no receipt and tried to return a part. That was on you. I see no problem with them not wanting to do it with no receipt, especially after 3 months. Not getting a receipt is your responsibility. If they did not give you one, then you should have asked for it. I have had times when they forgot to give me my receipt so I ask for it and they hand it right over to me. SO They lost you as a customer and have easily replaced you with a few high school kids who recently started driving and have cars to fix up.
SupergirlMeleah on 11/20/2010:
If you people think for one moment this post was about the refund you are crazy! It is about how to treat people. It even says in the story that The manager could have handled it differently, and kindlyu and taken care of it without such a harsh after taste. And, it is illegal to make transactions on a credit card for someone without their permission...why couldn't the manager have had the patience to simply let the customer check their receipt for accuracy and then the person would have clicked OK. No matter what, there was NO REASON for this manager to start yelling and acting as though he was hit. Ridiculous!!!
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Very helpful staff member
Posted by on
GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I went to your store on Guilford College Road today to get new windshield wipers for my car. A nice man named Bobby Jr. helped me check out and then he put the wipers on the car for me! You don't know what a help this was since I didn't quite know how to do it myself. I didn't even have to ask for his assistance. Your staff is very nice (another young man helped me look up the wiper sizes I would need for my car) & I would just like for you to know about the outstanding customer service that Bobby Jr. gave to me today. I will definitely return to your store & I hope he is there to help me!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
Auto Zone is usually the place I go to when I need stuff for my vehicle. All the gentlemen there are quite knowledgeable and don't just want to sell you the most expensive thing.
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
I love Auto Zone. I have always gotten great service. The employees are helpful and have helped me replace batteries, check wiring, hoses, tire pressure, etc. They help me find the right parts for my car. And they don't make me feel stupid
Anonymous on 03/12/2010:
They are a step above Checker Auto Parts, for sure.
It is standard procedure to assist in installing the blades.
Skye on 03/12/2010:
Good review bean!
beanbagbritches on 03/12/2010:
Skye...I do what I can. Tee hee!

littleyaya...yes, most of the employees at our store are very friendly & helpful. I love it.
ejack053824 on 03/12/2010:
Autozone is like a kid's Chucky Cheese to me. I love that place as well. I went to get a new alternator for my Dad's 1984 Chevy SS Monte Carlo and the gentleman asked for the old one so that it could be tested. They took the time to test it and found out the alternator was in good shape and that the battery had a bad cell in it. Replaced the battery and all was good!
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Rude Employees, Online Ordering a Total Joke!
Posted by on
Rating: 2/51
BOISE, IDAHO -- I have purchased my last item from Auto Zone. On Tuesday, 1-22-13, I called them to see if they had a part for my F150. It was needed for an emergency repair and I had a short amount of time to pick up the part and get the vehicle to the shop. I called them on the way to the store and asked them to pull the item and have it ready, and the clerk said they would.

When I got there, however, I had to wait nearly 5 min before anyone even acknowledged I was there. 2 clerks were arguing in back, 1 was on the phone, and another was chatting with a customer. Finally, the one chatting finished his conversation and asked me what I needed. I told him a clerk had said the part would be waiting for me. He said, "Oh we never pull the parts because 90% of customers who call never show up".

I again said the clerk had promised to pull the item. He wouldn't even look for it. I had to give him all the vehicle info again, and then off he went looking for it. 5 min. later he came back saying he couldn't find it. He then asked another clerk if he had pulled the item and the clerk said, "Yes, it's right there under the counter". The 1st clerk didn't even apologize, just said, "Well, that's the 1st time he's done what he said he would do". Finally, I got out of there, but it took 20 minutes, far longer than it should have. It turns out the part was the wrong one and so we ordered the right part online.

I got an email from AutoZone stating that the order was ready for pickup. 2 days later I went to pick up the part. The same rude clerk as the first time told me that he didn't know anything about it. I showed him the email and he went off to find the part. Finally, he came back and said the part wasn't there, that they had to order it from somewhere else. I asked him why I was sent an email stating it was ready for pickup if they didn't have it. He said that was just the way the company did it so they could clear their books. I told him that was a stupid policy and it had wasted my time. He then said that the stores do not even have internet access and so are unable to check with other stores to see if they have the right parts or even to see the status of someone's order.

I told him to refund my money, I called O'Reillys and got the part from them.
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trmn8r on 01/25/2013:
The bulk of your complaint, about the way the store personnel behave and not "pulling parts" based on phone conversations, is typical at Auto Zone. They do not pull parts - I've gone through the same routine. And many of the CSRs are quite immature.

As to the internet ordering, this is good information to know. It sounds like a fast food drive through, where they important thing is to make it look like the order is completed.

I've had good luck with Advanced Auto locating parts at another store. These places are a few clicks above shopping at WallsMart. If I needed something pronto, I'd try National Auto.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
The service was completely unacceptable. Three other customers who entered the store after me or walked up to another checkout were helped before me. A woman who was working on restocking selves looked at me but turned away without saying anything to me. Another customer came into the store and she stopped what she was doing and went and asked him if he needed help. He said he did and she got a part he needed and walked out of the store to help him. A cashier that had been helping another customer finished with him and walked over to another checkout and helped 3 other customers. After checking out the other 3 customers, the same cashier (male, older, northern accent) looked at me and asked if I needed help. I told him that I certainly did that I needed help with finding a headlight. He told me he would show me where the headlight was that I was looking to purchase. I told him that I knew nothing about headlights and if he couldn't help me, then I'd go somewhere else. He stated that he was trying to show me where to find the headlight. He apparently didn't know where the headlights were kept as we went back and forth down isles searching for the headlights. He finally found the isle and of course, the headlight I needed was not in stock. I also needed a plug and grease (which I had asked help with) and he offered no help in finding those items. I left the store at that point. My husband has bought many products from Auto Zone over the years. I am here to tell you, our last purchase has been bought with them.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 07/30/2011:
What location was this? I'll be sure and steer clear of it. Oklahoma by chance?
Anonymous on 07/30/2011:
great review! very helpful
trmn8r on 07/30/2011:
Auto Zone is pretty much bottom of the barrel in customer service, in my experience. You have to stand up for yourself and read minds - that is if the staff has any.

The Auto Zone employees are most active when grousing about if a certain employee is on permanent break, what station the radio is tuned to, etc.
GenuineNerd on 07/31/2011:
I prefer Advance or NAPA myself when it comes to needing something for my car. Often times, AutoZone either does not carry the part I need (once, when I needed a part for a Geo Metro, I was told that the only place that carried it was a dealer...I ended up ordering the part online)...or it's out of stock. I have had better luck with Advance and NAPA.
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Check Engine Light
Posted by on
I went into Auto Zone to get my Check light diagnostic done. The young lady said I had failed transmission and any minute my Engine will die; that was a month ago and I still drive my car.
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MRM on 08/31/2011:
A check engine light means that the sensor(s) have failed and needs to be replaced.
tnchuck100 on 08/31/2011:
Obviously this young lady did not "diagnose" this properly. At totally failed transmission does not kill the engine.

Did she reset the light? Did it re-appear?

If it did reappear do not ignore it! Take it to a real mechanic and have it checked.
CrazyRedHead on 09/01/2011:
My husband took his car to Auto Zone and had this diagnostic done due to his check engine light coming on. They told him that it was the transmission and low and behold it DID go out on him about 3 months later. He continued to drive and it gave out while on I24. Luckily he was able to limp into the rest stop where it completely stopped. Towed to a garage and the mechanic even told him that it is the transmission. About 3 weeks later we have a rebuilt one and is running fine.
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Great and unexcepted service
Posted on
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Today I had to get a battery for my Mazda because the one I bought about a year ago had a dead short in it. So I thought “here I go again” which is how I always feel when having to go to an auto parts store.

We have lots of them around here in Asheville, NC but I went to Auto Zone where I bought the thing in the first place. I didn’t have a receipt so I was ready and willing to just buy a new one. You know we have all the complaints about NO receipts, no return. So I wasn’t even going to ask because my account has the receipt and he’s out of town.

So I go in and tell my tail of woe and didn’t ask for a return or anything. The guy was very friendly and he put the battery on the tester to check it out. He took one look at the voltage meter (5.4 V) and went to the back and got another one.

So now I’m getting ready to pay and he ask what my phone number was. I tell him, he types in warranty and up pops my name and the day I bought the battery. He says that I should bring the car back and they will check the alternator to make sure it is charging right, FREE of course. I didn’t even know what to do when it was time to leave, quite a surprise.

Thank you Auto Zone of Asheville, NC
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MRM on 02/13/2008:
Thanks for the informative tip, Lidman!
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
MRM, they also have donuts and coffie in the mornings there.
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
I like Auto Zone,I go there for all of my auto part needs,plus there is the hottest chick working at the one by my pad
chris513 on 02/13/2008:
rock on...when I lived in NC, we always used the Auto Zone by my place when we worked on cars...the coffee was always a plus.
StraightShooter on 02/13/2008:
Autozone and O'Reily's both keep warranty info this way. I've never had a problem needing receipts at either place.
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
If all the stores did the same we would have no mre complaints about returns.
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Excellent post! Good to hear that great customer service is alive and well in AutoZone. (VH)
StraightShooter on 02/13/2008:
True! But I guess too many companies would have to honor returns that they normally don't because of the consumer not saving receipts.
Principissa on 02/13/2008:
Excellent post Liddy! That is how customer service should be! If other retailers would develop a system like this, there would be no more return issues, unless the computer was down. :)
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
I prefer Auto Zone, myself. Great review!

ejack053824 on 02/13/2008:
Wonderful Liddy!!! Did BRRRRRRRRRTTT inside the store? LOL!
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Good review from another of our trusted regulars. VH
yoke on 02/13/2008:
I bought windshield wipers the other day and the guy installed them for me, no charge.
Anonymous on 02/13/2008:
Man, maybe customer service has a chance?
Anonymous on 02/15/2008:
Good stuff, I use the Auto Zone out here too. (VH)
Nohandle on 02/15/2008:
This place appears to be much like the local business where I purchase tires. They also check the fluids, replace batteries, change the oil and that sort of thing. They have your record there, type in your telephone number and presto every service ever performed on your car is there in their computer. I do keep their receipts in my console but it certainly isn't necessary nor asked for. There's nothing like finding a business that provides that extra service.
lbeach on 02/21/2008:
Just to add "my3cents" Autozone has the friendliest most helpful employees who go way beyond. They have replaced wipers at no charge, and replaced batteries on the spur of the moment. They also have knowledgeable people who can give you a pretty precise diagnostic by just stating your problem or noise that might exist. I have written their corporate several times on the outstanding service I've received from them.
old fart on 03/12/2008:
WOW.. customer service without a hassle...
What's the world coming to....
Marking this helpful.
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NO PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- I went in to buy a starter for a 1999 Toyota the price was 75.00 more than what I paid for it some were else I call that price gauge they wanted 184.07 with a 90. core I paid 112. with a 20 dollar core what goes on there
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YORK, SOUTH CAROLINA -- Went to Auto Zone in york sc. and for the last 3 days been in there to purchase a new motor and I can't get any service when there is 5 employees farting around and not assisting the customers

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Ytropious on 06/16/2010:
You can go up to them and ask for help you know...
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