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Hustlers - Worst Experience I've Ever Had
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MT. PROSPECT, ILLINOIS -- This was the worst experience I've ever had. Me & my wife went there for a 2006 BMW 525xi. The car was listed for $29,000. After the test drive I made my offer for $27,300 and after the SP, Robbie, spoke to his manager. They came back with $30,200. I was confused why they went up on the price, they said they added the shipping charge they paid on the car. But a Carfax says the car came from a Michigan Auction. Anyway I countered at $27,500 Final, then they went back down to the original asking of $29,000.

So as I was leaving, the SP told me that the Used Car Sales Manager [snip] wanted to thank me for coming down to their dealership. Vic met me on the main sales floor and started to YELL at me in front of all his sales people. He showed me a piece of paper saying he paid $28300 in the auction and why should he go lower than that. So I said it's fine he did what he had to do and that I will just look for another car. Then he yelled out fine he'll take out $1000 off the asking price. I said "no" and he continued to yell at me. This guy was a total hustler.

Me & my wife walked out to my car. GM Vic followed me to my car and continued to harass me to take the car. I said "no" while keeping my cool then he told me to leave his parking lot and called me a scum bag in front of other people. Oh my God I could not believe what just happened and how unprofessional this guy was. At one moment while I was waiting before all this happened, I spoke to another couple that wanted to buy a car. They said out of excellent credit, the dealership was giving them a 10% APR financing and they started to leave.

Don't buy from this dealership. They'll tell you that they are a High Volume Dealership and that they move cars all the time. The BMW I was interested on has been there for 5 weeks according to the Carfax. From now on I will just buy from a by owner or from an actual BMW, Benz, Infiniti dealer where they treat you like gold.

Company Response 01/10/2009:

The Autobarn of Mt. Prospect prides themselves on customer service. Sometimes, the biggest misconception is that people may think that we can get to there price but just don't want to. Our formula is simple. Just because we can't agree on a price, doesn't mean that we can't part friends. This gentleman vented his side of the story. I have been with The Autobarn for nine years and have had hundreds of repeat and referal customers. I refuse to step to this persons level by slandering him the way that he did me. You can't make everyone happy.
What this cust failed to metion was that the car he was intersted in was advertised very very agressive online. He also was not called a scum bag though he was blabbing the F word all over the showroom in front of children. We know that car salesman have a bad reputaion but that does not mean that everyoune of us are bad people. We work hard here at The Autobarn and are all family oriented people. Just because car guys have a bad rep. Doesn't mean that someone can come in and swear and treat you like crap and not expect to get thrown out. We do not tolerate verbal abuse. I leave off with the BMW this person was interested in. We sold it two weeks later to a nice family that has sent us a few referals. Have a Happy New Year to all.


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