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Not up front about promotions
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BROKEN ARROW, OKLAHOMA -- We went in on the Cash for Clunkers deal and found just the car we wanted. At the very beginning we asked if the $1.49 per gallon promotion was available on this car. We were told that in fact it was. On no less than 3 times in the negotian we asked if this deal included the Gas promotion and were told that it was part of the deal. They also told us that there was a $1,000 rebate on the vehicle. Not one time were we told that it was an "either/or" part of the deal. We were led to believe that we would have both the $1.49 gas and $1,000 rebate.
Not until after we signed all the paper work were we informed that we got the $1,000 rebate but NOT the $1.49 Gas for one year.
We were told that we could either take the deal as they defined it or we could have our old clunker back.
Of course we didn't want to go through this all again in another dealership so we took the deal. We were then told that if they would "scramble" the customer satisfaction survey.
Company Response 05/10/2011:
I apologize for your frustrating experience with Hyundai’s gas lock promotion. Hyundai is an industry leader with innovative programs, but those programs are often misunderstood and misrepresented to customers at the dealership level. I suspect that your sales person really did not know that gas lock was a customer choice program on the 2009 Tucson. The program varied depending on the model and year of the purchased Hyundai program, and we made a few mistakes on it. I am sorry that we did not really explain it fully to you until after the fact.

Michal Lusk
Customer Service Manager
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Anonymous on 08/19/2009:
Cash for Clunkers is not a rebate program. They may have applied a rebate from Hyundai and nothing from the CARS program. You'd best read the paperwork again very carefully.
PepperElf on 08/19/2009:

are they still destroying the cars BEFORE getting word from the government that the applicant is qualified?

personally... I say screw it. I'm keeping my car.
actually my gas mileage isn't bad.

DigitalCommando on 08/19/2009:
All terms of your deal need to be in the contract before you sign it. Write down all promises that you are being told as it is happening. This will let the salesweasel know to back off the oversell and lies since you are documenting them. It also gives you a reference to check the contract against. Whatever is not there FORCE them to write it on the contract, if they won't do it, head for the door.
Just remember, the words of salespeople are like farts, they are not anything you would want to keep or rely on to be there for more than a few seconds! Get it in writing....
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Good Customer service or not?
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OKLAHOMA CITY, WYOMING -- Saturday evening June 23rd I went to AutoMax car dealership on I240 in Oklahoma City to look into purchasing a new or preowned vehicle. I was greeted, looked at 3 different vehicles, test drove and asked a lot of questions. My sales guy was great. Next step talking numbers, I am told that they are going to make me a great deal, that they have sold 10 Hyundai's and if they sell 11 for the week they are going to get 11,000 so I am going to get a SUPERB deal. I get my quote....$16,800 after a $1,000 rebate and a trade for $1,000. I am thinking okay maybe these guys are going to make a good deal. While waiting for financing to "look over the numbers", we waited for at least 1 1/2 hours. In talking to the Finance guy I was presented with th information that to purchase the car I would be paying $370.00 for 72 months at 10.5% interest. In talking with this guy I informed him that yes our credit has some marks, I am on a Debt Manangement Program and that I am not going to get myself into a bad situation. Doing the math I decided that I did not want to pay an extra $10,000 for a 16,000 car with a high monthly payment for 6 years!!!!! Holding steady to my convictions that I did not want to add to my debt in an unmanagable way and make a bad finincial decision for my family, I decided not the purchase the vehicle.....Here's the kicker...I was told, "Well you picked the top of the line Elantra, what's the problem?" I again tried to let them know that I did not want to pay such a high interest rate and car payment. So the Sale Manager tells me not so nicely, " Don't bother coming back!". And as I am leaving the building and turn to get into my car he proceeds to give my husband and I the THE BIRD, a unmost kind hand gesture. I am disgusted that I was treated this way. The American public has a right to change their mind before signing on the dotted line! The American public has the right to say no I do not want to pay a high rate of interest! The American public has the right to say I need to wait and fix my credit to get a better interest rate! Unfortunetly, these guys really don't give a rat's if they sell you a huge monkey on your back as long as the sell you a car. So deal or no deal? NO DEAL
Company Response 05/09/2011:
I apologize for the unprofessional behavior that you experienced when you attempted to purchase a new Elantra from AutoMax Hyundai South. We agree with you that consumers should have the freedom to make good financial decisions that will be to their benefit over time. Hyundai makes very high quality vehicles that hold their value well, but it is very important to evaluate the cost of the credit you are getting on the vehicle before you sign the contract. It has been quite a while since you wrote your review, and we have made many changes at AutoMax Auto Group since your experience. We no longer have the South store or the manager who was so unprofessional, but we do invite you to try one of our other stores the next time you are in the market for a vehicle. I believe you will be pleasantly surprised by how hassle free your next purchase experience can be.


Michal Lusk
Customer Service Manager
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User Replies:
tnchuck100 on 06/24/2007:
Congratulations on making the right decision. Most of that "...SUPERB deal." garbage was only sales hype. As for the car dealer, he is obviously very short sighted. I'm sure, when the time comes, he will not get your business.

Also, your payment for $17,800 should have been $335 not $370.
cadydid on 06/24/2007:
Kudos ! You definitely did the right thing.
prcalmb4storm on 06/24/2007:
wish I used my head like you I was so desperate I got suckered in but I know for next time
poppapia on 06/25/2007:
Great reaction to the situation by walking out. I wish more consumers would do this, rather than get suckered in, but at least then, we all get something to read about.
Jackteal on 05/27/2008:
WOW, it's May 27,2008 and guess I240 is till treating customers like crap! Your story is just like ours, EXCEPT, they let us take the car home of one week and then called us up and ask that we come to re-sign papers, BUT when we got there, they tried to blackmail us into paying $2000.00 more down!! BLACKMAIL I SAY! Long story short, we got all our things out and left the car on the lot. This contact was signed and hands were shook with a promise of "We will make this deal work!" What a bunch of cheaters and liars!! The owners of Automax I240 should take a good look at how this site is being run!! BAD BAD BUSINESS!!!!
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