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Customer service
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I am writing this letter to inform you of the type of people skills
That work for Automobile acceptance I recently were 5 days late with my auto loan on
10-31-06 and was called at work by a young lady who is the
Supervisor over Charity and she asked me why had I did not come in on Saturday to make my payment and I told her that I would be in on Friday and that she is not supposed to call me at work she then stated to me that her boss told her to call me we report to the credit bureau and I interrupted and told her that I do not appreciate her calling me at work and upsetting me she then slammed the phone in my ear while I am at work. I then called another gentlemen who did call me back I believe he was the director of credit, he then called me and
Left a message stating that he had no say so in that dept but explained to me I needed to speak with Bob and his boss Bo. I called Bob and explained to him that I was really upset and had to leave work early due to this and he said that he agreed she should not have hung up on me and he would speak with her about this. I told him that I would be in on Friday and he said OK. Friday came and at 10am I called and said that I need to make a pmt over the phone and was transferred to Charity I then explained to her this is Monica and I would like to make a pmt over the phone and she said that you have to make the payment with the manager Pam and she will be back in 30 minutes I said why? You called me at work wanting the payment and rudely hung up and now I cannot make the payment she said she was not denying me making the payment it just had to be taken by the manager. So I stated whatever and called Bob and explained to him what I was doing and what I was told and he asked for my social and stated hold on he did not know anything about it and transferred me back to Charity and I told her I was transferred back by Bob Wasserman and she said I don’t know why you even called back I told you that you have to make it with the manager and she will be back in 30 min. I then hung up and called Bob wasserman back and he did not answer I left a voice mail stating that I don’t know how is office is being run but thanks for your help. I called his boss Bo and left him a message about this and told him that I would go ahead and call back to make the payment but actually did not want to speak with her due to the rudeness. I called back about 11:30 and asked to speak with Pam very calm just wanted to make the payment and be finished actually made 2 payments. Well she started off with let me transfer you to your representative and someone picked up but held the phone I did not say anything because naturally when a customer calls you are the one who speaks first so the phone held maybe for about 1 min and then back on hold then Pam picks back up and states are you the girl that I spoke to on Tuesday and I hesitated a little thinking OK Tuesday is gone I have a credit card ready to make a payment but I went on to say silently and polite yes I am thinking next question would be OK what card are you using or how will you be making the payment but instead very short and with and attitude she asked me if I had a lan line phone and I stated that none of my information has changed and she said but that was not my Question and I said my information is the same you have my number and she interrupted me and shouted you answer my question that I asked you and at that point I stated forget it I will come in and make my payment and again she hangs up. I cannot see how possibly anyone spoke with her about hanging up on customers or either she does not follow direction and does not have the personality or professionalism to be on phones or deal with customers.

My point in writing this letter is that I understand Auto Acceptance rules and respect that
But I don’t understand the unprofessional way that the collectors speak to you on the phone and when you complain you are the villan I am not looking for sympathy or excuses to be late I was late fair and square and said the date that I would be in and I have been spoken to like a dog every since. This is not the first time this has happened and that is why I did not call the last time my payment was due and explain that I would be late because I have done that in the past and was told that if you cannot make the payment today how are you going to go monthly and I don’t want outside stress calling about a 5 day late payment I just assume if you wanted your money that bad then you would just pick the vehicle up or give the person a day or two to get the payment to you point blank nipped in the bud and I signed a contract stating that I understand your policy you can work with me or you don’t have too. But to speak to someone as if they are illeterate and speak to you like you are an animal and call you a girl, I think it should have been addressed as Maam is this Monica Hines, instead "is this the girl I called at work" as if and I will keep calling you. I feel what did Tuesday have to do with me making a payment today on Friday. I already spoke with Mr Wasserman and he said it was OK. I assured Bob Wasserman on this day that I would not be late anymore. I made 2 payments and will be making another one on 11-17 I don’t even believe I will be due, I just feel that I have been treated unfairly as a single parent and this did not have to escalate as far as I am taking it, I am shocked that something like this would even exist in a place of business. Slamming the phone down and shouting making threats that makes you think different do I want to refer someone to this co for a loan NO I would be embarrassed after the way I have been treated for being a few days behind, even though you have 0 late days tolerance. How about more professionalism obviously you keep reminding me that I am a high risk because of the past then you would know there may be a chance of lateness if you did not want to give me a chance then I don’t think you would have given me the loan.
Bad Customer Service
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RIVERDALE, GEORGIA -- I have had nothing but bad luck with this company. First of all I have a pos car that I have spent a lot of money on. I have gone in the hole trying to keep the repairs on this car up. My credit score has increased a lot so therefore I'm trying to trade this car in. I have never been late I live outside of Atlanta so I send my payment in by UPS so therefore I'm able to track the payment to see if it was delivered. Keep in mind UPS sometimes drop the ball and that's fine but I have never been over 5 days late never.

The people at Automobile Acceptance are very RUDE!!! I feel as though all of them should be without a job. I think I work damn hard each day and I drive a pos and I deserve sooooo much better!!! I get different people calling my job being rude telling me what I better do or else. I have stated over and over again don't ever call my job talking to me like I'm a child.

I have had my credit pulled like 2 or 3 times just in 07 and I always check to make sure I'm on top of my game. Well it plainly states for Automobile Acceptance I've never been late always pay on time as agree but they calling my job, calling my home talking about what I better do or else. I try my best to stay calm when dealing with these people because I know how I can get. I know they are just full of bs!!! I'm so put out with these folks I can't understand for the life of me how they have still have a job and they have no people skills at all.

I went to trade my car back in Sept. the dealership was going to pay off my car and I was going to get a much better car a luxury car at that. The only reason why I didn't go for it at the time was because of the down payment. Now I'm ready and I go to trade it in on Sat. I had a payment that was due on Fri. 2/2/08 I sent it in by UPS well I get to the dealership and they run my credit it's good everything good they call to see how much is my payoff. The manager she's new she tells the guy she can't give him that info. so he hands the phone to me and she starts saying to me your payment isn't here you are behind I will not give you a payoff. That is illegal and if I have to I will get a lawyer I'm getting up outta this car. I hard hard everyday and I refuse to keep giving my hard earned money to these FOOLS!!! I'm so fed up I have even called Clark Howard, and Fox 5 I refuse to deal with these people. I will never refer any one to these people. I know if the Lord has something else for me no one can stand in my way.

To the others that has had problems please keep complaining. I'm telling you I'm going do everything I can to make sure if these people talk to customers better or see if they shut the place down!!!
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