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Anger And Disbelief
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CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- In November 2009 I purchased from my local CarMax auto dealer a 2005 Subaru Baja turbo with 25,000 miles on it. As it was close the 5 year limit on the factory warranty I spent $1500.00 on a full coverage mechanical repair agreement, through CarMax, from automotive warranty services of Florida, inc. About the 28th of July 2010 I was driving on business about 100 miles from home when the turbo began to make noises and as soon as I got home I took the car to my mechanic. He confirmed that the turbo was bad and as I had just had the oil changed a few days before an as I had bought the warranty for problems like this I took the car to the Subaru dealer to get it fixed. The mechanic said that a filtering screen in the banjo bolt where the turbo oil supply line exits the head was clogged with sludge. This is what caused the turbo to fail. The warranty company denied the claim. I then faxed to the warranty company, the Subaru service department where the vehicle was, to the service manager at the CarMax where I bought the vehicle, and to the supervisor at the warranty company service repair orders as specified in the warranty agreement showing the vehicle identification number, the dates of service, a description of the vehicle, the mileage of the vehicle on the dates the service was performed, and what service was performed along with the quantity of oil, type of oil and air filters used. Also faxed to them wast the technical service bulletin #02-103-07 dated 10/19/2007, that shows a problem with this screen on all Subaru models equipped with a factory turbo. I also faxed to them a copy of a report from This report talks about a Subaru Baja identical to mine with dealer performed oil changes of 3000 miles which is 2000 miles less than the 5000 miles recommended in the owners manual. His turbo failed fro the same reason as mine, sludge in the filter screen. Even with this information they still denied the warranty claim. Neither the Subaru dealer or CarMax have been of any assistance either.
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