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ALTOONA, PENNSYLVANIA -- I bought a carbon fiber hood on June 7th 2010 from They are supposed to be an authorized dealer for Vfiber hoods. The guy seemed nice at first. I paid $565. After just one week their site said my hood was "awaiting pickup" & it says that to this day. After three weeks I started calling them to see why it still said awaiting pickup. & I've called a ton of times & left voice messages & they never answer or return my calls. Once a guy answered & said he'd call me back in 15 minutes with my tracking number & he never called me back & didn't answer when I called 30 minutes later. Their site says shipping should take 2-3 weeks. Under California law they're supposed to notify you if your shipment will take longer then a month. So I haven't been able to reach anybody since I bought my hood over a month ago. I thought at first just nobody was calling me back but I would receive my hood still. But then I looked on the BBB site about their company & they have 2 or 3 other shipping problems reported that Auto Upgraders never even responded to. That's when I left a message & an email giving them a week to respond to me before going to my bank & listing it as a fraud. I have my money back now but I thought I would leave a review so nobody else has to go through it too.
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Frank Mormando on 06/13/2011:
I am having the same problem. I was un aware I thought the site was VISracing because it said VISracing kits and then called VIS racing and they said I didn't order from them and found out they were a "distributer" for AUTOUPGRADERS LLC. I place the order June 4th 2011 and asked for a refund and still nothing yet. I'm about to go to my bank and list as fraud.. Don't buy from AUTOUPGRADER LLC.. as of now I'm out $10020.70 I order a CLK W209 CF rear diffuser and Eurotech Rear AMG bumper. IM listing this just to save people the headache I am currently going through.
brandon schuitt on 05/29/2012:
the exact same story played with me. EXACT! its been six months since last contact and I am at a loss for what to do. I am out $620. any ideas on what can be done? they are STEALING peoples money over the internet posing as a legit business. what the hell are the authorities doing?
Automotive Upgraders LLC on 03/06/2013:
This is Automotive Upgraders LLC Rebuttal. These customers and issues have been resolved by either delivery of product or refund. There will always be certain customers that no matter how you resolve the issue will always complain. We have been in business for over 5 years with over 6,000 satisfied customers.

Thank you,

Automotive Upgraders LLC
Burn Notice on 03/19/2013:
Dear Brian @ Automotive Upgreaders,
If all the issues with you and your business have been resolved, where is my refund, I have patiently put up with your scam for 7 months now, and still have not seen a dime of the $300.00 you owe me, not even an RA#, dozens of unanswered phone calls, left messages with no response, e-mails, no replys. So, Brian, needless to say not all of the issues have been resolved, mater of fact, if I were a betting man I would say none have been resolved, your rebuttal is just another song and dance, and I doubt anyone is believing your lines anymore. Sincerely, Clint
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