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Unauthorized Charges
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MOUNTAIN VIEW -- I received an email from Avangate informing me that they charged my credit card $39.99 for a renewal of software that I had purchased a year ago for a computer I no longer have. I immediately contacted them by phone and was told it would be refunded. A few days later I had not been credited the funds so I emailed them and was basically told to take a hike. They refused to refund the money and also to let me speak with a supervisor. They just forwarded my emails (and cc'd me) to their partner site to get assistance installing their product on the computer I no longer have. This has been their answer to every subsequent email I send to them. They are thieves and apparently they don't care who knows it. I will have to report my credit card lost or stolen to prevent them from renewing this software again next year for the computer I no longer have.
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