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Worst Health Insurance Ever Part II
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LAKE MARY, FLORIDA -- Well I just heard from my wonderful Heath Insurance. Mind you I work for a Health Services Provider. They will not cover any of my or my wife’s physician’s visits for the past three months, nor will they pay for any physician’s visits from now until May of 2006. Why? Because I was laid off from my last job and didn’t have coverage for 165 days, I was out of work for less than a month, but I had to work as a contractor for the new company for three months before being hired. No heath insurance as a contractor.

I have been paying in over $200 per month for health coverage for the past three months, for nothing. I guess they expect me to pay $200 a month for the next six months, for nothing. Is it me or does this sound a might insane to the rest of you?

A couple of things that gets my goat so to speak, almost any place if you are an hourly employee, after three months you get the option of Health Insurance, no muss, no fuss. Most places if you are a salaried employee, as I am; the option of Health Insurance is a benefit that is part of your job agreement. My last employer offered Health Insurance (Blue Cross / Blue Shield) as part of the offer, no issue with them what so ever. I spoke with Human Resources about this issue. The good news is open enrollment is this month so I can drop this worthless policy, except, get this, “the company requires the employees to have Health Insurance” Catch 22! So I am supposed to pay the company for the privilege of working for them? Also this is a “Religious Organization” Sounds more like the money changers at the Temple to me!

Oh well, I guess it’s time to start looking for a new job.

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User Replies:
NeveragainAmazon on 11/02/2005:
Sorry, but I do not work for the money changers at the Temple and my insurance is what you state for one month with employee and one dependent only! It is quite phenomenal if there is a family involved. BCBS is the best route to go in my state, but find an employer that will offer it! Next time make sure your hourly wage is compensated for the astromonical health insurance costs!
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Worst Heath Policy Ever
Posted by on
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- I work for one of the largest Health Service providers in the state of Florida. One would expect to have World Class Health benefits from such a provider. This is indeed not the case. We have in fact the worse health insurance I have ever had the misfortune to have had to deal within my life.

It is their policy to deny every claim, no matter how small as a pre-existing condition, until they have completed their “pre-existing condition investigation.” Despite the fact that I provided proof of previous insurance to this provider over a month ago, they continue to deny each and every claim.

For example, a few weeks ago my wife slipped and sprained her shoulder. Per the “Rocket Scientist” at our insurance company, that is a possible pre-existing condition. I dislocated a finger and tore a tendon, and of course that is a possible pre-existing condition. They even went so far as to deny the co-payment for the pain medication. A total cost to them of about two-dollars, but it might be a possible pre-existing condition. Never mind the facts; the insurance Nazis haven’t finished their “pre-existing condition investigation.” While they drag their feet on this “investigation” they have no problem at all deducting the co-payment from my paycheck.

In the end, I am paying for insurance that covers nothing; I have to pay the Doctors myself, with little to no hope of ever recovering those funds. I cannot afford any follow up visits that had been scheduled as I cannot afford to pay the insurance company and the doctors as well. My finger requires surgery to ever regain full mobility of it again. I will simply have to live with it, as I cannot afford the surgery, and the insurance company refuses to cover it. By the time the insurance Nazis, complete their “investigation” it will be too late to reattach the tendon.
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User Replies:
guchiedad on 10/27/2005:
if more people sued the insurance companies instead of doctors, they might actually listen to the patients and pay for things preventively before it costs too much to fix a problem that has gone out of control...
LMH81 on 11/20/2005:
the pre existing clause on a policy is not set by the insurance company, it is set by your employer when they enroll for the group coverage, it's nice for everyone to blame the insurance companies but they are only doing what your employer is telling them to do.
SJYY on 11/02/2007:
Dirty DAVE- I too as well as other employee ofs Florida Hopsital ( all their campus's in Florida ) there are MANY feel your pain with their private health insurance. YES theyhave NO problem deducting their FEES bi-monthly for their take, but EACH and every claim is denied....LOW and behold I had one claim that was not denied - shocked me,but guess when they PAID it - 1 1/2 years later - I found it on my credit report ---they took a year and a half to pay the bill? WHY - how can they ruin your credit like this - make us pay them for their insurance and then have NO COVERAGE and when they on the RARE occasion pay something , pay so late that it ruins your credit - I have such a ling list of insurance issues with them its overwhelming and can NOT be posted here,but please know Florida Hospitals private insurance as well as their OWN workers comp insurance has to STOP the practices they are doing ,it is against insurance regulation and we need some voices to make this clear , they can NOT continue to get away with this.

If anyone knows a good Attorney to handle this please forward this information at once .

Thanks in advance.
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