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Don't Work For Avis As An Agency Operator
Posted by Yourname on 07/15/2008
OHIO -- I am currently an agency operator for Avis in the state of Ohio, which means Avis pays me a certain amount of money every month to run a location. When I first started I was so excited, and the people that I spoke to in the management field hyped the company up, so I dove right in, big, huge mistake. The location I run is dirty because my supervisor whom I am supposed to contact to fix things, who also works for Avis doesn't fix the place and the carpet is filthy it has been stained for years. I have had so many customers tell me that my location is disgusting, and yet when I contact my supervisor about it he says well, there's no money to fix anything, blah blah blah.

And they don't even do any advertising for my company, but if I don't get a certain amount of rentals I get a phone call, and the supervisor says we'll maybe I need to get a new operator or maybe this business isn't for you.

So please whatever you do don't become an agency operator for Avis, they have no respect for you, your customers, as an agency operator you are representing yourself and Avis, and the fact that Avis would treat their operators like this, it's horrible.

This is not how a company should be run, I tried to locate an email address to get the situation taken care of, and there isn't one.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-07-15:
How can you not know who to contact if you're an Agency Operator?
Posted by yourname on 2008-07-18:
you have a ladder of people to contact which is a total of 4, with the fourth person, being the main head honcho, and no they will not let you contact headquarters, and ive already tried, there's nothing
Posted by mozymarr on 2010-02-20:
I just got out of being an agency operator for Avis for over 3 years. My advice DON'T DO IT. It's alot of work and hours for NO MONEY and the people who are suppose to be helping you ie district managers etc.. are a joke they no squat about running a business and if one day your insurance sales or car rentals on down you get the threatening phone call. It's BullS**t and if by chance you do happen to grow the business and be ok guess what they can tell you the game is up and you're out of a job with no unemployment insurance so you grew THEIR business for nothing. Don't be fooled by the "this is your business" bull it isn't it's theres and they can get rid of you anytime. F this company and this Agency Operator program, Avis bites.
Posted by island gurl on 2012-01-12:
Avis, can be cheap when it comes to repairs on a facility. you'd never believe they are a multi billion dollar company the way they avoid or delay fixing anything over $100. Being an operator does however provide a decent living if you put in the hours yourself to reduce overhead.I do get the feeling though that the TPM's and DM's sometimes resent the money you can make as an operator and try to stick to us in other ways. There's operator's in CA making in excess of 100k per year and then some. Since most operator's all make more than a TPM, i think they try to have the upper hand by letting you know you are expendable. Just jealously if you ask me. I know TPM's that were miserable operators once upon a time and got a job with corportate. They like to keep you on edge as mentioned earlier by poor sales numbers or low revenue, the people training you either steal tactics from competitors or put their own BS touch on it. the fact is , theres no magic technique, it's just about numbers. the more rentals, the more chances.

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Avis : Khoury-Alternative Claims Management >Bogus Damage Claim
Posted by Poster on 08/05/2006
STATE COLLEGE, PENNSYLVANIA -- On May 23, 2006 I received a letter from Khoury-Alternative Claims Management (KACM) informing me that I owed damages on a vehicle I had returned to Avis Rent-A-Car at the State College University Airport on May 3rd. [Searching the web I find that this kind of experience with Avisw is not unique to me, see http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=11250 for another complaint so similar to my own I had to look twice. There are also others posted on the web.]

After contacting KACM several times, I learned that Avis claims the left rear panel was scrapped and dented while the car was in my possession. This is false. Had there been any damage on the driver’s side in the rear when I returned the car, I would have seen it when I went to take my luggage out of the trunk.

The Avis counter at the airport was not open when I dropped off the car at 5:45am, so my only option was to place the key in Avis’ courtesy drop-off box. I have requested pictures of the damage several times, as did my insurance Agency, Allstate. None have been sent. The total bill is for $830.10. On top of the damage charge of $650.10, KACM is requesting $100 for an administrative fee, and $80 for 4 days loss of use. When I requested documentation showing that no other cars were available from the Avis fleet for the 4 days billed for loss of use, KACM told that they do not need to provide this documentation.

After discussing the case with my insurer, Allstate, I agreed that Allstate would deny the claim so that the case could go to arbitration, a typical procedure among insurers. KACM tells me that they do not participate in arbitration.

Avis responded to my complaint saying that the State College office was independent and I should call them. When I called them in May they told me to call Avis Complaints, where I was told that KACM handled their complaints. It seems to be a circular game that is set up so that no one is responsible to address the complaint itself, or to even be receptive to the customer.

The last two times I call KACM to inquire about the photographs and other outstanding details, the representatives hung up on me. The agency is incredibly uncooperative and have written to say if the bill is not paid by the end of the month it will be sent to a collection agency.

I did not damage the car and find no language in the Avis contract specifying that a customer who accepts Avis’ offer to drop-off a car before the company’s counter opens is responsible for damages sustained before Avis checks the car in. Moreover, I cannot believe they are charging me for damage and see no need or responsibility to provide evidence to demonstrate said damage happened.

It is my understanding that to go to Small Claims Court I need to pay first and there is no mechanism to collect payment from the defendant if I win. My insurance company will pay some of the fees (minus my deductable), which hopefully will not have any repercussions on my insurance fees later. Persoanlly I do not see why anything should be paid since I know I did not damage the car and we have received no evidence of said damage. Since they are threatening to send it to a colletion agency, it is hard to ignore the bill.

I will never rent from Avis (or Budget) again. For those who do not know, Budget is now a part of AVIS.

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Posted by Hugh_Jorgen on 2006-08-06:
If you feel strongly about it, let them send it to collections and make them sue you - at least the court will be able to make them produce the evidence against you. They are counting on 99% of the folks out there just letting their insurance pay for it. You might take a ding on your credit report for a while, but you have the right to attach brief comments to the listing in your credit file. Just a sentence to the effect that you deny the debt and it's in court should be sufficient. Best of luck!
Posted by Anonymous on 2006-08-06:
I agree with Hugh and must add that if they and you signed off on the car when you turned it in then they have no case anyway. It will be very obvious in court and you could turn it into a case of fraud.
Posted by Sparticus on 2006-08-06:
This has always been a fear of mine with the dropbox during after hours option! And now I'm going to be even more paranoid! Thanks for the review, but very sorry for what happened.
Posted by Baffled Bill on 2006-11-09:
As a licensed insurance adjuster.... who used to work in the car rental industry.......who is also a debt collector.... I offer the following:

1) You dropped the car off after hours thereby depriving the rental agency the opportunity to inspect the car in your presence. Wow!!! How convenient is that for a renter to have carte blanche to drop cars off after hours with perceived impunity for damages because they later cry out "I didn't do it." No, the real world does not work that way. If I were the adjuster at your insurance company... I would have definietly accepted liability on your behalf.

2) When scheduling trips I always pick return times that will allow me to turn the rental car in at a time of day when I can get the rental outfit to inspect the car with me. I owe it to myself and.... its fair to the car rental company too. Trust me.... in the situation that you just described: the car rental companies are victimized FAR more times than the "poor" renters.

3) I am reasonably certain that the claims company's letter(s) to you qouted the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act... you were probably given ample opportunity to issue a written dispute (as required by the FDCPA) as to the validity of this debt. Had you issued said written dispute... the claims company could have then forwarded your dispute to the car rental company so that they could double check their facts. Afterall, its their car and their claim.

4) You might want to watch what you say in an open forum like this one. Being angry (and/or not wanting to be held responsible for damages) does not give you immunity to make slanderous or libelous statements about Avis, Budget and the claims handling company.

Posted by Spur73 on 2006-11-09:
I am an insurance agent and former adjuster. I know the game. I had a client that recently returned a car to Enterprise at noon. The Enterprise rep did not inpsect the car on the return. The client went in the office and was told to park the car in an open numbered spot and notate the number. She went back in , gave then the number, paid her bill and left. TWO DAYS LATER Enterprise called her and said she had damaged the left (drivers side quarter panel. She denies this. The were sloppy in their claims demand and violated numerous claims handling laws and fair debt requirements. They finally went away.
I my self returned a rent car to the denver Airport 3 years ago. When I checked in, the rep walked around the car and signed off on no damage. Two weeks later, they called and wanted to know if I caused like $1500 damage to the right front.

LESSON FOR ALL: Never turn in a rent car when the place is closed. If you have to, then take digital picture that show the date and time. ALWAYS have a rental rep come out and inspect the car and give you a signed release.

Andfor Baffled Bill.....chill out dude.
Posted by burnig on 2009-06-20:
I have just returned from a trip to Salzburg, I had hired an Avis car. On my return the Avis agent took my documents and asked if all was OK, I said it was, she said that was it then. The same day they took £196 from my credit card for damage to the vehicle. I have my own insurance for this excess and have called them for advice, the insurance company tell me this is fairly common practice and they are seeing it more and more. I know I have not damaged the car, I have no knowledge what the damage is, and they took the money from my card the day I dropped the car off...seems odd that, they can work out the cost of the damage so quickly. I have also raised this with my credit card company, as I believe this to be fraudulent, they are to take this up with Avis.
Naively I trusted the company, but having read the comments on the internet and speaking with the insurance company I was wrong. Trouble is you only start to look for info on this after the event.
I would advise anyone collecting any car to take their time, know exactly what you are signing for, take photos/videos of the car when you collect and drop off, do not drop key off in a box, and if the company don't bother to check the car when you return it, write it down and ask one of the agents to sign...I think you will find they will then become interested.
Posted by iggypop on 2009-09-23:
The same thing happened to me with Avis. I discovered a $700+ charge on my credit card 6 months after renting an Avis car while travelling. And then I received a package with a photo claiming I had damaged the car. I disputed it and it was taken off my credit car but now it has gone to a collection agency who threaten to negatively impact my credit if don't pay up. Any chance of a class action law suit? This seems all too common and as someone noted there are probably a number of people who simply pay to avaid the hassle. If anyone knows of anything or would like to look into this further, please email me @ sadelman@paripassu.com. There must be something that can be done about this type of extortion.
Posted by hank on 2012-09-29:
Same here, Khoury Alternative Claims -- a month after a trip - sent a bill for almost $1000. Orbitz says they aren't responsible
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Bogus damage claim by Avis
Posted by Madmudder on 10/30/2005
In August 2005 I rented a car from Avis in Casper WY. I submitted a car diagram of all existing damage to the car to the Avis agent before leaving the rental lot. Upon returning the car to the Casper Airport Avis lot at 5:30 am on our Sunday departure date I checked the car over for any signs of additional damage and saw none so I left the keys and rental agreement in the drop box as instructed. Due to the early morning hour there was no agent on duty at the time of the rental return.

A week after returning home I received a notice from Avis stating that due to damage to the windshield they were billing me nearly $400 for the "necessary replacement" of the windshield PLUS 2 days rental fee for the time the car was not at their disposal to rent. If the chips were so small and insignificant that they were not visible upon inspection, could they not have simply been repaired, rather than replacing the entire windshield?

I disputed the charges with Avis and noted to them that I dropped the car off at 5:30 AM and their cleaning crew reported the damage at 5:00 PM - 12 hours after I had returned the car. Furthermore, I pointed out that I was not responsible for what happens in their parking lot. Their reply, after supposed "careful consideration", was that "windshield chips do not occur in parking lots" and I was therefore being held liable.

My husband and I are still disputing the charges. My husband is one of their Preferred Customers due to his repeated use of their services for business travel over the past 25 years, but I for one will never rent from them again. They seem to stick these outrageous charges to anyone who did not take out any and all additional insurance policies from them.

Pooh on Avis. National seems to have better overall ratings.
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Posted by SuZQ on 2005-12-02:
First of all, if you just leave the car there and drop the keys off and whatnot (which is called an after hours return) You are 100% responsible for any damages that happen in the parking lot, UNTIL they check in the vehicle. They don't have to check in the vehicle when they open either because they may be busy. This will happen to you at any car rental company. So in other words, next time, drop it off when they are open and there won't be that problem.
Posted by poster on 2006-08-06:
Same thing happened to me. See . It makes no sense to me that they offer a courtesy drop-off and charge the customer for damages after the car is dropped off. In my case, they provided no evidence of said damage even when I requested it. When I asked a few more times they pretty much ignored me. It boggles my mind to pay for damage they cannot even substantiate. What a racket.
Posted by poster on 2006-08-06:
The link for my comment did not come through. See http://www.my3cents.com/showReview.cgi?id=15234
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Agency Operator Not Worth It
Posted by Sebastiantata on 01/11/2013
USA, NEW JERSEY -- I'd like to add my "3 Cents" to Avis' Agency Operator position. This position is a total miss-classification of an independent contractor status that the State and US Dept of Labor is looking hard into. As a few other posts have stated, they sell you on the sizzle but when you look for the steak it isn't their and will not be found. THIS IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS, as they tell you, you are working for them for less than minimum wage - long hours, insurance costs, Workman's comp, employee costs. These costs all come out of your monthly commission check. I'm all for hard work but when you get taken advantage of, that's when it becomes a problem.
Be advised that if you have to sign a contract that has at a minimum of 50 pages in it, their is no protection for you it is all one sided, in ABG favor.
Most independent operators that leave are all small and do not have the time or finances to combat this practice. The best way to do this is not with a class action lawsuit (it may tied up in the courts for a long time) but through your state dept of labor, Attorney General's office and a your state public representative.
A lawsuit that is in CA right now has not gone away, and there is a good reason for this. Hopefully someone that is interested in this will not do it you're better off working a few part time jobs, remember if the contract is that big it's for a reason that benefits them not you. Makes you wonder why the other auto rental companies are not doing this IC relationship also?

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Damage to rental cars
Posted by Ted1700 on 06/06/2010
MUNICH, GERMANY -- This is the first & last time we'll rent with Avis. After almost 13 years renting from other companies at the Munich airport nothing like this has ever happened. We checked the car over for damage but did not take photos (you'd better do that now with these scams) and found NO damage. When we returned the car the person checking them in first showed us something on the door that he said was a scratch. I took my fingernail and with some spit I removed it (a little paint from another car door that did NOT break the paint on the rental car) and showed that to him. He then gave us a receipt to sign that was hundreds of dollars higher than the contract we made with AVIS online before we left the United States and we told him it was wrong and we wouldn't sign it. We then get a bill for over 500 Euros for a new windshield and door paint. He didn't show us any damage to the windshield and since you normally hear the rock that hits, I'll swear that either it wasn't there or, if you can believe the photo they sent, so small to be fixed by the injection method for a few Euros. I don't think it was there, I always notice any windshield damage when I'm driving and we had this car for over 2 weeks. I would have noticed. Interesting he didn't show that to me like he did the so called "scratch". A bad thing about the Munich Airport is there is no one to talk to about any damage if there was any except to walk all the way back to the contract desk. You leave by way of inserting a card in a reader and the gate opens. I suppose you can write something down on your contract but it would still be your word against theirs. They know you're going home to the States and can't complain in person like a local can. We're fighting it with our travel insurance company as It's not fair for them to have to pay a scam. It would be nice if there was a Better Business Bureau in Germany but I can't find one. I do have a friend that lives in Munich that used to work for Diamler-Benze and I may ask him to go and try to inspect the car for me. That will probably surprise them as normally tourists don't have any recourse and they know it.
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Racist Counterperson
Posted by on 10/11/2003
INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -- The letter I sent:

Five weeks ago on August 29th, 2003, at about 8pm, my wife and I were visiting her relatives in Indianapolis, Indiana, at IND airport. Shortly after we rented a car from your company, while we were still near your airport rental counter area, we witnessed your agents interaction with the next customer.

This customer was of Middle-Eastern descent, he was traveling with his family which included his elderly parents, his wife, and their two young children (one infant). From what I witnessed, there was a disagreement on some point of the policy. The customer protested entirely politely and with a calm demeanor. At this, your agent shouted at the man to get away from her counter. Her voice was in sharp contrast to the quiet tone of the customer. She also must have hit her alarm button, as the Indianapolis Police were soon on the scene. We had to leave shortly after.

This incident left my wife and I with a bad taste that persisted throughout our trip. Your agent was obviously very fearful of the public at that point, and seeing a Middle-Eastern man at her counter must have driven her into some sort of Fox-News Terrorist-Alert flashback. To subject a tired frustrated traveler who is obviously a simple family man, to police questioning, is unconscionable. A worker this paranoid certainly would not be able to adequately handle a real terrorist situation, with such an excitable disposition.

In addition to this incident, there is the fact that the car we rented did not have a CD player as promised by your agent. This car was a larger model that she had talked me into, because it was more luxurious and would have a CD player. This left us with nothing but Indiana radio for the 2-1/2-hour drive we had that night.

This is to say, that I am disgusted with this agent, and with your company if she represents anything akin to your corporate personality. Her racist response shamed me as a fellow American. I will of course never use Avis again, and will work to influence my company to not use your organization for any of my business service and sales force travels.
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Posted by trouble on 2004-04-13:
mind your own business...
Posted by am60067 on 2004-07-13:
Everyone minded our business and soon we were living in a communist police state - "Russian Saying"

More Americans are "minding" their own business - and cutting themselves off from everyone else - lving in gated communities - avoiding "bad" neighborhoods.. etc. Soon there wont be enough land to "run" away from.

The reviewer did the right thing - atleast the car company may investigate the account of the review.

Posted by Anonymous on 2007-01-05:
You don't know what went on, so mind your own business, also has it occured to you that you may be the one that is prejudice, assuming that a man with a family is not a danger. I am not saying that he was a danger, but you seem to have a steryotpye that a family man is not a danger but a signal man is. What if this man was travelling alone would you have thought differently of this inncident. It is not up to you to write this letter it is up to him.
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Refusing to honor reservation
Posted by on 09/02/2003
PENSACOLA, FLORIDA -- To whom it may concern:

I would like to share with you my attempt to rent a car with Avis yesterday. Several weeks ago I called to inquire about the availability of making a one way reservation to Toronto, ON (Canada). I was told to call back a few days later because the reservationist had to check to see if such a rental was possible. I called back a few days later and the reservationist confirmed the reservation. I called back a week later, reconfirmed the reservation, and added a day to it.

Yesterday when I went to pick up the car, I was told it was not available. At first the agent, stated that there were no full size cars available and that she was giving us a car two sizes smaller. She offered us a $20 discount for the week for this. My husband said, "so if I go on the lot I will find that there are no full size cars out there". She stated that they had full size cars, but that they were not available to us, because we were going to Canada, even though the national reservationist had confirmed that I could reserve this type of car for this trip. Upon further questioning, She stated that this car was the only type of car we could take, indicating that it was in bad shape and she didn't mind it going to Canada.

We asked to speak to her supervisor. She said that she had called the supervisor prior to our arrival, and when she didn't receive a response, she elected to deny the reservation herself. She called the supervisor again while we were there, but received no answer. We then called the national reservations number. The first guy told me he would pass me to a supervisor, but then hung up on me. The second guy told me he would pass me to a supervisor, then put me on hold. The third guy said that there were no supervisors working. The third guy yelled at my husband, talked over him, and was extremely rude.

No one would help us honor the reservation. While I realize that franchisees have the right to make their own decisions, this was confirmed by both the national customer service and me before the date of rental.

This is what I have learned:
1) A reservation at Avis means nothing. Don't bother making a reservation because they might choose not to honor it if they don't feel like it.
2)Avis word means nothing, and its agents will lie to you for convenience.
3)If you have a problem with the reservation, the national customer service line will not assist you, will yell at you, hang up on you, and refuse to let you talk to a supervisor.

We ended up renting a car at an adjacent competitors' counter and leaving the Avis counter. I realize that one $400 car rental is not much of a loss for the week for you, but the damage it does to you in terms of my telling this story to my relatives and friends and the loss of my future business will add up over time. I am just one customer who took the time to complain....I'm sure there are many more out there like me.

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Posted by physed on 2005-05-05:
I know how you feel, because they also refused to honor my reservation. See my complaint entitled "poor customer service".
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Ridiculous prices
Posted by on 04/01/2001
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Dear A. Barry Rand,

As a frequent user of your company, I feel obligated to share with you my experience.

I am a frequent traveler, and because of this I rent cars often. Under normal circumstances I rent the cars with my personal visa and I am always offered decent rates from your company. However, recently I had a problem with my visa (basically, you stopped accepting bank visas) and I had to have my company make the car reservation for me. They made the exact same reservation that I always make, however this time my bill came out to almost TWICE as much as it usually is. I'm guessing this is your over-billing tactic to screw companies over that don't know the difference, but regular consumers do notice!

To help keep me as a potential future customer, I would like the following:

If you are going to screw companies over like that, at least be honest and advertise it so people like me can avoid your company.

At the very least I would like a response from your company regarding this incident.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2001-07-31:
Avis stinks. Go with Hertz. They have a comfortable bus system and I have never had any problems.
Posted by SuZQ on 2005-12-02:
Moron, Car prices vary from each location, dates and times. If you happened to get a rate that was double it was last time, it's because that is what they had. They don't discriminate against you, if that were the case, I guess they were discriminating against everyone else that day too huh?
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Horrible service overall - too many issues
Posted by Sullivan & Co on 12/21/2007
WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA -- Our company rented a car in DC. DC DMV issued a citation on the car. AVIS charged our card for the citation back in September. It's now the end of December and AVIS continues to send notices saying that it remains unpaid. The AVIS Virginia Beach Processing Center (the office that handles citations for DC) never return a single phone call or email after we left 27 MESSAGES for them. AVIS national customer service (US & Canada) did nothing to help and kept bouncing me around. I've tried with a lot of patience to get someone to help me. NO ONE AT AVIS KNOWS ANYTHING AND THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE OVERALL IS HORRIBLE.

I GOT BOUNCED AROUND 11 TIMES AND NOT A SINGLE PERSON WAS ABLE TO HELP ME. HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! HORRIBLE! We rent at least 8-10 cars every week and use use 2 major rental car companies. AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE, WE HAD A MEETING AND COLLECTIVELY DECIDED THAT ALL OF OUR NATIONWIDE OFFICES WILL NEVER USE AVIS AGAIN!! This may seem harsh, specially since it was 1 episode. None-the-less, this was a very serious and bad experience and we do NOT want to experience anything of the sort again.

I particularly want to point out the non-responsive departments:

1) AVIS's national customer service department is completely LOST! We spoke with 9 reps + 3 supervisors. No one helped and they all kept transferring us around.

2) DC citations office - Virginia Beach Processing Center. No one answers the phones there. I have left 27 messages between 12/5 and 12/21. No responses to a single email we sent. Left messages for supervisors K. Hanson and A. Weston. Sorry to have to mention their names here...but they completely failed us.
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Posted by Principissa on 2007-12-21:
Do you have proof that they charged your card for the citation? If so I suggest sending that to the city that you got the actual citation from, not AVIS. They may be able to assist you more than they have.
Posted by GothicSmurf on 2007-12-21:
What was the citation for? I'd stop calling and go into one of the offices and get things taken care of that way.
Posted by Sullivan & Co on 2007-12-26:
Yes. The proof of the charge was sent to the DC DMV. That does not matter much since AVIS still has not paid them.

I went to an AVIS location in person last week and they were not able to help either. "You have to contact the citations department for that" is the answer I always get. The local office does not have any records or control over the issue.
Posted by Plaid_piper on 2008-01-23:
I think that you have been mosy unfair in your decisions. I can speak from personal experience that Avis is an excellent rental company. With my corporate account we have the choice of our rental companies, and I always choose Avis. I find their customer service is excellent and I am blessed with exceptional agents any time I call.
I am sorry you had a bad experience, but I for one will never rent from any other company!
Posted by Kyle on 2013-08-12:
Your review is spot on. Avis-Budget sucks! I've called 11 times with no response. Horrible customer service and terribly run business
Posted by Ian on 2013-08-21:
I agree, their claims department is a joke. Does anyone even work there? They couldn't even produce the actual claim as proof, and just charged my card despite this major flaw. I will never rent from them again.
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Avis Guilty of Bait and Switch Overcharge
Posted by Gswanbon on 01/09/2006
MAYNARD -- I rented a car from a local Avis office in my hometown of Maynard, MA. I was quoted a rate of $32 dollars per day if the rental was 5 days or longer. I was having car repairs done so at the time I didnt know the length of time I would need the rental. I ended up renting the car for 5 days and was billed over $300. I did get that reduced to $260 - they initially had me returning the car 3 days later at Logan airport (about 35 miles away even though the office in my hometown is about 1 mile away).The the bill should have been approximately $160. The quote I received was given to me on a business card which I subsequently lost. The rental agreement also didn't have the correct rate, the clerk said not to worry about this difference because it was a discount I was receiving.The bottom line is I never would have rented the car at such a high rate, I would have taken my bussiness elsewhere.This happened in September of 2003. Since that time I have filed two complaints directly with Avis. When I finally got a response they closed the file based on the fact that I couldnt produce the business card. Subsequently, I filed a complaint with BBB in Massachusetts. When I finally got a response to this complaint they said I should file a complaint in Oklahoma.

Avis subsequently ignored two inquiries filed by the BBB in Oklahoma on my behalf.

Consumer's Desired Resolution:

I think a $100 refund is justified considering:1. Avis's ridiculous response to my complaints indicates they dont care about the customers and are just trying to make a quick buck any way possible.2. The initial bill of $300 indicates the clerk at that office may have padded the bill even more assuming that I would like many people just pay it and move on.3. If I call any Avis office today and ask for a weekly rate on the cheapest car it will be much less than what I paid.
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Posted by Sparticus on 2006-01-10:
I boycotted Avis many years ago when they treated me like crap and wouldn't honor my reservation. Haven't been back since and don't plan on it any time soon.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-10:
My ex-wife's daughter came back from college and was in for 2 weeks. Her dad ( thank god he was a rich attourney ) rented her an economy car that was suppose to be $19.95 per day plus milage. They didn't have an econ when she went to get it so she got a standard car ( 2 bumps up ). It was 2 bumps up. They said they would call her when an economy car came in. They never called. I went with him to return it and 2 weeks worth of car was $1000. My words in front of everyone were " Holy %$(# " Jim didn't say a word, he just handed them his credit card. When we got outside he repeated my words and called them crooks.
Posted by spiderman2 on 2006-01-10:
Mike -- I love ya man, but there is no "u" in attorney.
Posted by KateM on 2006-01-11:
Maybe Mikes English? They like to add "u's" to a lot of word i.e. colour.
Posted by miketech on 2006-01-17:
Sorry I always misspell that word, always always always. If you ever see me spell it right it's because I googled the correct spelling and copy/pasted.
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