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AVIS - Frankfurt Airport, Germany SCAM!!
By -

Had to go to Germany for a business trip. Since AVIS/Budget is a U.S. name, and my company has a contract with them, I went with this company. The guy at the counter was not particularly friendly and, although I had reserved an automatic, he told me they only had one car left and that it was a manual. It was an "upgrade" so I didn't complain. The car was a black Renault Megane. I rented a car from the 4/25/2011 - 5/5/2011. When I did the initial inspection, I couldn't find anything wrong with the car.

I turned the car in on the morning of May 5th, as the contract stated. I thought it seemed extremely strange that the attendant who I turned the car in to walked straight to the back left of the car and pointed to a tiny ding on the wheel well. It was so small I couldn't see it. I actually thought he was messing with me, until he handed me a paper and asked to sign it acknowledging the "dent". I told him I don't see a dent. He pulled me over to where he was and said, "You have to look at how the light reflects from this spot."

There was a tiny flaw, no bigger than a 10 font letter "o". I mean SO SMALL that you need to get 2 inches from it to see the distortion of the light reflecting. He said he was writing it down, but not to worry about it, wasn't going to get charged for anything. He never gave me a receipt or anything. I will admit that there were a lot of things I could have done to better protect myself in this situation, but I trusted AVIS and their reps... That was a HUGE mistake.

When I got back to the U.S. I saw a charge of over $1700 on my credit card. I called AVIS and they informed me that since it's a franchise in Europe, there was nothing they could do about it but send an email. They couldn't even get me a receipt or tell me what had been charged! AVIS stated that I should get a call back in 24 hours. 3 days later I called them: "Still investigating". 4 more days: "No new information, still investigating".

I finally got a letter in the mail from AVIS that said something about over 1050 EUR of damage and that I didn't have to do anything, as they simply charged my card. Gee, thanks for taking care of that for me AVIS... with NO AUTHORIZATION. The back of the letter had 4 pictures on it. One of which was a huge scratch and dent on a zebra striped background that was NOT what they tried to show me when I returned it. I've read on this site another person that got a "photo with a scratch on a zebra striped background". If you are reading this and have the same photo, reply immediately so we can fry these guys for fraud and extortion.

I'm currently in the process of disputing it with AMEX and AVIS, but haven't heard anything in a week or so. I've also compiled a Word Doc of all the other complaints on the "AVIS Frankfurt Airport" that I could get my hands on to try to build a case against them. Almost all of them are from the last 6 months... Kind of suspect.

Agency Operator Not Worth It
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Rating: 1/51

USA, NEW JERSEY -- I'd like to add my "3 Cents" to Avis Agency Operator position. This position is a total misclassification of an independent contractor status that the State and US Dept of Labor is looking hard into. As a few other posts have stated, they sell you on the sizzle but when you look for the steak it isn't there and will not be found. THIS IS NOT YOUR BUSINESS, as they tell you, you are working for them for less than minimum wage - long hours, insurance costs, Workman's comp, employee costs.

These costs all come out of your monthly commission check. I'm all for hard work but when you get taken advantage of, that's when it becomes a problem. Be advised that if you have to sign a contract that has at a minimum of 50 pages in it, there is no protection for you. It is all one sided, in ABG favor. Most independent operators that leave are all small and do not have the time or finances to combat this practice.

The best way to do this is not with a class action lawsuit (it may tied up in the courts for a long time) but through your state dept of labor, Attorney General's office and a your state public representative. A lawsuit that is in CA right now has not gone away, and there is a good reason for this. Hopefully someone that is interested in this will not do it. You're better off working a few part time jobs. Remember if the contract is that big it's for a reason that benefits them not you. Makes you wonder why the other auto rental companies are not doing this IC relationship also?

Budget Rental Trucks - Don't Rent From Them!!!
By -

I rented a 24' Budget rental truck from Rincon, GA 31326 on Thursday 12/17/2009 with a destination to Mississippi. At the time of the rental the Budget rental truck was inspected by myself and an employee. The Budget rental truck had 83,561 miles on the odometer and the fuel level was checked and marked as full. However, the representative did advise me that the fuel gauge did not work properly and showed me how to check the tank fuel level manually. This information was not documented on the Budget truck rental agreement.

I also paid for an auto trailer to tow my personal vehicle to my destination but the representative advised me that they didn't have one at the location she worked at and couldn't find one at any of the surrounding Budget rental dealers as well. I advised her that we were going to South Carolina to see my children before we headed to Mississippi and she said she would check in that area to see if she could locate one for us. The representative for Budget was able to find an auto trailer for us at a Pep Boys in Augusta, GA and we decided that I would drive the Budget rental truck and my mother would follow me in my personal vehicle until we were able to pick up the auto trailer.

After we picked up the Budget rental truck we drove it no more than 20 miles or so while it was being loaded and it stayed parked at the location we were staying while not in use for loading purposes. On Saturday 12/19/2009 at approximately 11 am we checked out of the motel we were staying at and started heading towards South Carolina to see my children for a little while and then pick up the auto trailer to start heading towards Mississippi. We started heading towards North Augusta, SC and about 30 miles into traveling, the Budget rental truck stalled on me and I had to coast it off the main road.

Once I got it off the main road, I tried a few times to restart the Budget rental truck but it wouldn't restart. The Budget rental truck broke down at the Highway 67 exit off of Interstate 16 East nearby Brooklet, GA at approximately 12pm on 12/19/2009. I immediately contacted Budget's Roadside Assistance department to advise them of the situation and the representative I spoke with took down all of the information and advised they had paged an emergency roadside assistance serviceman in the area and he had been dispatched out. The serviceman contacted me about an hour or so after the initial breakdown advising that he would be there in about twenty minutes to assist.

When he arrived he immediately could tell that regular gasoline had been used in the truck instead diesel fuel. The serviceman advised that the Budget rental truck would have to be towed to his shop so he could drain the fuel and replace the fuel filter in order to get it back in working condition. He towed the Budget rental truck to his shop and we followed him in my personal vehicle. We arrived at his shop at approximately 4pm and he advised that it would be several hours before the Budget rental truck would be ready and recommended that we just get a hotel room for the night.

Since our clothes for the trip to our destination were in the cab of the Budget rental truck my mother climb into the truck cab on the passenger side to retrieve her change of clothes for the evening. While getting down from the Budget rental truck, she missed a step and felled out of the Budget rental truck. She hit her head on the door and felled on her left side of her body and head. She complained of difficulties of breathing and serious pain on the left side of her body under her arms. I immediately rushed her to the nearest hospital and advised the serviceman that I would contact him later to check on the status of repairing the Budget rental truck.

I went back by Serviceman's shop after my mother was discharged from the ER to check on the status of the Budget rental truck and he was done with the repairs at that time. However, it was too late to hit the road. I obtained a copy of his receipt for the work done on the Budget rental truck with the odometer mileage documented. At the time of the Budget rental truck breakdown the mileage odometer had a reading of 83,612. I had only driven the Budget Rental Truck for a total of 51 miles since the vehicle was checked out.

My brother, my uncle, and my mother's pastor left Sunday 12/20/2009 afternoon from Mississippi to assist me with getting my mother and the Budget rental truck to Mississippi. They arrived later that evening and had to check into a hotel room for the night. We all woke up the next morning, ate breakfast and decided that it would be best not to pick up the auto trailer and just drive my personal vehicle back since we would have to go about 2-3 hours out of the way to pick it up and I would just come out to visit my children in a few weeks when I had to come back to Georgia to finalize some personal business. We picked up the Budget rental truck at the serviceman's shop on Monday 12/21/2009 around 10am to start heading towards Mississippi.

Since the Budget Rental Truck tank was completely drained and only $46 of fuel was put back in, I had to put in the additional replacement fuel. 12/21/2009 Po Jo' Gas-N-Go Gas – replacement diesel fuel for Budget rental truck due to tank being drained 117.50. I hold Budget Rental Trucks fully responsible for the additional expenses incurred as well as liable for my mother's accident. She had to visit the ER in the area the accident occurred and her primary care physician and the ER twice in her home town.

If the Budget Rental Truck didn't break down, we wouldn't have gone back into the cab of the Budget Rental Truck to obtain clothing for an overnight stay and my mother wouldn't have fell out of the Budget Rental Truck. My mother has 3 broken ribs that occurred in result of the truck breaking down. Budget refuses to pay any of the additional expenses. Don't use budget, they don't inspect their vehicles before renting them to a customers. I know from experience.

Ruined My Christmas
By -

CHESAPEAKE, VIRGINIA -- I went through Travelocity to rent a car from Avis to make a trip to my families' homes for Christmas 08. Two days before Christmas, we were told by Avis Car Rental that they were going to place a $500.00 hold on our bank account. We asked for options since my son was paying. They told us they could not place the $500.00 hold on his account because he was under 25 years old and could not drive the vehicle. We tried paying cash, but the teller, ** (they refused to give me his last name) told us that he would still have to place a $500.00 hold on our bank account.

We asked if they'd take checks, but again, he had to place a $500.00 hold on our account and the rest would be settled when we returned the car. Not knowing the amount in our bank, and it being close to closing time, we rushed to the closest ATM to confirm our balance. We rushed back and told him that we had barely enough, but had the money to cover $500.00. This left us with a couple hundred dollars for gifts. We had discussed the fee of a total $922.74 including the insurance, but when I mentioned the AAA membership, they offered us a 10% discount, bringing the total down to $848.16.

We asked for an adjustment, at which time, ** told us the computer was closed out. ** assured us that it was, however, in the computer. I wanted to be absolutely certain that the total we were to pay was $848.16. He insisted that the total was adjusted in the computer, and that this was NOT going to reflect in our bank account... that only the amount of $500.00 would be frozen. So that we weren't charged $922.74, we asked ** for this in writing and he wrote $848.16 on the contract and initialed it. When we checked our bank account, the amount of $500.00 hold- as promised- was not frozen. Instead, they put a hold of $922.74, the initial cost before the AAA discount.

This error cost us an over draw, a overdraft fee from both the companies we paid AND the bank. Since it was during Christmas, we were accepting gifts from people we could no longer give gifts to. If that weren't enough, we had to rely on the same relatives to cover the difference in the bank. I contacted the car rental immediately, and ** answered. I reminded him that I was the one who rented a car for $800. After he confirmed his recollection of us, I reminded him that they were supposed to hold $500 on our bank account, which he agreed.

I reaffirmed that the hold WAS supposed to be for the amount of $500.00, which he again confirmed. I explained to him that over $900.00 was held in our account, causing us to overdraw and bounce checks. He said, "Oh wow! That shouldn't have happened!" He paused then said, “I have a few customers. Can you hold?" I waited on the line, which eventually hung up. He never called back.

I called my bank, who then told me that the hold was not put on by the bank and that the only ones who could lift the hold was Avis. My brother and husband went to the Avis at the airport, who was surprised that the hold was over $900.00. Because of the rates and fees of returning the car early, my husband decided to keep the vehicle and discuss this with the branch we leased from upon the return of the SUV. When we confronted the lady who claimed to be the manager **-she refused to admit fault. I asked for the person who directly dealt with us, but the claimed he was not in.

We pointed out that the amount OVER the agreed price was frozen. She insisted that the amount of $922.74 was the estimated price and this was their policy to freeze the entire estimated amount. We tried to explain the $922.74 was the price before they included the AAA discount, and was not the estimated price. She continued to disagree. I took a photo of her with my cell phone (God bless those things!), she posed with her hands framing her face, Shirley Temple style. This was just one of her ways of showing total arrogance toward her customers.

I assured ** that I was going to upload the picture since she was aware of the photo and indeed posed for it. After going back to check the pics, I discovered I had actually flixed her. Another worker came out and when we tried to explain the situation, he said, "I know the situation, I heard it from my office." He also refused to admit fault. Because I no longer trusted them, I insisted that the manager (I think ** is his name) confirm the full tank of gas and that there were no damages. When I insisted that he write this down and initial it, he shrugged and laughed, as if the request was unnecessary.

They continue to refuse to admit fault for ruining our Christmas. They continue to lie. They insist that the amount of the entire car rental AND more puts a freeze on our account and that this is policy. They insist that there was an error of communication and that perhaps ** made the mistake of giving us the wrong amount to be frozen. Our claim that they'd frozen more than we'd agreed on was dismissed as: "It's our policy to put a higher hold than the actual cost", pointing to the $922 (which was the cost before the discount).

"This was an error with the bank". I explained to her that when I called the bank, they informed me that Avis had been responsible for the hold and only Avis could lift it. (** shrugged and smiled.) "We apologize for the miscommunication and failing to make sure you knew how much was going to be frozen." (Again, lies.) "We apologize for the promises ** made, it was an error on his part." (If it was an error, which it wasn't,

** was standing next to him when he made them.) "We have no control over what the computer does." (They have total control of the computer.) The only grief I have for ** is that when I called to correct the error and ask him to lift the hold, he put me on hold and never called back. He did, however, admit via phone that there was an error, that he was surprised the total amount was frozen and that they were supposed to freeze only $500.00. As for the rest of the staff, they continued to lie, cover their mistakes and deny any error on their part.

When I asked for the name of the gentleman who waited on us, ** refused to give the information out. There's something to be said for a manager who's too ashamed to give out the names of their own staff. As clients, we have every right to know who we do business with. If you plan to rent a vehicle, I strongly urge that you look beyond Avis. IF you do insist on renting from Avis, then at least mention this article and others similar to it. They may go out of their way to try to prove us disgruntled ex-clients wrong.

Either way, I hope this review is somewhat helpful to others. I will, however, admit that had it not been for this error, everything would have run smoothly. To my knowledge, they did not overcharge, (unless $340 is more than the standard fees). This excessive freeze, which my brother transferred to his card, prevented us from buying gifts. We had to borrow to cover the excessive amount (which I strongly believe was used to pay for their Christmas gifts).

Because of their dishonest and denial, I will never deal with Avis again, and I strongly urge that if you do deal with them, ask that everything be put in writing. EVERYTHING! If they try to make you feel like your request is "trivial and silly", it's just another sign that they want to rip you off. A good company that respects its customers will not hesitate to meet your needs of trust and honesty.

Unauthorized Toll Charges Placed on My Credit Card After Usage
By -

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND -- Indeed, I did rent a car from Avis Budget Group at Providence Airport from 10/06/11 to 10/09/11. I did not however go through any Garden State Tolls. I did not go through any toll stations. After arriving at Providence airport, my friend and I proceeded to the Budget counter. The reservation I had made 3 months prior was evidently worthless, the clerk in training offered me a larger vehicle at more money as they did not have the vehicle I contracted for.

I told them I did not need nor want a larger vehicle and had to wait until an economy class vehicle was checked in, ironically a little red car with New York license plates. My elderly blind friend and I were made to wait until they could rinse the car off. My guess would be that perhaps the person driving the vehicle to Providence went through the tolls or someone switched out whatever the transponder things are. We left the airport and proceeded directly to Groton CT to our motel within the hour where we spent that evening after stopping to see my brother in Ledyard CT.

The next day we spent the entire day touring Mystic Seaport in Mystic CT with the car parked until we visited my brother in Ledyard CT again. All these locations are in southeastern CT close to the Rhode Island state line. The following day, Saturday, October 08, 2011, we did not drive the car as my brother in CT took us around for the day. On Sunday, October 09, 2011 we returned the car to Providence airport via Burlingame State Park and Misquamicut Beach. The car was returned by the appropriate check in time. I have documentation showing where we were. We used 400 miles + - the entire time.

When I received my November credit card statement, I noticed the charge. I called the telephone number given to me ** on 11/02 at approximately 5 pm and spoke to a young lady about it. She was very rude and told me the transponder things didn't lie. I explained to her I never left Rhode Island or southeastern Connecticut nor did I go through any toll stations. I spoke with her for about 17 minutes and she said she would contact me back after their investigation. To this day, I have never received a call back.

I called my sister in law in CT that same evening, 11/02 to ask where the Garden State Parkway was and if I had gone through tolls from Providence to Groton CT, the furthest distance I drove. She said it was in New Jersey! Imagine my surprise. I have receipts tracking everywhere I have told you and times of check ins/visits. My friend was with me the entire time and has agreed to become a witness to this case.

I hope the credit union will alert their customers to this shady practice of adding charges to unknowing customers in the hopes they will overlook them and pay the bill. Fox 13 news and Bay News 9 here in Tampa have been documenting and reporting on these shady practices. Furthermore, I will never rent another vehicle from Budget Rent A Car and will alert my friends and family to this incident by sharing and posting this letter.

False Charges Totaling Almost $3,000 With NO WAY to REMOVE
By -

I was heading camping with my family for the weekend in a PA state park, and due to major storm warnings, decided it would be smart to rent an SUV with four wheel drive. I made a reservation and picked up my vehicle, no problem from 30th street station. Several hours later upon arriving in the local town where the state park was located, we stopped to purchase some groceries for our weekend - in doing so I found that my checking account was overdrawn several hundred dollars. Terrified I quickly loaded up my bank's mobile application on my iPhone to discover that not only did Avis charge me an initial balance for my rental $182.40, but in addition charged me $1,112.69, TWICE!

Furious I immediately called Avis who said they had no record of this charge as the amount made no sense. After a long time on hold, they conferenced in my bank who confirmed the amount and gave them instructions to fax over a request to remove the erroneous hold. I was told to give it an hour and call back. We headed to our campsite, where I had no cell phone reception, so an hour later I had to drive up the road to a pay phone located outside the park's office. I called my bank who notified me that the hold was being reversed and the money would be credited back to my account again shortly. The representative then asked if I was aware that the charge had been run through twice?

Shocked I said of course not. She then informed me that in order to have the second charge removed I would need to have another fax sent over specifying that 2 holds in the amount needed to be removed. I called Avis back and after 20 minutes of holding got someone on the phone who had no record of my prior call or the scenario I was faced with. Frustrated I explained the scenario and was put back on hold. After close to 40 minutes on the phone I was informed that the fax had been sent and all would be well. I informed the representative that I understood and required a second fax to be sent, to which she replied that is not possible as she could not see the hold in her system.

Again, we called my bank - only this time after my bank representative explained there were two charges there was no Avis representative to be found. Getting extremely upset at this point I sent my family hiking without me and stayed at the phone booth to call back Avis. Again, I got a representative who had no knowledge of my situation as his system did not contain any notes on the matter. This time I asked for a reference number so I had something to provide them with going forward. He assured me that the fax would be sent and I should try back in an hour. After an hour and a half I called my bank to learn that the charge was still there.

Beside myself at this point I called back Avis who again conferenced in my bank and seemed to smooth the whole thing over. I was told the credits would be on my account and that the bank system would update at midnight, relieved I left to head back to my campsite after almost 3 hours of dealing with the mess. The next day I awoke to find the charge still on my account and even less information contained in my file (even with a reference number) than before. Worst of all once back in my hometown, with the car returned, I found myself still on the phone with Avis trying to find out where the, at this time 3 faxes, that were presumably sent to my bank went - since my bank had never received them.

I called the local Avis branch yet again to AGAIN speak with someone who with my case reference number, did not see any information besides a single phone call from 2 days prior that was 'resolved' by sending a fax. They also refused to believe that I still had an additional $1,100 charge on my account since they could not see it in their system. At this point I took off of work and went to my bank where I had a customer service representative literally print up the transaction log and fax it on Bank letterhead to Avis. I then went to the Avis branch to confirm receipt, and deal with their puzzled faces when they realized they had charged me close to $2,700 for a two day rental. They had no idea what to do.

After another hour at the local branch watching Avis staff walk in and out of the front desk area scratching their heads, I called my bank after I watched them send a fax through hopefully vindicating the erroneous charge. My bank then informed me that the hold was in fact not a hold but was "notched" for payment, and nothing could be done until it cleared or dropped off - which would not happen until the end of the month, almost 2 and half weeks later. My bank account is still showing charges IN ADDITION to my rental fees for $1,112.69 and I am told nothing can be done. Avis has AWFUL computer systems and INCOMPETENT staff, sorry but it's true. This has been overall one of the worst experiences of my life!

Horror Story With Avis in Kampmannsgade, Copenhagen, Denmark
By -

COPENHAGEN -- We recently visited Denmark, which is the country where I was born. For the first time, we had decided to rent a car. Our first choice with Nembil.dk turned out to be an unwise decision. We were given a car with almost 200,000 miles on it (a Nissan Primera). The interior of the car smelled badly, the rest of the family was indeed disgusted with it. The ignition went out at least 10 times during the short distance from Frederiksberg to Amager, where we were to return the car.

Nevertheless, at least they were gracious enough to cancel the contract since this car could not reliably take us anywhere. After wasting half a day, and upon the recommendation of our hotel, we contacted Avis car rental in Kampmannsgade 1, Copenhagen. At first they seemed like a wise choice. However, when we returned the car three days later, they attempted to charge us for an extra day. Even though the car was brought back 15 minutes before it was supposed to (5 pm we were told).

After arguing our case, and only then, they took the extra day off our bill. We should have known right then that something was up. One week after returning to the US I noticed a VISA charge of $820 (equivalent to 5000 Danish kroner) on my checking account. It was from Avis in Copenhagen. I called them up and they alleged they had noticed there was a scratch over the wheel. I told them I was confident that we had not been in any accidents and had inspected the car thoroughly upon returning it.

We did not see evidence of any damages. Besides, Avis at the time had not made comments about anything. Now one week later they're alleging that the car was damaged and they're charging $820 to fix this alleged scratch. I told them that it doesn't make any sense that you contact me one week later about a damage and claim that I did it. In America, vehicles are inspected right away and you get a receipt that everything checks out. They, on the other hand, claim that they took photos with a time/ date stamp right after it was returned.

Then why did it take them one week to contact me about it? You think that sounds suspicious? Eventually they sent me those photos. Two comments should be made: First, the photos they sent did not come with a time and date stamp. They could have been taken at any time afterwards, even after the car had been rented to others. Second, the photos show a very minor scratch that might not be noticeable when you first glance at the vehicle. Yet they try to charge $820 for that!

To sum up our experiences with Avis in Copenhagen: Avoid them at ANY cost, unless you're willing to risk ending up with fraudulent charges on your VISA card. Do I believe that they have a scam going on? Yes, I absolutely do. There are other reputable car rental agencies out there I'm sure. Clearly, with Avis there's no such thing as customer service. Obviously, they took advantage of us for not living in Copenhagen and being able to show in person and challenge these charges. Their slogan is a joke: “We try harder”. This takes on a whole new meaning after our experiences.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA -- I recently was verbally abused by the Manager at Avis after I told him that I was going to file a formal complaint with Avis Headquarters regarding the customer service (or lack thereof) that I have received at Avis Reagan National Airport location. I have been an Avis First Member for over 3 years which allows certain perks ... at the very least, being treated with respect! Well to make a long story short, I was on my cell phone speaking with a representative at headquarters obtaining instructions for filing a formal complaint against the Reagan National Airport Branch when the Manager became visibly LIVID.

After telling me that I had "never made a reservation" and that it was my fault that I did not make one (even though I produced the confirmation number) he finally got me into a car. The Manager then left the desk, went out of the side entrance to what I thought was to give me the registration document, and proceeded to "rip me a new one" where no one else could hear, verbally abusing me. The Manager was so angry that immediately removed myself from the situation, got into the car and immediately called back to headquarters to explain what had just transpired and asking the representative if I should contact the police.

The representative placed me on hold and contacted the Manager to find out what was going on. She then advised me that I would be well within my rights to contact the police in addition to filing the formal complaint that we had discussed moments earlier. I decided to just leave the premises and file the formal complaint. Two weeks had passed and I received a letter from Avis stating that and investigation had been conducted and based on what the Manager had stated, I was no longer eligible to rent a car from Avis or Budget. In other words, we have spoken to one of our employees (Manager) and because we all work for the same company, we believe everything that he has told us.

The District Manager never contacted me to ask what happened, offer an apology, NOTHING! The Manager took every step he felt necessary (to include lying) and told the District Manager that I verbally abused him. I now know that this was his reason for leaving the front desk to curse me out where no one else could hear. Once I received the letter for my denial of car rental service with Avis, I contacted the District Manager, and she basically confirmed that the Manager's actions was the "norm" at Avis because she too began speaking to me in a very rude manner.

I began to demonstrate to her (since it has become evident that neither she nor the Managers have been trained in treating people with respect) how one should be spoken to by remaining calm and telling her that "I can rent a car from anywhere. It's the PRINCIPLE of this whole ordeal that she and her employees are not understanding.” That conversation just fell on deaf ears because she kept saying what the Manager had told her. (?!?!) In short, I have chosen to take my business elsewhere. I thought about filing charges against the Avis Manager for verbal assault, but I am a very busy lady.

I was an Avis First Member because I would rent from Avis on average of 3 times per month. I will now give my hard earned money to another rental car company that values my business and me as a person. Whatever happened to the days when customer service really meant something? Being an Avis First Member means nothing to Avis, the employees are ALWAYS RIGHT!

Beware of Avis Rental Car Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA -- I recently planned vacation travel to Costa Rica. I made car rental plans through Avis well in advance and went over all details on the phone before booking. I was told that comprehensive insurance coverage would cost about $100 for the rental period, (about 8 days). When picking up the vehicle, I was shocked to find out that the insurance coverage would actually run over $59/day. The car rental as a little of $600. The insurance coverage was over $600.

I have 3 other people with me and our destination was about 100 km away. I had no choice and our vacations plans would have been ruined had I declined the vehicle. I was in complete shock. Two other customers picking up their cars at the same time at either side of me at the pickup counter were going through similar shock and were pulling out their credit cards, as landing in a foreign country with plans already made, none of us had any choice. Had I known this situation in advance, I could have easily arranged for rental car insurance from another source. For example, American Express offers such coverage for about $25 for over 30 days of coverage.

I complained to Avis on returning home only to be blown off, with their email response containing an attached copy of the contract I signed in Costa Rica when I picked the vehicle up. Of course, I already had a copy of that contract which I signed with no choice when I picked up the vehicle, as did the other two customers at the pickup counter that day. I have rented cars internationally on multiple other occasions, (not through Avis), and have never been so blatantly taken advantage of. I would caution anyone considering an internal car rental to avoid Avis and to have whatever company they are selecting verify (in advance) the rental insurance charges IN WRITING and to consider other rental car insurance options.

Charged Fees Though I Wasn't Told About Them
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I have rented cars through the years and NEVER had an issue like I did with Avis. I wanted to rent the car for a weekend and because I knew where the AVIS location was in Lexington KY, went with them. Had I known how dishonest and unhelpful they were I never would have used them!! We added a driver who was over the age of 25, same last name as mine. I was NOT told that there would be a fee for this. They charged us 52.00 to have an additional driver for three days without telling me there would be a cost involved.

I have used Hertz and Enterprise in the past and will use them in the future as they DON'T charge for this. I have used Alamo once, but they told me there would be a cost so I didn't add a driver. AVIS is NOT HONEST! The crazy thing is only one person drove all weekend, we didn't need the extra driver and never would have done it had we know there was a cost. I have called four times and gotten nowhere. They won't give back the money and trying to talk to a manager has not happen though I have asked!

DON'T USE AVIS! Any other company will serve you better! I had wrongly assumed that all rental car companies were easy to work with and had good customer service. From now on, I will be loyal to one company as honesty works for me! Never again will AVIS get any of my business and I will tell on my friends to never use them either. After all that's what social media is for, getting the word out about BAD companies.

I would like my 52.00 dollars back. There should not be an additional charge to have a driver for a car. Only one person drove all week and last I check renting a car meant someone was going to drive it. Why should you have to pay an additional 52.00 that you weren't warned about to leave the parking lot!

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