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Wrongfully Accused of Damage
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FT LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- Avis is charging us for a key scratch that was on the car before we took possession of it. Unfortunately, we did not notice the scratch until we arrived at our condo (directly from Avis) and could see the vehicle in sunlight. We mistakenly thought Avis probably already knew of the scratch. When we returned the vehicle, we were told by the inspectors that it was not there before.

We then asked to speak to a manager, and someone disappeared and then returned saying they could not find the manager but, “Don't worry about it, we'll take care of it. It's no problem, go catch your plane.”€So we filled out a report and left. Several weeks later we received correspondence that we were being charged. We again wrote a report explaining what happened. Without any regard to any of these attempts to discuss the issue, Avis has now billed us for the damage.

We contacted the claims department and they are unwilling to assist us suggesting we contact the managers at Ft. Lauderdale's facility. We then left messages with those managers and never received a return call. We would place our hand on a bible or swear on our lives this did not happen in our possession if it would help. No one at Avis is willing to listen. Of course (after the fact), they tell us we should have inspected the vehicle before leaving the lot and reported any damage found.

No one suggested this to us before we picked up the vehicle which would've prompted us to look and probably see the scratch before we left. We would like to see video of what occurred while the vehicle was parked in the garage before we picked it up to know if someone keyed it then. Also video of us pulling out of the facility might also show the scratch. No one is responding to this request.

Avis has disappointed us tremendously on this issue and we are glad for this forum which allows us to let others know what type of customer service they provide when they have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Well they have lost a customer. We only went to Florida because we had 2 free plane tickets and a place to stay without charge. Our insurance is covering most of this bill but we are still responsible for the $250 deductible. We had hopes that State Farm would back us but they say it is not worth the fight. Well, $250 is the cost of one of those free plane tickets and not a small deal to us.

Avis Running a Racket With Their New EZ Fuel "Program"
By -

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA -- If I could give the Las Vegas Avis Rental center 0 stars I would. Their latest "program" charges you $13.99 for 0-75miles driven. We specifically were asked during check in whether we wanted to opt out of the program, so naturally we said yes. The woman was very rude, but made it clear that we had to decide there because it was an opt-in/out program. We refilled the tank to full as usual, and noted upon return that we were charged a $18 fee (after taxes).

We immediately turned around to inquire about the additional charge and were told this was for the $13.99 EZFuel program (or whatever it was called). We made the mistake of paying the $8.05 in gas in cash (we're in Vegas after all, cash dealings is almost the norm), so we did not have a receipt to provide to "waive" the fee. We got the manager out-- a youngish guy-- extremely rude and poor customer service (none at all really). The contract specifically states that yes, a fee will be charged "if rental is returned with less fuel than originally rented". There's also one line after that that says "00-75 miles will be charged $13.99, present receipt to waive".

Based on our questions and experience during check in, we had every reason to believe that this was an opt-in program. Our mistake on not getting a receipt, but it's clear the tank is full. How can anyone justify charging $13.99 for returning a car with a full tank? Apparently, Avis can run this kind of racket. The manager even had the nerve to counter, and I quote, "How do I know you didn't just drive 20miles and didn't refill the tank? You could do that and the meter would still show full."

Excuse me? That's your customer service? Snarky comments? Our odometer readings checking out and back in clearly shows we drove 64 miles. They would gouge you out of $18 of hard-earned money and lose the business of us and all our friends (we're spreading this around to everyone we know) because they can justify charging for a full tank in their fine print, and misleading instructions. The manager by the way, offered no help at all in terms of retrieving a receipt.

They could've called the gas station, refunded us the 8.05 once confirmed, or let us take another car out to retrieve the receipt (gas station was 2 blocks away). But no, nothing. No concession. This is a new program, we've not seen it before mind you. But based on the nature of this program and the misleading directions by Avis's personnel and non-existent customer service, I suggest everyone rent elsewhere. Enterprise, Thrifty are other options we've had no problems with. Give your hard-earned money to honest companies that earn it.

Beware of Avis Rental Car Insurance
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Rating: 1/51

SAN JOSE, COSTA RICA -- I recently planned vacation travel to Costa Rica. I made car rental plans through Avis well in advance and went over all details on the phone before booking. I was told that comprehensive insurance coverage would cost about $100 for the rental period, (about 8 days). When picking up the vehicle, I was shocked to find out that the insurance coverage would actually run over $59/day. The car rental as a little of $600. The insurance coverage was over $600.

I have 3 other people with me and our destination was about 100 km away. I had no choice and our vacations plans would have been ruined had I declined the vehicle. I was in complete shock. Two other customers picking up their cars at the same time at either side of me at the pickup counter were going through similar shock and were pulling out their credit cards, as landing in a foreign country with plans already made, none of us had any choice. Had I known this situation in advance, I could have easily arranged for rental car insurance from another source. For example, American Express offers such coverage for about $25 for over 30 days of coverage.

I complained to Avis on returning home only to be blown off, with their email response containing an attached copy of the contract I signed in Costa Rica when I picked the vehicle up. Of course, I already had a copy of that contract which I signed with no choice when I picked up the vehicle, as did the other two customers at the pickup counter that day. I have rented cars internationally on multiple other occasions, (not through Avis), and have never been so blatantly taken advantage of. I would caution anyone considering an internal car rental to avoid Avis and to have whatever company they are selecting verify (in advance) the rental insurance charges IN WRITING and to consider other rental car insurance options.

Charged Fees Though I Wasn't Told About Them
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Rating: 1/51

LEXINGTON, KENTUCKY -- I have rented cars through the years and NEVER had an issue like I did with Avis. I wanted to rent the car for a weekend and because I knew where the AVIS location was in Lexington KY, went with them. Had I known how dishonest and unhelpful they were I never would have used them!! We added a driver who was over the age of 25, same last name as mine. I was NOT told that there would be a fee for this. They charged us 52.00 to have an additional driver for three days without telling me there would be a cost involved.

I have used Hertz and Enterprise in the past and will use them in the future as they DON'T charge for this. I have used Alamo once, but they told me there would be a cost so I didn't add a driver. AVIS is NOT HONEST! The crazy thing is only one person drove all weekend, we didn't need the extra driver and never would have done it had we know there was a cost. I have called four times and gotten nowhere. They won't give back the money and trying to talk to a manager has not happen though I have asked!

DON'T USE AVIS! Any other company will serve you better! I had wrongly assumed that all rental car companies were easy to work with and had good customer service. From now on, I will be loyal to one company as honesty works for me! Never again will AVIS get any of my business and I will tell on my friends to never use them either. After all that's what social media is for, getting the word out about BAD companies.

I would like my 52.00 dollars back. There should not be an additional charge to have a driver for a car. Only one person drove all week and last I check renting a car meant someone was going to drive it. Why should you have to pay an additional 52.00 that you weren't warned about to leave the parking lot!

Bogus Smoking Violation Charges
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Rating: 5/51

SAINT LOUIS, MISSOURI -- Since the early part of December of 2011 after complaining of poor customer service as it relates to preferred customer status with Avis rent a car, I have had my credit card charged with 250.00 on each of 3 occasions for an alleged smoking violation. The final straw came today when I attempted to refill the vehicle rented 02/23/12 to return it and found my card to be over the limit thereby forcing me to pay cash for the fill-up required upon return. Having been a loyal customer for over 12 years with preferred customer status, I find it appalling to be harassed and persecuted by the manager of the St. Louis Lambert airport location. His name is **.

At no time during the return of any vehicle have I been approached by the employee checking it with the accusation of violation of their smoking policy. The violation has always come after the fact and with prejudice. I have always been a good customer and have accepted vehicles with odors, not cleaned fully and those that have had smoking smells as well. I would think that the appropriate administrative staff would look at the fact that all of a sudden I am being charged after all these years. It is more than stupid to violate a policy that is posted on the windows of the vehicle.

I tried to approach this manager and was insulted by his response to me. He stated that he was no longer going to rent to me as if I was some kind of child and that I was guilty of this alleged violation. He failed to show proof, and even if he did it would be questionable as anyone could have used the cars after I returned them, including his detailing crew. Let it be known that after the first alleged violation and charged I have all but persecuted anyone I have had as a passenger about smoking in the vehicle.

No one has smoked in the vehicles and I am a victim of this manager's prejudice. I resent this approach and would appreciate the funds that have been extracted from my credit card be restored. Until these last transactions I have promoted the excellent customer service that I have received from Avis, but now because of this manager I am considering ending what has been an admirable consumer relationship over the years.

Avis Car Rental Illegal Credit Surveillance Tactics
By -

I work for a major international manufacturing firm with offices in seven countries around the world. I travel often, flying domestically as well as internationally and I rent vehicles during my visits. My company, has a corporate account with Avis.

My last trip took me to St Louis where I was scheduled to rent a car from Avis. Upon arriving at the airport, I proceeded to the Avis counter. After confirming my reservation, they asked for a credit card. I produced my Sun Trust debit/check card. The rental agent told me that since my “credit” was not good enough, I could not rent a vehicle. My personal credit was run, without my permission, from the information on my driver's license. I confirmed this with the agent at the counter. I know this to be true because I gave them my debit card (as a secondary means) and my credit was run.

It is illegal to run a person's credit without their SIGNED APPROVAL. Running a person's credit via their drivers license is also illegal and morally wrong. Avis has caused damage to me by running an “inquiry” on my credit (without my knowledge), costing 6 credit score points. This also happened to a VP in my company, and he has confirmed the credit hit.

After the illegal running of my credit, the counter agent handed me a 3X5 card from Experian, stating a generic reason for denial. In addition to the above listed wrongs, my personal credit has nothing to do with the credit of my company.

I ended up renting a car from Thrifty. While at the Thrifty counter, they remarked, “…that happens to a lot of people. They all end up over here.” Naturally I asked if anyone else had remarked on the illegal search and invasion of privacy of their driver's license and credit and they said "No".

This is what really incensed me. Avis has been getting away with this! The dumbed down moronic public has been letting your company data mine them! Not anymore sir. Your position is one of accountability and responsibility and you need to make a change. We are canceling our corporate account and I am advising others to do the same. Please change your policy immediately.

Horrible Customer Service
By -

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- For our 2 week vacation, we rented a car with Avis at the Philadelphia airport. We went through a third party discount. When I got to the counter to pick the car up, the clerk at the desk said, "Full insurance or mffff" (couldn't understand her). Nevertheless, I said, "I have my own, don't need it." I went through the whole procedure of touching the screen and signing my name to the contract. Two weeks later when we returned the car, we were charged an extra $425. What?!!

We were told that I signed up for insurance. The lady at the counter did remember me, but before her manager she said that she asked me, "Do you want full insurance? When you said 'no' I asked if you at least wanted the minimum coverage to which you said, 'yes.' That is why you are charged." I denied that saying I said, "I don't need extra insurance since I have my own." The manager pulled up the contract, there it was, the charge for insurance at $27.95 per day, with my signature at the end (our copy of the contract was mistakenly tossed along our journey). I maintained I didn't ask for it.

The manager believed his employee, and because I signed the contract, all they could do was take off half the charge, so we were still charged $212 for something I didn't ask for and flat out rejected. No means no, but for them no means we'll charge you anyway. I would never use them again. I learned a lesson in assuming that even when you say no to their extras, you may still get what you say no to. Read the contract right then and there, even if you are in a hurry and you are holding up the people behind you and make sure they are not putting those extras into it anyway.

50% Extra Charge for Winter Tires Option at Munich AVIS Rental
By -

MUNICH -- We went for skiing holiday in 2011 Feb/12- Feb/19 in Austria. I used AVIS car rental in Munich airport (MUC) many times before so I booked a car at AVIS this time too for 250 EUR per week. Upon arrival, suddenly, I been asked by AVIS representative do I need winter tires? I never been asked about it before and I expected that car rented in winter season supposes to be equipped with winter tires. AVIS lady pushed on me by saying that driving the car without winter tires in Austria may case to penalty of few thousands EUR. I said OK to winter ties.

BUT. I was absolutely not OK when they showed me updated price for car rental! Initial 250 EUR became 370 EUR which is about 50% increase for option which actually has to be mandatory in winter. We asked a manager. The "manager" was a lady next to first AVIS representative doing the same job. Unfortunately much more rude, unhelpful and unreasonable!

She refused the fact AVIS Car booking wizard doesn't gave a possibility to choose the winter tires option. She just wanted to rip us off. We could not believe we should pay 25% of new winter tires price for using it just for 1 week. We complained about unreasonable high price and asked for discount or car upgrade. AVIS lady-manager said No and was very rude.

It was funny to see that AVIS treated next customer in exactly the same way. Gentleman has an Internet booking and first question AVIS asked him was "do you need winter tires". I couldn't avoid to give him a friendly warning that he will be charged extra 100+ EUR now. AVIS lady-manager started screaming on me so I am not allowed to speak with her customer. It was such a disgusting to see how AVIS rips off the people using the same trick. It is clear cheating! I am extremely disappointed by AVIS in Munich airport. I never expected such a low-quality service in Germany.

Avis RentACar and NY Highway Toll Administration Is a Thief Group
By -

NEW YORK -- I strongly advise everyone from using AVIS, as they are very unclear as to how much you will be charged for renting a car and to be very cautious of the Highway Toll Administration in NY for unexpected fees. I rented an AVIS car in upstate NY several months ago and was charged $59.45 for not paying the tollbooth fee to the Highway Toll Administration in NY. This charge is ridiculous considering the fact that you wouldn't even be able to drive past the tollbooth if you don't pay the fee upfront. I paid the tollbooth fee in cash (around $10-20) and never received a receipt for this.

Several months later, I noticed a charge on my credit card bill from the Highway Toll Administration charging me the $59.45 violation fee for not paying. I called to dispute this and was told I needed to provide proof of my receipt for them to remove the charge but as mentioned, I never got a receipt. I asked how it could possibly make sense I'd be charged for not paying when you clearly have to pay right in the moment to get past the gates but the customer service representative kept repeating ad nauseous I needed to show a receipt.

AVIS didn't do anything on my behalf to help, and I was very disappointed with the Highway Toll Administration in NY for charging me a violation fee for something I obviously paid for. Takeaway lesson? Try to use any other car-rental service other than AVIS and use a credit card or make sure to get a receipt from the Highway Toll Administration in NY so they can't cheat you.

I received my November VISA bill on 11-1-10 from Bank of America and noticed I was charged $59.45 in Avis RentACar Tolls on 10/03/10 in New York. I did rent a car from Avis once (at the Tompkins County Airport in Ithaca), but that was back in May 2010, so I wasn't sure what that charge referred to. My daughter called Avis on my behalf and she was told that this $59.45 charge was from the Highway Toll Administration in NY for not paying the toll from a tollbooth I passed while driving from Ithaca, NY to Buffalo, NY. However, I did pay the fee in cash (it was around $10-20) and did not get a receipt for this, so this charge stating that I didn't pay is false.

If I didn't pay the tollbooth fee, I wouldn't have been able to pass, so this violation charge doesn't make sense. The person my daughter spoke to at the Highway Toll Administration said that I needed to provide proof of my receipt for them to remove the $59.45 charge but as mentioned, I never got a receipt so I unfortunately cannot do so. I request that I get refunded this $59.45. As mentioned, I wouldn't have been able to pass if I hadn't paid so this charge makes absolutely no sense.

Avis- We don't try at all
By -

MORRISVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA -- Avis — I am a frequent business traveler and have dealt with rental car agents/companies for over 25 years. The vast majority of these interactions have been positive. I have rented from Hertz (#1 club), Budget, Avis, Alamo, National, Enterprise, Dollar, Thrifty and others.

Recently, I have had two experiences with AVIS that show a complete disregard for the customer and a willingness to cast the customer as an adversary. On two separate occasions, I have fulfilled the term of the rental agreement, returned the car on time and as agreed, and with a clean interior, keys and full tank of gas. AFTER a few days, penalty fuel charges have appeared on my credit card statement- either completely erroneous (not related to damage claims, etc.) or outright fraudulent which has required me to contact customer service repeatedly, fax receipts, letters, documents, etc. all in an effort get these charges removed.

Not only does it take time and expense to do this, but the attitude of customer service has been to cast me as an adversary rather than a partner. Not once has one agent apologized for my inconvenience, even though I have done nothing wrong. Customer service at AVIS has been atrocious. It is business 101 to take care of your customers, particularly business customers if you are a car rental agency. The poor customer service at AVIS is laughable given the other choices available to the business customer in this sector.

At this time, based on credit card charges made after the fact on more than one occasion, I cannot recommend AVIS. I have spoken to other businessmen who have reported problems with them as well. If you MUST use AVIS, keep a copy of your rental agreement, keep copies of all receipts, go to the counter after you check-in your car and get a counter receipt if you have time. I do all of this and can eventually get the problem resolved but if you don't, be prepared to be screwed by AVIS and the burden of proof will be on YOU. For the record I have had consistently good experiences with Hertz and National. I must recommend to AVOID AVIS at this time.

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