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Denies All Important Doctor Prescribed Recommendations
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Rating: 1/51

WEST PALM BEACH, FLORIDA -- Hello, I hope by writing this someone is able to benefit from my mistake of choosing AvMed as a health insurance provider. Within the year I signed up with them I suddenly had a shift in my health. Two problem arise. One was a mystery as to the cause and the other was a very obvious breast implant rupture. The costly medication to give me relief for the symptoms of my condition was denied repeatedly and finally took 3 months of appeals for AvMed to approve of. When they did approve it, the co-pay was actually priced higher than the medication itself and I still was sick and unable to afford the medication.

The breast implant rupture had all the signs of a rupture and most likely leaking silicone into my body which could have been causing symptoms from illness #1. After my doctor prescribed an MRI to confirm the rupture AvMed once again denied it stating I have no sign of "breast cancer"?? Almost as if they did not read the cause of my prescription at all but instead denied it with some lame excuse.

Both doctors I was dealing with were great and called AvMed on my behalf, at times staying on hold for 20 minutes at a time to try to appeal these. AvMed made it as difficult as possible and I still have no relief in sight until I am able to switch insurance companies. I cannot figure out what I am paying AvMed for if the time comes and your health needs looking into and they deny all claims??

Horrible Health Care
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Rating: 1/51

FLORIDA -- Right now my wife is in tremendous pain and AvMed says her doctor's order of a MRI is "under review". We have constantly had problems with them and can never get them on the phone. We are ready to go to the emergency room where we will get the MRI and cost them a whole lot of money. What a disgusting company.

Avmed is disingenuous
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FLORIDA -- We have AvMed Health through my husband's employer, so I don't have any choice. My husband's Ophthalmologist recommended cataract removal surgery for him. AvMed gave the Authorization on June 15th with date of service to be in July.

Imagine our surprise when we received notice from AvMed that the claim for the place of service was denied for lack of authorization. They paid the ophthalmologist and anesthesiologist but not the outpatient center. When we first called AvMed to see what was up, the first excuse was they never received claim. After they received proof of claim they then changed the story to the surgical center never had authorization. I have in my possession the letter of Authorization that lists the place of service, date of service and authorization number they still deny the claim.

At the same time period that they did this, they also denied a claim from my primary care physician for a follow-up which after complaining they then approved. AvMed appears to deny legitimate claims on a regular basis using lack of authorization as their excuse until you provide proof. It seems this may be a ploy hoping not to pay any claims. Beware and if you have any choice do not use AvMed Health Insurance. If you have to use them, make sure you do all the work for them and gather your own copies of authorizations. You will need them!

Won't Cover Prescriptions
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FLORIDA -- Due to a job change we have AvMed, I went to the pharmacy to renew a prescription for Aciphex and AvMed refused to cover it. They say I need a form filled out by the doctor. I have run out of the medicine and in pain. I called AvMed and asked for help and what I should do. They said I go to the ER. It is insane to not authorize a needed prescription, to contain costs, then recommend the ER which will be thousands of dollars. Likewise my condition is worsening which may in fact cost more. This company does not care about the health of clients, I recommend to stay away if you can.

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