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Avon Has No Customer Service
Posted by MBN on 05/30/2008
When returning products ordered online, you are instructed to send an email to dearavon at avon.com. This email address is a farce -- a reply is never received. Not even its CEO, Andrea Jung, replies to emails.

I finally mailed the product back. After 15+ years of being an Avon customer, their lack of concern for customers has prompted me to stop using its products.

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Posted by Anonymous on 2008-05-30:
Perhaps Avon needs to return to its roots? When their overpriced (IMHO) stuff was hawked by the neighbor ladies, purchasers knew whose doorbell to ring when there was a quality issue. (I remember 'Blue Blazer' cologne for boys...think roadkill with a urinal cake in its mouth.)
Posted by madconsumer on 2008-05-30:
avon is no longer what it was once.
Posted by woodsk1 on 2008-05-30:
have to agree- Had a tube of face cleaner break at the bottom while travelling. They wanted me to package the tube and mail it back to them before they woukld refund my 5.00 Did not order again.....
Posted by MyDogsMom on 2008-05-31:
You really should get an Avon lady. Yes....they are still around and speaking from personal experience, my Avon lady goes the extra mile for me. I get my order correctly in a timely manner all the time. She helps me find the products I need and even gives me freebies and samples all the time. Finding a rep is easy here: http://shop.avon.com/shop/find_a_rep.asp

I hope this helps.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-17:
In response to AlleyS they should refund your money if you have a complaint. You don't even understand the insane mark-up Avon applies to it's products. Avon should refund the money to the loyal customers based on there word. We are pushed to do whatever it takes to make our customers happy, why shouldn't it apply to the company that is pushing it on there represenatives. You want to see poor practices, become a rep.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-18:
In response to Sharihh...You need to send the product back for a refund.
Their customer's "word" yea right, that meant something years ago.
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-21:
to jktshff1, I stated to the LOYAL customers. the one's who have been customers of Avon's for a long time with a good track record... LOYAL. missed the key word there.
Posted by jktshff1 on 2008-12-21:
Maybe the Avon Rep (who knows and trusts their loyal customer) could reimburse them out of their pocket, and have Avon reimburse them when they return it, but I just can't see any retail company refunding anything without getting the product back first.
Loyal folks will stab ya in the back also.
Posted by treym on 2011-01-31:
"Their customer's "word" yea right, that meant something years ago"

Just like how Avon was a trusted company once upon a time. It goes both ways, Avon has lost its way and will lose customers based upon how they treat them.
Posted by Augustus2099 on 2011-03-09:
Blue blazer huh Wow If I want to smell like roadkill I would go roll in it.
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Posted by SherryHuff on 01/13/2010
For some reason I thought I might make a few extra bucks selling Avon, I have used Avon products in the past and thought it would be sweet to get a discount on the things I liked as well. I was supposed to get 50% commission on my first four orders, didn't happen. When I asked the lady who signed me up there was a blah! blah! blah! no real answer. Things quickly went downhill and on my last order, I received ZERO comission, I was charged FULL PRICE. Well, that was enough for me, I am too busy to mess with this for the very little or NO financial rewards. I could make more extra money selling blood! Well, I sent an email through my "website" stating that I had no desire to sell anymore. Then I started receiving statements at home saying that I owed THEM money, not much, like $23 and some change. Well, I began to actively pursue getting them to shut down my account and quit sending me bills that I did not owe. I got another bill, it was for a bigger balance due, what the heck? I tried to log-in to my account online to see what the bill was actually for, the mail I received showed o detail. I was locked out of my account because I had a balance due. I emailed customer service directly and was told I would have to send an email through my website, I emailed that I could not because I was locked out, DUH! It took me almost two months to get a "detailed" bill to show what I owed (which, by the way, my account had a ZERO balance when I paid for my last order!). There were charges on there for stuff like "monthly efee" "late charge" and other made up stuff!
Now I am getting calls from a collection agency on a $46 made up charge! I told them that I was in contact with Avon directly and then they called again anyway and when I informed THEM that my number was registered on the DO NOT CALL registry, the person kept threatening me and asking why I was "running away" from this debt. Geez! It's $46! It is the PRINCIPAL of the matter, I do NOT OWE THEM, THEY RIPPED ME OFF and now they want MORE.
I went online and paid over half of the debt just to try and make it go away, we will see if Avon will write the remaining $20 off or add more charges and hound me forever over something I do not owe. I am very close to filing a complaint with the FTC on these theives!
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Posted by bunnyhead on 2010-01-13:
I sold Avon for quite awhile (mainly to get a discount on things that I liked) and I never had any problems with my orders. I definitely made 50% commission on my 1st 4 orders and my bills were always in the box with each order. The bill is really easy to read and it shows everything that you owe.
Posted by csjung64 on 2010-02-15:
I have suffered the FALL OUT of AVON too. They have terrible customer service, my district manager is all hype and no help. I have been double billed. Have been ran around in circles and ended up paying $220.00 for returned product and they kept what I paid for twice......AVON reps beware, customers......stop buying their low end products! Would you work for a COMPANY that steals from YOU? There is no money in selling AVON unless you recruit a lot of people, and sell a ton of product.
Posted by DON'TBEASUCKER!! on 2010-06-16:
I agree!! Avon, is all about hype, they will make you run around in circles.The person who signed u up and took your 10.00, to get u started will call u and check on you to see if you're doing o.k, and attend to sales meetings. But they will charge you fees and that's why I stop selling and their customer service is a BIG JOKE!!!!
Posted by EJP on 2011-10-16:
I was a very successful Avon rep getting to Honor Society (2008) and Rose Circle (2009). However, I had to return a lot of product, over a period of a few weeks, which I did, at my expense, and was never credited for it, despite phone calls, e-mails and lettters to Avon over a period of 9 months. Avon kept telling me they had not received the products back. However, I had proof from UPS, who actually tracked every package I had returned, and there it was in blasck and white, Avon had received everything I had returned. Then I had orders on hold, the DM managed to sort out that, until she got fired. After that Avon closed down my website, and then the fun started. The collection agency started to hound me, and I put it in the hands of an attorney, we have all the evidence and are now awaiting a court date. I told the collection agency to contact Avon, as why would I be hiring an attorney at considerably more cost than I am alleged to owe Avon. The letters and calls from them have stopped. My advice is do not deal with Avon, they prey on people who want to and need to make a little extra money and make them a whole lot of promises of great opportunities. The fees they charge for the e-rep website are astronomical at $7.50 per campaign. (Mary Kay charge $29.95 per year) Unless you are selling a huge amount of product you will not make any money from Avon, I did make money but in the end it is too much hassle trying to deal with their 'customer service' and trying to explain to them when errors have been made. I am awaiting the outcome of the court proceedings. All they are is an MLM, although they pretend not to be. Steer clear of Avon altogether.
Posted by msjones on 2013-06-16:
I sell Avon and I make money off it and I get discounts all u have to do is talk to a representative to return Ur order
Posted by msjones on 2013-06-16:
They no longer have that fee
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Big Color Eye Color Pencil
Posted by Caleggs on 03/15/2009
TORRANCE, CALIFORNIA -- I purchased an AVON BIG COLOR eye color pencil a few weeks ago and the sharpener I already had does not accommodate it. This last campaign AVON had the pencils & sharpener on sale so I ordered 2 more pencils plus the sharpener thinking they must have come out w/ a new sharpener that accommodates the BIG COLOR pencil. The problem is, this is the same sharpener I already have and the the BIG COLOR eye pencil is too BIG for it. Why would AVON sell a pencil & sharpener that don't accommodate each other?

Now I have 3 BIG COLOR eye pencils that I can't sharpen. Anyone else come across this problem?
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Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-15:
I don't use Avon, but I've had the same problem with some eye pencils. The solution I found was a "jumbo" pencil sharpener for regular pencils. I bought in the school supplies section of a drugstore for a couple of dollars and it worked like a charm. It might work...
Posted by jktshff1 on 2009-03-15:
Ya got a pocket knife?
Posted by Anonymous on 2009-03-16:
financiallyfit---best answer! I do the exact same thing. Less expensive and works like a charm.
Posted by Cristy on 2013-03-27:
If you have the 3 in 1 sharpener, there is an incert in it that you can take out to make it bigger. I think it's the medium size that you take out, under it is the large size and it fits well.
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Avon Sucks!
Posted by Laurab on 04/27/2008
This is what you will find with AVON - unprofessional business ethics, lack of Business ethics no return of emails when there is a problem, the head office tells you to deal with their irresponsible reps.

The items are of dollar store quality. They keep adding fees and don't respond to you. Don't get in their trap!

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Posted by tander on 2008-04-27:
Ding Dong..Avon calling, we used to say that when we were younger kids :)
Posted by Anonymous on 2008-12-17:
I agree with you that Avon is fastly falling when it comes to customer service, they even treat there representative badly, we are terminated over 1 complained filed to the company. The best advice I have to just avoid Avon. Eventually they will bite you.
Posted by Sam on 2013-10-16:
Used to be an Avon rep and I had very little customers even though I lived in a big town and a small one.Other women had already established themselves,I had no luck at all.In addition they just changed the way they pay their reps now you have to sell a certain amount to make any money! It's really hard and they suck you into it like there is a future for you,while everyone and their Mom already has an Avon business right next to you! Their products generally are awful you are better off going to the grocery store...
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Just the facts, Ma'am
Posted by Robin2011 on 01/19/2011
I am seeking some honest information about Avon's policy of credit vs. no-credit status. I have been given some conflicting information and I am reaching out to others who have sold avon, sell avon or are in leadership that can assist me at this time.

I am a very observant person and pay attention to what is going on with my business, which includes my account with Avon. I failed to notice a carbon copy paper that was sent with my orders every two weeks until one day I actually noticed. This particular piece of paper was to be used if I returned any items to Avon. I racked my brain thinking as to why these have been coming and for how long.

Apparently, my account was put on a no-credit status. Again, I didn't read every fine detail in my invoices. I learned my lesson there. I have always paid my bill and was never late on a payment. So, my account was up to date with a zero balance before the next order was to be submitted. I was baffled but knew there must be some logical reason for this and so I started to inquire.

I sent the following email to my District Manager.

SUBJECT: Credit Status Limbo-irium

Hi Name,

I have inquired with Avon with regards to my no credit status.
I was informed that Avon Inc has no hand in regulating the change in status.
They did, however, inform me that I had to talk to my DM.
So, I am here asking why did I lose my credit status with Avon?
What are the necessary steps to take in obtaining my credit status back?

For the record, I have never paid late.
My account is current with no outstanding balance nor has it ever been in the 17 months I have been an active representative.

Thank you for taking the time to look into this issue.
I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.
My Name

This email was sent on January 16th, 2011.

I told my enroll agent (an interesting term I found while researching issues with Avon that had a different appeal to it so I am going to use it through this particular post) about my contact via email to DM. Though I had asked about this issue before with my enroll agent, it was somehow not addressed or never shared with me. I understand how life can get busy and it was prior to the holiday's gearing up in full force. Either way, I noticed each and every campaign I was still at a no credit status. Hmm.

I actually phoned Avon to ask about how to get my credit status back. I was informed and I quote, "You need to talk to your District Manager about this because Avon has nothing to do with it." Seriously, this made no sense to me at all. Avon is big company, they are 125 years old and counting and I had a hard time digesting that a District Manager would determine a Representative's credit status.

It's time to use some common sense even though it's not too common now days.

On January 17th 2011, I email Avon directly the following:

Dear Avon Corporation,

I have been on Non credit status for well over 6 months to date. What I
am requesting at this time is a thorough explaination of how credit
status and non credit status works. What I have been told isn't
satisfying my common sense meter. If you can copy and/or forward the
policy and procedure for the above mentioned, I would greatly
apprectiate your time and effort in helping me to understand what isn't
easily understandable.

Thank you.
Ny name.

I received an email from Avon the next day. I was very impressed with their expedient response and very grateful. Here is the respone I was given.

Hello Avon Representative,

I've received your request to know the Policy and Procedure for how the
credit works. My name is Avon Customer care name., and I'm happy to assist you.

Robin, please know that Instant Credit is a privilege given to all
Representatives when they are appointed. Representatives may lose this
privilege, and be placed on ?No Instant Credit,? if their return rate
consistently exceeds the normal return rate in the District.
Representatives removed from Instant Credit will have the opportunity to
regain that privilege by consistently displaying their ability to
operate their business within the expected return levels. Once a
Representative?s account has been placed on No Instant Credit, the
account must remain NIC until the Return Rate dramatically decreases.
This process is reviewed each Campaign and ?warning letters? and
notification of removal from instant credit are sent from the Branch.
In extreme situations, Avon may decide to remove the Representative from
?active? status if their returns warrant it.

Thank you for being a valued Representative. It has been my pleasure to
help you. I look forward to assisting you in the future.


Name withheld to abide by rules.
Avon Email Customer Care

I have some questions for anyone who has a legitimate answer or experienced something simliar with results that can be backed up with consistency. The reason I asked this specifically is because I was getting different answers along the way. If this truly is policy (which I'm still trying to make a little sense with) then why are the answers different depending on who you talk to?

On January 18th 2011 I received a call from my enroll agent to tell me that the District Manager just called her to tell her that my instant credit was reinstated. Not a bad turn around in 48 hours so I did wonder why? I was never told why just that it was reinstated. It appears as though my email will go unanswered and the District Manager is not going to deal with me directly. Is that your experience where you deal directly with your enroll agent only and not with the District Manager even though I opened the door with an email? Well, it was mine this time. It struck me odd considering I took it upon myself to email her directly and yet I get an indirect response from my enroll agent who never told me she emailed her but talked to her about it that night at the meeting. What has your experience been? I'm here to learn.

Here are my questions that I seek answers from with anyone who has the information and experience.

I need to go back and look through all my invoices to see how many times I returned product and I will do this soon. My memory is telling me 4 or less. Now bare in mind that this was within a year's time because my last return was on June 21st, 2010 for the Sharper Image MP4 player which was clearly a defective product or the one I received was defective.

Avon stated, "No Instant Credit,? if their return rate consistently exceeds the normal return rate in the District." Question: When a customer orders a product and is not satisfied with it be it too small, wrong color, etc and Avon offers a 100% money back guarantee, then why is the Representative penalize for honoring their guarantee? If a customer ordered directly from Avon and had, to be exact, 4 returns in a 12 month period, would that customer be penalized as well or is that act of kindness only offered to the Representative? I'm reaching hard to find a balance here between Representative, Customer and expressed guarantee. A Representative can't force a customer to keep a product if they don't like it, and if the Rep can't sell it, use it or don't want it, then sending it back would make sense, right? I am not one to keep a product that I can't use it so count me out as a frontloading Queen. I will not have my money tied up in inventory that sits in my house.

Avon states, "Representatives removed from Instant Credit will have the opportunity to regain that privilege by consistently displaying their ability to operate their business within the expected return levels" Again, I can't force a customer to keep a product and this is a very unfair practice that Avon is implementing and penalizing the Rep for utilizing. In their own words, "100% money back guarantee" so I wonder if that's just extended to the customer? Anyone have some facts or proof?

Avon states, "Once a Representative?s account has been placed on No Instant Credit, the
account must remain NIC until the Return Rate dramatically decreases." Can anyone answer for me then what a Representative is suppose to do with the items ordered by a customer who rightfully utilizes the 100% money back guarantee? Does anyone know why Avon asks why these products are being returned when it apparently is given no weight in the decision to enforce non credit status?

Avon states, "This process is reviewed each Campaign and ?warning letters? and notification of removal from instant credit are sent from the Branch." This is in total contradiction to what I was told. First I'm told from Avon when calling them that I need to contact my district manager (which I did) because Avon plays no role in regulating credit status. Then last night I am told from my enroll agent that the district manager told her that she has nothing to do with a reps credit status. Does anyone know the truth here?

Avon states, "In extreme situations, Avon may decide to remove the Representative from
?active? status if their returns warrant it." Independent Avon Representatives then need to be wary of consistent large orders because they might lose their business with Avon if those products aren't sold? And am I understanding that statement correctly that if there's too many returns, even though I am paying for the return postage, then my business is at risk each and every campaign pending the volume? What planet did I just land on to see any justice in this system. Does anyone have insight they can share and especially inside information plus personal experience to make sense of this?

My aim is to find the truth and to see if any of this can make sense because right now it doesn't. With all the conflicting information, it really does make a person think what is legit and what isn't. If this is indeed policy, then why, depending on who you ask, the answer is different. Is there such a thing as obtaining in hard copy such as a Policies and Proceedure manual that states the above which came directly from Avon?

I did ask if they could transfer me to the credit department and they said they have no way to transfer me. So I then ask if there is a direct line I can call to talk to the credit department directly so this issue can be resolved. There is no direct line for the representatives to contact the credit department.

The email that I received from Avon appears scripted due to the symbols put in various words. I am not sure if this is, and I'm only asking, a cut and paste response but I was highly disappointed with the the lack of professionalism. Anyone have some insight?
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Posted by avonjenn on 2011-09-21:
Robin -- I am almost 6 months into Avon, and have not had credit from day 1. I assumed this was due to my signing up years ago and never selling after I got a full time job. I found out after asking that I had no credit due to my address verification issues. Once I changed my address to match what their identity database shows as current, then they emailed in response to my credit inquiry that I have no credit because of my return rate. Now I'm really confused as I have returned a total of 2 items in 6 months! One item was refused by my customer due to a clothing size issue, and the other was an Avon fulfillment screw up. I'm really scratching my head now...guess I'll try the "upline" one more time to see if they can intervene. Otherwise, so long to this headache!!!
Posted by Lisa on 2012-03-01:
I currently have issues from being reappointed from 2010. I quit 2 months into selling because my Leadership Rep. was first holding my orders based on the Districts sales goals. Then she begam accessing my account and putting items into my orders I personally did not order. One item was a bundle which would have cost me $80 if I didn't return. Then because they made me inactive immediatley prior to me paying my last order I couldn't access my online account and Avon had to bill me and I paid late and had over $30 in late fees. Being reappointed I have found I also an NIC but I'm getting this straightened out. None sure which one would have put me as NIC.
I don't really think it has anything to do with the # of times u return it has to do with the $$$ amount. Either way NONE of it makes sense with a 100% money back guarentee.
Posted by beckie on 2012-10-02:
No instant credit has to do with the ratio of SALES VS RETURNS............if your rate of returns (which are definately allowed) are high, your account will be put on No instant credit which ONLY means you must return products before you get the credit for them..........a policy that MOST all other companies already have in place. If you are new or have had credit issues in the past a credit LIMIT is accessed for you and that increases as you proceed to sell. It IS a business and they do have guidelines, you have to get all the facts.
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Avon, nothing more then a pyramid scheme, check it out
Posted by Opalnpearl on 01/08/2010
I have tried to sell avon for 2 years, my taxes show I have been in the red for 2 years, I gave it all I had.

Avon managers could sell swamp land in Florida, but they need to disclose the truth on the amount of money to be made!!! You may sell enough avon to make 20%, but by the time you buy your book, bags, samples, and demos, you owe the company.

The way avon is set up, they never have to pay payroll tax either!!!

Customer service even for the reps is in India, you can't understand a word they say.

I vote to boycott avon, ASAP, before any more women are sucked in.

Lets get someone to look into this procedure of so called selling????

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Posted by Starlord on 2010-01-09:
OP is singing sour grapes. I have known several women who made a nice income selling Avon. States that managers could sell swamp land. Has she stopped to consider that maybe sales is not her forte? Not everybody is cut out fro sales. I sold books and pots and pans when I was very much younger, and my manager always had a $100 bill pinned to the inside of the vest of his 3 piece suit. I did okay, but so much of it involved lying to people I left after a year or so. If you can't sell, don't blame the managers. Oh, and the reason they don't pay payroll taxes is because you are not employed by Avon, you are an independent contractor. Buck up and take responsibility for yourself.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
There are direct sales people who make lots and some who make beans. I make carrots at Party Lite. Just because YOU couldn't make it work doesn't mean it is a scheme. You get what you put in.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
I have tried Avon, Mary Kay, Partylite, Tupperware and pampered Chef. The all work on the same basic premise, yes. The more people you have under you, the more you make.

However, based on my numbers alone, I made the most with Mary Kay. That venture also took the most time, effort, tracking, etc on my part.

They all disclose everything up front, too. I agree with Lady. You get what you put in. Sure it depends on how saturated the market is in your area, whether you choose to sell on ebay (most of these companies forbid this, but folks do it anyway_, etc. Ultimately, its up to you how much you make.
Posted by madconsumer on 2010-01-09:
ALL avon reps are self employeed. your self is responisible for all taxes due. books and demos items can be declared as business expenses.
Posted by Anonymous on 2010-01-09:
Avon a pyramid scheme? Hardly. I know a couple of ladies that make quite a living off of being an Avon lady. It's not for everyone. I've also happened to know other people that have failed miserably at being an Avon lady. It all depends on where you live, who you know, and what type of skill you have in being able to sell products. If, OP, you're not making any sales take a look at yourself, not at the company.
Posted by laklisa on 2010-02-11:
I don't know how much my cousin makes from selling Avon, but I know she has good support between me, my mom and her mom!
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Avon rips Representatives off
Posted by Nea1234 on 03/25/2010
After seeing the commercials for Avon I decided to give it a try to earn extra money. Less than months I quit, Avon pays reps 40% of the total earning minus Avon fees. Avon charges an order processing fee, an order processing charge, and other fees that apply, not to mention sell tax. Also, we have to pay for campaign booklets, bags (if needed) and other items. I decided to leave it along when I submitted an order one week and the following week I submitted 2 more order not quit a day apart. When I receive my order and bill I was charge for a multiple order processing fee of an extra $14 plus the other fees Avon charges. Also, Avon only wanted to pay me 20% of the total earning for the order. I didn't think this was fair because Avon receive 60-80+ percent of representatives earning.
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Posted by Alain on 2010-03-26:
Looks similar to a complaint on 3/21. You quit and that's a good thing since you and Avon weren't going to get along.
Posted by DON'TBEASUCKER!! on 2010-06-16:
good for u now u see what Avon is all about!!!!
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AVON rips off Representatives
Posted by Gigglgurl on 03/21/2010
I am a representative with Avon and I placed an order in campaign C-21 in 2009 and shortly after one of my customers called and asked to cancel her order. I called Avon and asked for help in doing this and the woman on the phone told me I couldn’t just cancel one portion of the order but would need to cancel the entire order and then re-order the parts of the order I wanted to keep. She did this for me on the phone and then we placed the parts of the order I wanted with her assurance it was all taken care of. The following week I received 5 boxes on my door step in which not only were the items shipped that I had asked to cancel but everything I wanted to keep was double. I called Avon and explained the situation to a woman in India who told me she would take off all of the products that were shipped by mistake. So one by one we went through all of the products. I indicated to her that I didn’t feel it was fair for me to pay to ship this all back since it was not my mistake, she agreed and said that if Avon wanted the products back they would contact me to let me know how to get them back to you at no charge to me. I heard nothing. The boxes sat in my house for months and I finally had enough and gave most of the products away. A few weeks ago I received a letter in the mail stating I owed Avon $240 for the products that had been sent to me by mistake. Within days of that I received a letter from a collection agency. Previous to that there was no bill, no contact at all. I called customer service and was told I had to send them back. I explained the situation and was told that I “should have” sent them back and Avon would have reimbursed me the cost of shipping. Had I have been told that in the beginning that would have been done, but I wasn’t. I asked to speak to a supervisor and retold the story again and got the same answer. I then called the customer service number in NY and sat on hold for over an hour with no answer. I then sent a letter to the CEO Andrea Jung with no response. I then called her office and was treated very rudely by someone in customer service there and was told I could not speak to anyone else to try to rectify the situation. I am amazed at a company who stated they are all about helping women would treat people this way. Shame on AVON, they will not see a dime from me.

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Posted by Venice09 on 2010-03-21:
I realize this won't help you now, but you really should have contacted Avon again before getting rid of the products. I would have held on to them forever, or at least until it was resolved. You're at their mercy now.

For the record though, I've seen enough complaints from Avon reps to give me the impression that the company is not as friendly as they want you to think they are.
Posted by andbran on 2010-03-22:
i think you should have just sent the stuff back even at your expense
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Selling Avon
Posted by Iloveavon on 09/18/2010
If only the general public knew just how much Avon Products Inc. truly cares about the Representatives and their customers, they would be amazed.

Just find another company/store who will give credit for items that they ordered in error, customer changed their mind, wrong size ordered etc...who will give INSTANT credit on the item as far back as 12 months, with no questions asked, AND then allow 3 1/2 months to allow the Representative to return the item!!

As stated in prior review by: ibunique on 9/5/2010, Avon is a business! Representatives are 'business owners'. No matter what type of business you own, it takes much dedication and hard work to be sucessful.

They are not employees of Avon, and the Customer Service Specialists go through intensive training for 8 weeks before being allowed to serve the Representatives.

Avon supports so many charities and public awareness groups. Several examples of these are: Breast Cancer, Domestic Violence, our proud Service Men and Women of the Armed Forces.

I find it so very sad that the critics of Avon Products, fail to recognize the hard work and dedication of Avon and their Customer Service.

The next time you try to get a refund for a purchase from any other company (such as Wal-Mart, etc.) that you purchased 9 months ago, with no receipt, just remember some of the above information.
The Customer Service specialist work sometimes 10-12 hours per day. Especially during Holiday Season. They work hard to satisfy each and every call they take.
Those people are well aware that Representatives deserve World Class Service, and do everything within their power to provide it.
Problem is, "you just can't make everyone happy all of the time". And, of course, there are just some people that no matter what you do, NOTHING would ever satisfy them anyway.
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Posted by jktshff1 on 2010-09-18:
Good review.
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It's a Business
Posted by Ibunique on 09/05/2010
I understand why people may feel they are being ripped off by Avon but folks wake up. This is a business. There are expenses involved. Try having yourself as self employed in other fields and you will quickly realize that it is not easy. If you are not willing to keep your books properly and treat Avon as a biz then you will be disappointed. Don't expect to just "sell" with out having costs. Way what you want to do. See if you really want to be self-employeed and if you have the motivation to deal with it. If not, don't do it. If you want to try it keep your records. That simple. Don't blame a company for your own shortcomings. Not a single biz out there is perfect. You will not be handed your income free and clear. This does involve WORK so be prepared to do that. Not only in the "Hi how are you" aspect but in the bookkeeping area as well. Good Luck
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Posted by Anonymous on 2010-09-06:
I agree. I was a MK consultant and I know that to be succesful at this kind of business you have to plan your work and work your plan, alot of people don't seem to understand that and badmouth the companies when they end up investing more into it than they get back out of it. Gotta put some hustle in the bustle. 40% is the norm for profit, while putting 50% back into ordering product, and setting 10% aside to cover books, taxes, shipping and other incidentals. Doesn't take a business or accounting major to figure that out to be sure.
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