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Avon Products
1345 Avenue of Americas
New York, NY 10105
212-282-5000 (ph)
212-282-6049 (fax)
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Avon Is Not Arrogant
By -

OHIO -- I have to laugh in amazement at the reviews these folks give. I work for Avon customer service and I feel like Avon goes above and beyond for their reps and customers. Believe me, I know. I talk to rep's 10 hours a day, working to resolve their problems. It is all about rep's and customers for Avon - and they make sure we have treat those folks with the utmost respect and fairness.

Avon Defenders, I Have A Challenge For You

HIBBING, MINNESOTA -- I dare each and every one of you to find a way to contact Avon above regular customer service. I also would love to hear about all of you whom did receive free gas cards, and other perks Avon so proudly advertise, the spectacular Atlantis vacation. How did you get them? These are for the life long sellers, the top sellers, president club members, not for the average representative, when I say top, I mean the TOP.

If you cannot resolve issue or get a call back from Avon, where is the alternative? How do you get into contact with them? Also if you're looking for help from the Office of the President call 866-253-2866 ask for **. She claims to be the top of the chain when it comes to Avon, is she really? Absolutely not. But they do have the power, from Avon to pretend that they are.

Avon practices and deceptions have hit a new high. Please really research before you dive into that fabulous job that you can never lose. FYI they will jerk it away as easily as it was for you to get it. $10 start up fee... huge joke. You can expect to invest an additional $50-$70 into packaging, samples, catalogs, and sales material.

Avon Has No Customer Service
By -

When returning products ordered online, you are instructed to send an email to dearavon at avon.com. This email address is a farce - a reply is never received. Not even its CEO, Andrea Jung, replies to emails. I finally mailed the product back. After 15+ years of being an Avon customer, their lack of concern for customers has prompted me to stop using its products.

Avon Sucks!
By -

This is what you will find with AVON - unprofessional business ethics, lack of Business ethics no return of emails when there is a problem, the head office tells you to deal with their irresponsible reps. The items are of dollar store quality. They keep adding fees and don't respond to you. Don't get in their trap!

Poor / Non-existent Customer Service
By -

I have ordered from Avon for years without a problem and I like their products. My last order was to be mailed to my APO address. For some reason the Avon website wouldn't recognize my zip and I kept getting error message saying to correct it but it would NOT accept my correct zip. They suggested an alternate zip which was close so I figured with the Company name, Unit number, etc, my package would get to me. When I saw the confirmation the only "address" they had used was my name and the incorrect zip. THAT'S ALL! I immediately sent an email to customer service.

Two days later I received a reply that the order had been shipped. I replied there was no way that order would reach me the way it was addressed and what could we do about the problem. I received no answer. I wrote again several times and still have not received a reply. The order was for approx $200. And I wanted the products or I wouldn't have ordered them in the first place. If you want to do business with a company that has a customer service dept that will really help you, don't bother with Avon.

Products in catalog that has been discontinued
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- For many years in the past, I was a faithful buyer of Avon products. I had not purchased anything for approximately five years. Three weeks ago a co-worker of my sister's sent two Avon catalogs, Campaign 16 & 18. I ordered some slippers that were to be a part of a birthday gift, this weekend. I was assured that I would have the products about ten days ago.

Yesterday I received all of the other stuff I had ordered, except the three I wanted the most. I was told, by the Avon Rep that they were discontinued.
What I want to know is why on earth they were put in the new catalog, and why it took so darned long for for me to be told thus.

Now I have to go shopping in a department store to find the slippers, as they complete the rest of the gift. I hate department stores!

I guess it would be another few years before I shop with another Avon rep.

The Most Comfortable Shoes I Have Ever Worn!
By -

I just purchased a pair of suede loafers (women's) from Avon, and they are dreamy! This is the first time that I have ever ordered shoes without trying them on first, so I took a risk, and won! They are true to size, and super comfy. I want to order another pair to wear as slippers! Another great thing is that their products are returnable if for any reason I do not like what I purchase from Avon. You have to try their loafers, they are the best! And only $19.99.

Picaridin rash
By -

I used this product on my 8 year old daughter and she now has a rash all over her body. It is pink, bumpy, massive and itches. The product is supposed to be safe but then it says to wash off as soon as you can.

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