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Really a great company to deal with
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LACEY, WASHINGTON -- We noticed the sign for AYCH Electronics one day, while leaving my doctor's office. We stopped in to meet the people and get a feel for the operation. We were greeted and spent some time with the owner of the company, and asked about working with us in the event that we needed work done on our PCs. We came away with a good feeling and liked all the staff members we met. My wife's PC went on the fritz recently, and we took it in to AYCH. hey cleaned the PC of all the Arizona dust and ran a diagnostic on it. They did not charge us, as there was nothing found, and the problem appears to have been from the dust. The night before last, her PC went down, and just kept rebooting, over and over. We took it in and the owner ended up calling Microsoft. He found that 250,000 other PCs have he same problem. Do not download Service Pack 3! Service Pack 2 is all you will ever need, and if you download SP3, it will mess up your PC. Again, we were not charged. I was loaned a roll-up keyboard, and I like it.

We gave them a PC that had been built for me, and we found that we were gypped by the original company. They put what amounts to a laptop in a desktop case and charged us $700 for it. AYCH stated that it should not have cost more than $300. AYCH is the only company now that will handle our PCs, and hopefully, I can get a good unit built up for me.
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Anonymous on 01/23/2009:
Good review. Just a note, Starlord. "Gypped" is a slur on gypsies, as offensive saying 'Jewed'or 'ni**er-rig'. No, I'm not going all PC on you. Just mentioning it because every time someone uses 'rape' in the absence of a physical violation here, it gets ripped.
Starlord on 01/23/2009:
I appreciate the input, Ghost, but the word is just one I have always heard and used for being purposley cheated in any kind of transaction. I certainly mean no offense to anyone, but I have never found any other word or group of words that conveys the sense of totally being cheated intentionally as well as that one crisp, concise word.
Anonymous on 01/23/2009:
No worries, milord. SCA and Renfaire folk are among the most tolerant I've ever met.
bargod on 01/23/2009:
They sound like a great company.
Starlord on 01/23/2009:
Milord Ghost, us SCAdians salute you. Thank you bar, Jack and his crew are top-notch.
cherpep on 01/23/2009:
According to Merriam-Webster, gyp is listed as having a definition of cheat, swindle, fraud. In my version, no reference to gypsy is made. It does not list the word as slang. It may be the word origin, but even if the origin is 'gypsy', don't you think it has distanced itself from the origin to make it acceptable without offending? This is actually the first I've ever heard it being associated with gypsies.

"jewed" is not found in the dictionary.
anonymous on 10/23/2012:
I would steer clear from this company. They are crooks. I bought a computer that they said was new, but it was used. Jack ripped me off. STAY AWAY!
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