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Same Old Story
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I am thankful for this site. Thanks to reviews I just read, I have decided not to purchase a $30,000 vehicle at this business. Several years ago, I purchased a $35,000 vehicle and the service department was a nightmare then. They would have you make an appointment three weeks in advance, then let your vehicle sit on the lot for days before even looking at it. They would allow you to rent a vehicle for the going rate at your expense while they worked on your car. Then, often a week or more later, they'd inform you that your care needed parts and they would need another one to two weeks. This happened 6 times in 2 years. Thinking that things surely had gotten better in 10 years, I looked at a seemingly great vehicle today and almost bought with the assurances of the very nice sales staff and the management team that the service department is now top notch.

Apparently, I made a narrow escape. Since this has gone on for years, it must be sanctioned by Chevrolet. It would seem that will all the problems they have, they would crack down on their dealers. Could this be why they have such problems? Oh well, other companies sell very similar vehicles and have much better reputations service wise. Thanks my3cents!
Poor Service
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LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY -- I purchased a 2010 Chevy Colorado from Bachman Auto Group. The doors would not shut good and I was told just bring it in and it will be fixed. Wrong, when I brought it in the service dept said there was nothing they could do. We tried another truck and it was the same.

Be careful of this dealer and the 2010 Colorado, unless you don't mine slamming the door ever time you get in.
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