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Live Animal Flipper
Posted by on
BUYERS BEWARE! This "company" is not what it appears to be. This is a guy in CA with a fancy website selling live reptile sthat he doesn't have, has ever had or will ever have. He is a middleman having real reptile wholesalers in FL ship for him. He never sees what he sells, but he makes claims about how he will stand behind his, I mean someone else's animals. Drop shipping people's pets is just plain stupid. When I asked about getting a picture of a reptile I wanted I was told NO, and he said that no company would offer that service. I fould that to be a lie as well. Only companies that are fake and lie about stocking animals themselves have no way to take pictures. I found two companies right away that helped me out. Also the company he uses to send out his orders has been busted numorous times and the owner is famous for be a smuggler. There is even a book on about this guy being a crimial. I would avoid this company at all costs. Don't be fooled by his stolen pictures, fancy website, or claims of how he guarnatees everything. How can he? The place he orders from doesn't even stand behind their products. Also this kid has been telling everyone (and posting) that he has been around for 18 years. Truth is his website is less than 60 days old and there is NO RECORD of his joker registering a business in the State of CA. Another thing people should notice, he has no phone number or address posted. What kind of a company doesn't have a phone? Again, be careful before buying a live animal from some fly by night website.
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User Replies:
Starlord on 09/30/2011:
I agree, not having a phone number or mailing address is a huge red flag. Do you know what city he works from? If so, you can contact the city or county authorities and report unl;icensed and fraudulent business activities. California prohibits many types of animals as pets in the state, and I am sure they would be very interested.
saabswede85 on 10/07/2011:
I've ordered from Backwater two times, have spoken with the owner, and can see they are a registered CA business with a great online reputation. Not sure what this grammatically-challenged guy is talking about, but I've had great experiences with them.
jennybell123448 on 10/26/2011: There you go! Proof this company is a complete scam ran by a liar and a fraud. All of the GREAT online crap you read was posted by Sam of Backwater Reptiles on his own websites. He owns and Truth is this is a kid trying to pretend to be a reptile dealer. Nice website, but its all just for show. He has real companies ship for him. So "Sasbswede85" I would go back and track your packages. They were shipped from south Florida, of course. If not, post the tracking numbers because after reading how Sam likes to create fake accounts and lie, I think Saabswede85 is Backwater. Maybe not, but either way it changes nothing! BACKWATER REPTILES IS OWNED BY A LIAR! Sam also goes by the username "Crevalle". You can read all about this company here:
jennybell123448 on 11/25/2011:
jennybell123448 on 11/25/2011:
Hey SASBSWESE85...Where is that tracking number? I see this same user name being used all over the place defending Backwater. At least now we know you are really Sam of Backwater Reptiles once again using fake accounts to lie. Why not reply as the business owner you putz?
Marty on 06/30/2012:
I ordered an African Fat Tail from this company. It arrived "alive" as he said it would. It was not well and lived two days after I got it. He wouldn't respond to emails and with no phone, go figure, I called the credit card co. and stopped payment. Then I was called a fraud by this little dip. Do all animals a favor and do not do business with this idiot.
tony on 08/01/2012:
address is here...

Fax: (512) 646-3194
4684 Rolling Oaks Dr, Granite Bay, CA 95746
Mike on 08/15/2012:
Funny how I google map it, and it was a house in cali. that proves everybody right about him. I was going to buy from him, but after all the reviews. NO WAY
logan on 08/22/2012:
even if he is a middle man I found what I ordered prety highquality for the price the cuban tree frog was huge and the agama was bigger than I thought it won't even fit in the logs I bought him
Marty on 09/28/2012:
Don't be fooled. This guy is a sniveling douche. He got really bent out of shape when after not returning emails I contacted the credit card company and stopped his payment. I was sent via plastic cup the most unhealthly African Fat tail I have ever seen. It died within a day.
DRHK on 10/06/2012:
We dealt with this guy on two transactions. The second time we dealt with him, we ordered a Jacksons chameleon, and it died within 24 hours. He sent a replacement, which also died within 24 hours, but he would not deal with us any further. His "customer service" was horrible, and he called my husband a few names on the phone.

A few days ago we received two letters and a few phone calls from a debt collector, claiming that we never paid this clown, which was simply not true. It was easy enough to go online and get all the info off of my Paypal account. We're trying to decide if there is some way we can go after him for falsely accusing us of not paying him. Maybe he just hoped we'd send some money?? A debt collector? C'mon! We hadn't heard a single word from him that we "owed" him money, he just unleashed the hounds, nice. Spread the word to stay far away from this guy.
Matt Ellison on 08/01/2013:
This is just a kid living with his mommy in CA. Everyone is right, my iguana came from Hollywood, FL. Called FedEx to confirm the sender. It was Strictly Reptiles, as in the one that is owned by a convicted felon for smuggling reptiles. There is even a book about this guy. Sam is a phony kid. My iguana died after 3 days. My weather was 82 degrees but it had a 110 degree heat pack added. Poor iguana was baked in the box. Disgusting business model that has other companies ship live animals for him. LLL and Florida Herps are the only REAL large reptile dealers that sell to the public.
Andrew Jonathan on 10/02/2013:
I had never bought ANYTHING from Backwater Reptiles. Thank You for the info that Backwater Reptiles is a liar !!
RICK on 02/09/2014:
I have 7, yes 7 frozen (dead) hatchling turtles from this place. For the life of me I couldn't figure out why they would just die. I had a 40 gallon tank with all the whistles. Then our local store got their hands on a bunch of "wild" hatchlings. I said there is no way they will live! 7 month later they are rocking! Here's what I discovered. These reptile places are selling inbred reptiles. Therefore there genes suck. that is why they die. DO NOT BUY FROM PLACES ON-LINE!
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Fake Company!
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- So I was looking for a new snake for my son. I contacted a few different reptile dealers online. The one company that stuck out was Backwater Reptiles. His prices just seems to good to be true. So I emailed him asking about his inventory, shipping methods, etc. Turns out, this "company" is fake. Its some kid in his bedroom running a website. If you order from him, he will just forward that order to a REAL reptile company in Florida and have it drop shipped. Talk about a stupid idea. There are other drop shipping reptile dealers, but unlike Backwater they all admit it. This guy flat out lies and says he has other locations. BS! Ordering from a completely different business in a different state doesn't count as YOUR shipping dept. That is laughable at best, illegal at worse. But what really [snip] me off was reading how the owner of BW created a fake account on the world's largest reptile website and pretended to be a customer of Florida Herps (a REAL reptile company owned by a Doctor). So not only is this kid a liar, but he is a criminal as well.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 09/25/2013:
If the prices are decent and the customer receives the product, what is the problem?
CU on 09/28/2013:
This is the model that makes bazillions of dollars for Amazon
Mike on 09/04/2014:
I ordered and received two pounds of alligator food from Backwater Reptiles. The pellets were simply poured into an over-sized USPS cardboard box with one strip of tape sealing the top. Not even a plastic bag or any type of liner was used. When received the pellets were falling out of the improperly sealed box. No telling how much product was lost during shipment as I definitely did not receive two pounds. I will never deal with this company (or "kid") again.
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