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Fake Company!
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Rating: 1/51
ROSEVILLE, CALIFORNIA -- So I was looking for a new snake for my son. I contacted a few different reptile dealers online. The one company that stuck out was Backwater Reptiles. His prices just seems to good to be true. So I emailed him asking about his inventory, shipping methods, etc. Turns out, this "company" is fake. Its some kid in his bedroom running a website. If you order from him, he will just forward that order to a REAL reptile company in Florida and have it drop shipped. Talk about a stupid idea. There are other drop shipping reptile dealers, but unlike Backwater they all admit it. This guy flat out lies and says he has other locations. BS! Ordering from a completely different business in a different state doesn't count as YOUR shipping dept. That is laughable at best, illegal at worse. But what really [snip] me off was reading how the owner of BW created a fake account on the world's largest reptile website and pretended to be a customer of Florida Herps (a REAL reptile company owned by a Doctor). So not only is this kid a liar, but he is a criminal as well.
Live Animal Flipper
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BUYERS BEWARE! This "company" is not what it appears to be. This is a guy in CA with a fancy website selling live reptile sthat he doesn't have, has ever had or will ever have. He is a middleman having real reptile wholesalers in FL ship for him. He never sees what he sells, but he makes claims about how he will stand behind his, I mean someone else's animals. Drop shipping people's pets is just plain stupid. When I asked about getting a picture of a reptile I wanted I was told NO, and he said that no company would offer that service. I fould that to be a lie as well. Only companies that are fake and lie about stocking animals themselves have no way to take pictures. I found two companies right away that helped me out. Also the company he uses to send out his orders has been busted numorous times and the owner is famous for be a smuggler. There is even a book on about this guy being a crimial. I would avoid this company at all costs. Don't be fooled by his stolen pictures, fancy website, or claims of how he guarnatees everything. How can he? The place he orders from doesn't even stand behind their products. Also this kid has been telling everyone (and posting) that he has been around for 18 years. Truth is his website is less than 60 days old and there is NO RECORD of his joker registering a business in the State of CA. Another thing people should notice, he has no phone number or address posted. What kind of a company doesn't have a phone? Again, be careful before buying a live animal from some fly by night website.
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