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Arrogant And Over Priced
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WOODBRIDGE, VIRGINIA -- I took my Jeep up to Bad Boy"z" Off Road (2589 Hanco Center Drive, Woodbridge, Virginia 22191) to check out my suspension because I work full time and I just moved to VA (no garage yet). The shop actual did the work in a timely manner and found some bolts that were missing in my suspension.

But, the owner is exceptionally arrogant and decided to put a tacky and obnoxious "Bad Boyz" bumper sticker on the body tub of my Jeep (on the paint) without my permission. When I took the Jeep back to the shop to have it removed, he gave me attitude like it was my fault. I was extremely pissed at the arrogance and audacity of them to put a good-sized bumper sticker on my vehicle without my permission, but what really surprised me was when he was angry at ME for complaining.

Did the shop do the job I paid them TOO MUCH for? Yes, and I realize that you pay extra for their specific specialty.

Are they worth dealing with on a personal and professional level? No. I was impressed with their knowledge but not their customer service and professionalism.

And was worth it to waste my time and gas to drive back to the shop to watch him peel it off my Jeep.
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Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
When you do get a garage, here's a tip... Don't add a lift kit to a Jeep inside of the garage. Don't ask me how I know...
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
How do you know C2O?
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Come look in my garage...
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Unless they have a notice posted or written on your receipt about a sticker I'd say it's vandalism. I found a similar complaint about them in a off-road forum. The complaint from Oct 2007 stated they placed stickers on a custom-made vehicle then refused to remove them. No follow up posted.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
I'm afraid to
Ponie on 04/01/2009:
OSUprop, good for you! I'd have done the same thing. Unless, of course, they paid me about $5,000 for the advertising. Quite a few years ago, my late spouse and I ordered a Buick because we wanted some features which were not standard and the dealership didn't have one in the lot and didn't expect one in. My spouse told the salesman specifically--no dealership emblem on the car. It was even written in the contract. We went to pick up our new car and give them a trade-in. Whoa! Right on the trunk lid--chrome dealer name. We refused delivery until they took it off, filled, and repainted the two spots where it was attached. I refuse to do free advertising for any establishment. And some people will pay for a T-shirt with Coca-Cola or some other company printed on it.
BokiBean on 04/01/2009:
I think its awesome that you took your Jeep back and let THEM remove it. Bumper stickers aren't a bad advertising idea, but putting them on customer's vehicles is the height of arrogance..they could easily just hand them over with the bill when you got it. VH review.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Don't be afraid little. You're a big little girl.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
You calling me fat?
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
No! Should I? lol!
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
NO! I oughta kick your butt for that comment!!!!
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
LOL! Glad I didn't go with my first answer. You may have killed me.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
I still might
Principissa on 04/01/2009:
I would have taken the sticker he peeled off my car and put it on his forehead. He wants to advertise, he can use his own vehicles, or better yet, ask his customer's for permission first. I can barely tolerate when I see people putting those ridiculous fliers under my windshield wipers, some guy just slapping a sticker on my car without my permission would just infuriate me.
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
I'm kind of scared. Kind of a lot.
Good things come in small packages little. How's that? lol!
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Much better C2O. I'll hold off on the a** whooping for now
Anonymous on 04/01/2009:
Thanks. Keep it in your back pocket though.... I know me.
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