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Bad Economy Vs. Expensive Food - I Got What For $15?
By -

So a new Baja Fresh just opened near me. I thought 'cool, new place to eat!' I had never been in a Baja Fresh, never even hear of one, so I had no preconceived idea other than it's just another fast food place that serves Mexican food. I love Mexican food too. When I went in the place it looked like any other fast food place such as Panda Express, or a burger joint. Tables, coke machine. Same design we have all seen with these newer food places.

I looked at the menu and was somewhat confused, I found the menu hard to understand, but no big deal. I just asked the cashier what the cost was for some items and she had to look at the menu and could not find some prices either. That should have been warning I guess. Anyway, I asked "how much is a chicken taco?" They asked me did I want baja or americano taco. I said "what is the difference". She looks at the menu - no description there, and asked person next to her and I found out one is lettuce, tomato and cheese; the other is not. I said baja and she told me it was $2.49 for one taco.

I thought wow, must be a big taco. So I order it and drink. Also got a taco for my wife and a mahi crispy taco for my daughter. Came up to $15. I thought it was little high but figured the tacos were bigger than the ones at other places. Well I was wrong. When the tacos arrived they were just the standard size soft taco shells, about 4" or so, dripping in what I assume (hope) was salsa. The chicken was dry and burnt (I guess that is char broiled), and nothing special really. The mahi taco was not crispy, it was fish slab with a stiffer taco shell, but not crispy at all.

3 Tacos, 3 drinks for $15? Really? The price is a little high for what it is. I can get tacos for .49, .69, and a $1.29 that are a match to it from dozens of places. $2.49 Is a little outrageous for one small taco. Now had it been a larger tasty one I'd not complain. But seriously, I could have eaten the same amount someplace else for half that. In this economy charging $2.49 for one taco proves PT Barnum was right. No more baja for me.. Let others pay that price.. I'll save my money. It was not that good to justify the cost.

Maggots In Salsa
By -

NATOMAS, CALIFORNIA -- I am sick. Literally! This was a new location for Baja Fresh. DelPaso Blvd in Natomas ~ so ~ naturally ~ I thought for it would be clean. Nothing could be further from the truth. I used to do pest control and I know the smell of a cockroach infestation. The roach smell overwhelmed the smell of food. Ask any pest control company and they will tell you ~ roaches do have a smell but there has to be a pretty bad infestation for it to be noticeable. But ~ I ignored my nose and went ahead and ordered. I was choking down my burrito as I dipped into the salsa. Hmmm? Is that white rice? Rice does not move does it?

I scooped out a couple squirmy rice pieces AGH... three moving rice kernels! I could not even tell the cashier! There was no time as I felt the bits of food I had eaten churn in my belly. I left as fast as I could and regurgitated. The Baja on Elcamino Blvd near Elcentro was shut down a few years ago. Now ~ after this experience ~ I am beginning to wonder if it was the health department that closed it. hmmmmmmm? AGH! I will not eat out for a long long time ~ and never ever at Baja "Fresh?"

Bland Food is Way Overpriced

ARIZONA -- I started a new job a few weeks ago and there is a Baja Fresh across the street. Since they are so close, I have gone a few times. The first time I went I got a burrito. It was pretty bland. The meat had no flavor and the veggies were overcooked. A few weeks later they were offering my company a buy one get one free day. I went and got two tacos. Again, tasteless and bland. I decided to add some salsa verde to the taco. The salsa was very watery with no flavor as well. I have eaten at Baja Fresh before and I don't remember it being so bland. I gave them two chances and each time I was disappointed. They are one of the few places near my work, but I won't be going back.

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