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Incomplete order / hair in food
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GRANADA HILLS, CALIFORNIA -- Ordered to items to-go at Baker's Square - Granada Hills. Got home... one item was missing. Called restaurant, was told "It's the responsibility of the customer to check the order before leaving the restaurant". Guy on phone screamed, hung up on me twice. Would not refund money. Called back several times. Other employees answered the phone, everyone let me assume screaming-guy was the manager. No one could/would find a phone number for a regional manager. Called Baker's square restaurant 800 number / emailed complaint. Called the restaurant next day, another man answered... said he was the manager. Said he'd mail my refund. Asked if he could call Baker's Square corporate office and tell them the issue had been handled. I said "yes". Have not received the refund.

Also, there was a 5 inch hair in the food item I did receive.
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DebtorBasher on 07/27/2006:
A friend of mine bought a couple of their pies for their Holiday meal..ah the heck with that...A friend of mine bought a couple of their pies for their CHRISTMAS meal and she said there was a long hair in the pie...I've never had their pies (Mom's is much better!).
Ms.Consumer on 07/27/2006:
Baker's Square! Where you get something a little extra with the food: Long hair. You'd think restaurants would try extra hard to keep hair out of the food.
Anonymous on 07/27/2006:
This hair everywhere is grossing me out. Don't they make people wear hair nets anymore? I mean dang, hold the hair please! :P
Anonymous on 07/27/2006:
Years ago, I'd walk by a pizza place in the Greentree Mall. The pizza in the window looked good, you could buy it by the slice. However, I never bothered, because the cook/pizza guy had along beard. He wore a hair net on his head, but I could only envision beard hair in my pizza! Ick!
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2006:
What ever happened to the Health Department...they used to inspect and make sure everyone had hair nets and a lot of places back in the olden days, wouldn't allow facial hair on anyone handling food. My Mother used to work at Manner's Big Boy and she was told she was not even allowed to wear earrings...for fear that one would get lost in the food...those were the good ol' days.
Ms.Consumer on 07/28/2006:
Debtor said "they used to inspect and make sure everyone had hair nets and a lot of places back in the olden days, wouldn't allow facial hair on anyone handling food". Apparently now you are allowed to trim your beard and brush your golden locks OVER the food.
Anonymous on 07/28/2006:
remember the good old days ~~ they were good...they were old...they were days!!!
DORCAS on 07/29/2006:
DB: Is Manners Big Boy the same as the Bob's Big Boy with the statue of the chunky boy in plaid overalls holding up the big burger? I used to work at a Bobs Big Boy and all the girls had to wear their hair in buns and we wore short brown skirts and a good amount of make-up. The guys called us "Bobetts".
Nohandle on 07/29/2006:
I'm really curious at this point. Anyone ever heard of Shoney's Big Boy? Same little fella with the plaid overalls out front and the burger was what McDonalds now calls their "Big Mac", three pieces of bread and two slices of meat with the so called special sauce.
yoke on 07/29/2006:
The special sauce was 1000 dressing! I worked at an Abdow Big Boy.
DebtorBasher on 07/30/2006:
Yes, Dorcas, it is the same as Bob's Big Boy...All Big Boys are the same with the Red and White checkered boy...he is "Big Boy". Although it has two patties and a three layer bun, it really can't be compared with the Big Mac...similar in the way it's made, but much different in taste. Yoke, when did you work for Abdow Big Boy...because I know the sauce they use now is the 1000 Island type, but back then when I was young, the Manner's Big Boy's special sauce was different with a completely different taste.
Nohandle on 07/30/2006:
I realize this has nothing to do with the Baker's Square Restaurant complaint, but DB the Big Mac was the only comparison I could think of at the time. And yes, the big boy was a much better burger.

This has really brought back memories from years ago. Shoney's has dropped the Big Boy part and is simply known as Shoney's now. Was the Big Boy part of a franchise, independently owned? If so, whatever happened to Big Boy?

Dorcas, I don't recall the outfits worn by the girls but that sounds about right for that period in time.
yoke on 07/30/2006:
DB, I worked at Abdow's during the late 70's early 80's.
DebtorBasher on 07/30/2006:
OK, I see where you were going with that Nohandle...If I recall correctly, my Mother's uniform was brown and orange. I'd have to check with her to make sure though...she worked there in the 60's as a car hop (no roller skated
yoke on 07/31/2006:
We wore brown skirts, white shirts, brown ties and orange aprons. Our hair could not touch our collars, no nail polish and only stud earrings. We also were allowed to wear very little makeup. I know the adults could wear makeup, but the teenagers they allowed lip gloss and I think masacara.
DebtorBasher on 07/31/2006:
Yep Yoke, that was my Mom's uniform. It had to always be pressed and clean.
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