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Balmer Watches
1545 Capital Drive, Suite 106
Carrollton, TX 75006
1-800-322-7315 ext. (ph)
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Very Big Watch Scam
By -

CARROLLTON, TEXAS -- Well after doing some lengthy research regarding Balmer, Wohler, Louis Richard and Duboule Jarrow Watches I have come to some greater understanding regarding their origination. I placed a bid through Air Force UBid site through AAFES. After receiving the watch I had a watchmaker examine it and found it to be "Made in China". So I promptly called UBid and requested a return authorization and refund. I explained to the customer service agent, "if I wanted to purchase a watch made in China I would have done so.” She said nothing to refute the claim. Balmer Watches does not originate in in Switzerland nor do the others I've mentioned. It's ironic they claim to be Swiss Made and give an elaborate history but come to find, they are not Swiss Made at all. All afore mentioned watches are made in China and imported into the US. The warranty repair location for all these brands is;

Always At Market
Service Department
1545 Capital Drive
Suite 106
Carrollton, Texas 75006

1545 Capital Drive
Suite 100
Carrollton, TX 75006
Phone: 972-242-4045
Fax: 972-242-7630


John House
ex 333


John B. Walker, Jr.
ex 257

Vice President of Sales

Paul Gardner
ex 227

Vice President of Operations

Frank H. Rusch, Jr.
ex 313

Vice President of Merchandising

Susan Reding
ex 229

This supposed warranty service department is

After carefully tracing the IP addresses for each supposed manufacture, I found a company "CrystalTech Web Hosting"
1125 W. Pinnacle Peak Road
Suite 103, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Is the host for all afore mentioned websites;

which is quite ironic considering their website advertisement. On each site they give elaborate histories and elude to their location of origin but a Balmer they specifically show a map of manufacture origin, which is in Switzerland.

Don't be fooled by their unfounded claims and pricing. What you are buying is a Made in China watch. They falsely advertise by not disclosing the country of origin. Balmer further claims the "Balmer Swiss Gents Phoenix II Limited Edition" is a limited addition with a run of

Black - 125 pieces
Silver - 100 pieces
Blue - 125 pieces
Brown - 125 pieces
Green - 125 pieces

I've personally counted far more than the 125 pieces from the many dealer and auction sites spread across the internet. They are falsely advertising their location of origin, numbers of limited additions and misleading potential buyers with claims of comparison costs and worth. You'd be lucky to get less than %5 of the suggested retail cost and many time much less. So buyers beware (Caveat Emptor.) Us the old adage "If it looks to good to be true, then it usually is. As of this writing, I'm filing a false advertisement claim against all four importers, which really amounts to one. Oh yes, to help you understand the relationship between Always At Market, UBid and these watch fakes you only have to look at Always At Market. UBid is owned by Always At Market and distributes the watches through their site and also Shop NBC.

I'll follow with this in a few days and let you know how it's going.


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