Banco Popular North America

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Banco Popular North America
P.O. Box 690547
Orlando, FL 32869-0547
1-800-377-0800 (ph)
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Banco Popular Overdraft Fee Rip-Off
By -

It is disgusting to see how Banco Popular swindles customers out of $150 in overdraft fees, letting customers accumulate a considerable amount of fees before putting a freeze or decline in their debit. And what's worse is that Banco Popular states erronious "available funds", without reflecting recent purchases, therefore trapping customers in an endless spire of overdraft fees. I checked my account on the day of the "overdraft" and it reflected an available balance close to $160.00. The next day I check my balance, it is not only in the negative, it was slapped with a $150 overdraft fee.

I am not only closing my account with Banco Popular, I am also making my disgust with this institution public. And from what I can see, I am not alone: htm

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