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PALM BEACH GARDENS, FLORIDA -- I am writing to make a formal complaint regarding bank of America and its unethical practices to customers. I think this bank is a fraud, and cares nothing about customers. I don’t understand why the bank will not just pay a check for a customer, if they are going to charge the customer $ 35.00 on a returned. I believe it’s unethical for a bank to allow a merchant to present a check up to 3 times, and charge the customer up to $35.00 x 3 on the same check or transaction. It would make more sense to pay the check, and charge 1 fee. This would protect the customer and prevent the customer from enduring fees from the bank and the merchant.
I have recently paid $ 105.00 in fees from Bank of America, on a check for $141.00. In this past year, I have paid over $1000.00 in bank fees, due to lose of employment and drafts from my account, causing fees from the bank. The bank refunded some fees; however usually stand by the same statement,” it’s not a bank error.” The bank allowed the merchant to draft up to 3 times on some items, and charged me $35.00 each time for the same transaction. The merchant then charged me $50.00 for the returned check, a total of $ 155.00 paid in fees on top of the $141.00 check, something is very wrong about that!
If the bank paid the check the first time, and charged me one $35.00 fee, it could have saved me well over $100.00 in additional fees from the bank and merchant. In this economy it is unfair to treat people and customer’s this way. Bank of America’s practices should be reviewed, as a customer I am disgusted by the treatment, and lack of consideration for their customer’s. I wouldn’t recommend this bank to my worst enemy, and I am looking forward to taking my business elsewhere very soon.

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Anonymous on 05/01/2011:
If someone doesn't write a check for more money than they have in the account, then there would be no problems. Simple
trmn8r on 05/01/2011:
You should keep an emergency reserve in case you lose your job. There isn't any good reason to accumulate $1000 in overdraft fees - if you run out of money, stop writing checks. I honestly don't think BoA will miss your business if you take it elsewhere.
olie on 05/01/2011:
Let's say I wrote YOU a check for $141 today. Tomorrow, you go to your bank and try to cash it. You find out that I don't have $141 in my account for you.

You try again on Wednesday. Same deal--still no $141 for you.

And on Friday. Exact same story.

Would YOU be fine with the fact that THREE times, you presented my check, and THREE times, you ended up with no money? And, likely, fees from your own bank, since you had the audacity to think that my check was good.
trmn8r on 05/01/2011:
Olie, I'd gladly give you a quarter tomorrow for a hamburger you give me today. Isn't that Wellington Wimpy's way?
Starlord on 05/02/2011:
J. Wellington Wimpy - "I'll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today."
yoke on 05/02/2011:
I have no idea what BoA did wrong? Why would the OP expect BofA to honor a check that the OP did not have fund to cover?
msnanny on 05/02/2011:
What's unfair is for you not to have enough money in your account to cover the check when it was presented for payment 3 times.
jktshff1 on 05/02/2011:
Because they are losing interest on money that they have and you don't. The money to pay the check (since it was not in your account) was taken from their "reserves". Hard lesson learned.
trmn8r on 05/02/2011:
This was educational for me. I was unaware that each time the same check is presented, an overdraft occurs. Logically it makes sense, but ouch it would hurt.

It pays (literally) to keep track of your balance.
yoke on 05/02/2011:
What is unethical is for someone to write a check knowing the funds are not there and that you have no intentions of making good on the check. It would have taken at least a week for the check to be presented to the bank 3 times. The OP had at least a week to make good on the check.
oldisgood on 05/02/2011:
The bank did absolutely nothing wrong and neither did the merchant. ALL Banks work in a similar manner. The key to this is to NOT write checks for money you do not have. That is a misdemeanor, you know, and you could be criminally charged if you do this often enough. No money in account - do NOT write checks.
yoke on 05/02/2011:
Credit Unions will also do the same thing.
CrazyRedHead on 05/02/2011:
It's simple, they don't like you anymore If you have had that many overdraft charges in a year. They are actually losing money on you. I would think in today's economy people would keep better track of there accounts.
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HERMISTON, OREGON -- On June 13, 2006 I went into a Bank Of America branch in Hermiston Oregon to open a checking account.
I filled out the paper work, submitted my Drivers Lic.,gave them my money, they took my picture, and I
was out the door. The account I opened was electronic only, no checks. I don't believe in writing checks.
I was told before I left that in 5-7 business days I would receive my Check cards in the mail, and I could
start using my account that same day. One week later I checked my mail and received my cards. Upon opening
the envelope, I saw someone elses picture on both cards with my name on the cards. I contacted the bank
on the spot. They informed me that they made a mistake and asked me to come into the bank and turn in the
cards, then new cards would be mailed in 5-7 business days. I explained to the bank that I lived 116 miles
round trip from the nearest branch and that it would cost me 40.00 in gas and take two hours of my time to
do this. The bank then said to call a 1-800 number and they could just do it over the phone. I called the
phone number and explained once again the entire situation. After 45 min. on the phone, they told me they
would send out new cards with no picture. One week later I checked my mail only to discover the cards still
had this other persons picture. I just could not believe it! At this point it had been over two weeks since
I was able to use this account, costing me many hours of time and gas money to find other means to pay my
bills and locate remote ATM machines. I called the bank again on the spot to tell them they had made another
mistake. The Bank told me it was not the banks fault, but the company who makes the check cards. I explained
that this was starting to cost me money and a lot of time. I told them I needed to have access to my money and
I could not drive two hours to a bank every time I needed funds. They had a very poor attitude, would not admit
any fault, and said all we can do is send you out another set of cards. I explained that for over two weeks
I have had to take drastic measures to survive. They showed no sympathy, and stated in 5-7 days I would get new
cards with no picture. I saw no other option but to accept what they offered, and said fine. One week later
I checked my mail and can you guess what was there? You got it! Two more cards with the same guys picture.
I almost fainted, started feeling sick and unstable. Here it is over three weeks after I opened this account
and I still can not access my money. By this time I had spent over 200.00 in gas going to different places
to get money, around 75.00 in ATM fees on another card I have with another bank, and 25 plus hours of of work
lost running around in circles. Since I make 55.00 an hour, this really started to add up. I found myself
making constant trips to absurd locations to cash small checks and use ATM machines, since no merchant would
dare consider letting me use a card that had someone elses picture. I, as you can imagine, was very upset!
I thought and thought about what to do. After doing exstensive research, I decided to call the corporate
office for Bank Of America in North Carolina. After waiting on hold for about 30 min., I was transferred around
and around, and then found myself talking to the same people here in Oregon. The attitude of all the people I
spoke with was exactly the same, they just did not care at all. I explained for the 10th time that I had a
total of 6 cards with another persons picture and was going broke trying to pay my bills. Let me metion,
each time I called to tell them about the mistakes they put a hold on my account without ever telling me.
This time I spoke with a district manager. She told me she was very sorry, but there was nothing she could do.
Then went on to tell me she could DHL or Fedex me new cards with no picture and I would get them in 4-5 days.
She also said there was no guarantee they would not have the other persons picture on them again. OMG!!!!!
I felt like jumping off a bridge. I told her thanks, I will contact my attorney, and hung up. As of this time
I now have over 40 hours of time invested in running around, phone calls and research on laws and regulations.
I have lost lots of money in gas, late fees on bills, double ATM fees that I would not have had if I could have
used my cards in the stores, missed work making long trips to get cash large phone bills calling them etc. I have
found out that the bank has violated 3 or more federal laws and a few state laws also. I have no idea how many
inside regulations they have violated. My attorney tells me he only does family law, and tells me I have a
open and shut civil lawsuit. I have not had time yet to take this any farther yet, but I plan on never giving
until this is resolved. Bank of America is the Largest bank in the US. This is how they treat their customers.
I have had to withdraw all but a few dollars from this account and put it in another bank so I can access my money.
I arranged direct deposits for this account and that had to turn around and withdraw them. This has turned into
a total nightmare over someone elses picture on my cards.
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User Replies:
Sparticus on 07/14/2006:
Oh man, what a mess! Why did you leave a few dollars in the account? I would have closed it immediately. I agree it will probably be tough to get anything out of them, but at least you are giving others fair warning about the type of customer service they can expect with Bank of America. Try writing a letter to the top dog. Perhaps state that if B of A takes responsibility for their mistakes and re-imburses you (at least something!) for you troubles, then you will remain a loyal customer. Send it to: Kenneth D. (Ken) Lewis at 100 N. Tryon St., Bank of America Corporate Center, Charlotte, NC 28255. He is the current CEO. Good luck!
Doc J on 07/14/2006:
Your situation is maddening. I can only imagine how poor BOA is at handling cases of identity theft. I hope you prevail to get your excess fees and expenses back. Good luck!
Tracy M on 07/14/2006:
Sorry, I couldn't get past the comment 'I don't believe in writing checks' to take the rest of the letter seriously.

Also - what difference does it make how much money you make an hour? Does this make you more important than someone who makes minimum wage?
Doc J on 07/14/2006:
Tracy-Some people disdain checks because everyone who handles the document has a wealth of your personal information in their hands. Some simply try to live "paperless" lives, are ecology minded, etc. I don't see the poster stating an income of $55/hr as boastful. The poster was drawing attention to how quickly a large financial loss can mount from a minor problem. With due respect, it's harder to replace 5 hours of $55/hr wages than 5 hours of wages at $6/hr. Family, friends, and casual lenders are more likely to help with $30 than $'s a matter of risk. There's also a misconception that the wages of high wage earners are somewhat less "dear" to the doctor, lawyer, etc. than it is to the babysitter or convenience store clerk. Tracy, if you doubt me, dress in your "Sunday best" and stand on a street with a business briefcase and ask passersby if they can help you with $275. Next dress like a homeless person and hold up a sign saying you need $30 to get to some location. In which "uniform" do you think you'd reach your goal? I hope my analogy helps.
Tracy M on 07/14/2006:
Doc - excellent points. You illustrated some scenarios I didn't think of when reading the letter.
Guess next time I'll think before I speak. There's a first time for everything! :)
CrazyRedHead on 07/14/2006:
Tracy M and Doc, that is why I love My3cents. You get the view point of a lot of different people from a lot of different backgrounds. You sometimes can see the big picture if you stay long enough.
Splizzrinkle on 07/17/2006:
Update! Remember the Fourth set of check cards that were supposed to be Fedex'ed and be here in 4-5 days? Here it is 7 days later and still no cards.
CrazyRedHead on 07/18/2006:
Don't count Saturday and Sunday as business days. Business days are Monday through Friday.
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ATM Transactions
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CONNECTICUT -- I am currently in a dispute with Bank of America in regards to an ATM transaction. on 04/21/06 I gave my husband my ATM card to withdraw funds to pay bills. My husband is not listed on my account, but since he was off that day he would be able to take care of the bills. I have done this many times before with no problem. Well on this day, my husband went to the drive through ATM, which we have used before without every having any issues. Well that day he requested $600.00 @ 8:18am. Sometimes with BOA if you have direct deposit your money will be available before 9:00am est time or not until 9:00am. This is the case, he requested the $600.00 and automatically the card spit out and a receipt stating a $600.00 transaction. And the screen went directly back to Welcome to Bank of America. I have used ATM machines since they started and I know that if you request funds 2 things happen 1 either the funds are unavailable or 2 they give you the money. My husband figured the funds were not available at the time. Well I got to work about 45 minutes later and as with every payday I check my account. I saw a $600.00 transaction pending. I called my husband to discuss what time he was going to go out and pay the bills. He immediately informed me that he did not get any money and what happened with the ATM. I told him there was a pending transaction for that amount. I immediately contacted customer service and spoke to a CSR out of New Mexico office. He told me that it was odd but to let the machine do it's posting overnight and that the funds should be credited back the next day which was Saturdy, April 22, 2006. I went the BOA branch first thing that Saturday with no funds being refunded. I spoke to the branch manager and he said there was nothing he could do because the branches do not handle ATM transaction. I then called the customer service number on the back of my ATM card and filed a claim in the debit card department. I was told by a resprestative that she did see a problem with the ATM. I was told that the $600.00 would be credited back to my account on Tuesday, April 25, 2006 and that I would have to sign a form and return it back to BOA. On April 25, 2006 I received the $600.00. In between this time I moved and my mail was being held due to a change of address. On May 4, 2006 I checked my bank account to see the balance. I noticed that there was a reverse credit of $600.00 on my account. I immediately contacted BOA and told them that if they reversed the transaction based on the fact that I didn't sign the letter it was due to my mail being held. I was told that no mailings were sent and that their investigation determined there was nothing wrong with the ATM. I then requested to speak to a Supervisor. I spoke to a male supervisor and explained to him my situation. I told him I wanted the investigation re-opened because I did not receive funds. He told me that he will give me a call in 24 hours with the findings. On Friday, May 5,2006 I waited until 11:00am est. time before calling BOA. I left several messages with no one returning my call. On Saturday, May 6, 2006 I went to the BOA branch and spoke to the Manager, again I was told there was nothing they could do being it was the weekend. I again called the Debit department and they expressed how sorry they were that the Suprvisor I spoke to on Thursday would give me a call on Monday, May 8, 2006. Well today is Monday and no one has called me. I called the Debit department again and got a CSR, who told me my investigation was still open. I told her that I needed to speak to a manager. I spoke the manager of claims and she told me my claim was denyed and that there was nothing more to do. I told her that A. I wanted to get the documentation from the investigator so that when I file my police report I would have some sort of communication. I asked that this information be faxed. I was told that I could not receive a fax and that it would have to be mailed. She was very rude, with her comment in saying there was no fault in our machine. So basically she is saying that I received the money. She also informed me that on April 24, 2006 2 letters went to my old address. 1 said that they are opening an investigation due to my request, and the other letter stated that the investigation was closed and there was no problem with the ATM. I then contacted the Banking Commission for my state and opened a claim. They then directed me to the Corporate office. I called and explained my story once again. I was instantly offended by some of the comments made by the women. One thing she said that because my husband was an un-authorized user of the card. BOA could say that my husband took out the money and didn't tell me. I was so mad at this. I told her that if I thought that I would not be on the phone talking to you. I told her that I would go through watever in order to get me money back. 1. I will file a police report, 2. I will go forward with my claim with the Banking Commission and 3. I will also contact my local news to get this matter out in the open. I told them to run the video to see if someone came after him and took the money, she said the cameras don't show what people do at ATM just shows there face. I will not drop this matter until they refund my money and once that is done. I am closing my accounts.
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CrazyRedHead on 05/08/2006:
Ah man, I would have been hopping mad, especially when that is all that I get for the month. I probably would have been arrested for the scene that would have been taking place in the bank. I am sorry that this has happened, I hope this get's resolved to your satisfaction. I have never, in the 20 years that I have been dealing with BOA, never had a problem with them and they have done more for me than they should have.
Discoverhater on 05/08/2006:
They captured your husband on tape. They are liars. The video captures the activity so in a case like this, they can confirm whether you got your money, as this is what my Branch Manager at Chase said. Maybe B of A is different but I doubt it. They are trying to play upon your "hopeful ignorance" and keep your money. The ATM cash on hand should have also been out of balance by $600 if you did not get the money. File a complaint with the FDIC and Comptroller of the Currency also as they will investigate this matter and possibly go to the bank and do an audit to see where the money did go. As far as any legal defense, you gave your husband the card and pin number. He acted as your agent and went to get money for you and/or per your directive. He was given apparent authority by you to use the card and withdraw the money. Do not let the bank try to use the argument "he is not on the account" in their defense. It is no different then you allowing a friend of yours to drive your car and then she wrecks it and your insurance comes back and says they will not cover the auto damage because your friend was not on the auto policy or does not own the car.
Ponie on 05/11/2006:
Did your husband make a quick trip to Las Vegas during the last week of April? Just kidding..:)
BOA EMPLOYEE on 06/19/2006:
You stated that you never received the affidavit due to moving..and that is the banks fault how? If you didn't tell the bank during placing the claim or after moving the correct address its not their fault. And due to REGULATION E certain procedures need to be followed by banks when disputing debit/ATM card transactions or they are in violation of federal laws and could loss their banking license and be fined. So as sad as it is, the bank is in the right to deny the claim if you failed to sign the proper forms needed to do the claim. Responsibility here is 50/50. Maybe next time you'll remember to update your address.
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REFI ripoff hidden fees
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The majority of the transaction was done via email. All of the following points, with one minor exception, are documented in those email communications.
1. I was told that the total out of pocket costs for a 30 year fixed rate mortgage with. 75 lender credit would be approx. $557. I was asked to pay a $400 upfront fee to begin the process. As I approached the conclusion of the transaction I was told that the $400 fee was not included in the total out of pocket cost because it was a separate "application fee". I have never seen an application charge that was higher than $35. In addition to the $400 application fee I was charged $35 to pull my credit.
2. The $400 fee was debited to my credit card twice. B of A never discovered the double charge. When I alerted them to the overcharge it took them 41 days to provide me with the refund.
3. The US Treasury Department allows the Banks to use an approved data base for appraisals in order to save the home owner that expense. A customer advocate in Bank of Americas Office of the CEO explained to me that the bank charged the fee because since I didn't have to pay for an appraisal they were entitled to charge this additional amount.
4. I was told to go to close without having had the opportunity to review the documents that I would be signing. The Bank's representative informed me that I would be sent one set of documents to review and then meet with a notary to sign a "duplicate" set. I had to fight with the Bank in order to have them send me the actual signing documents prior to close in order to review them properly.
5. Because of the policy of not including the upfront application fee of $400 in the total amount of funds required at close there was confusion on my part as to the amount of funds that I needed to bring to close I was short by around $400. I thought the amount B of A chooses not to provide a representative of the bank at close, only a notary is present. The notary was not an employee of B of A. Notaries are not present to clarify terms in the loan docs. They are only present to make sure that signatures are placed in all the appropriate spots. I waited to hear from the Bank regarding the issue of funding. No one contacted me. After a week I called them and was told that until I paid the difference I would be paying interest on both loans. This ended up coasting me an additional $132 in interest charges. No one At B of A has ever explained to me how I could have had two loans in place at the same time.
6. When B of A mailed me my first mortgage statement and escrow refund check they were returned to the Bank. Instead of sending the items to my residence they sent them to the property address. All previous written communications had been sent to my home including the loan docs. The refinance was always characterized as an investment property. There was no reason to expect that these documents would not also be sent to my home. B of A has my email and phone info. No attempt was made to contact me and alert me to the situation. I only discovered the problem when I contacted them. As a result the check that should have arrived within 20 days of close took 48 days to reach me.
7. During the entire Refinance process I was never able to actually communicate with the individual that was designated as the loan officer that would handle the close. He was actually the third loan officer I attempted to communicate with. The first 2 had become MIA. I was never able to communicate directly with this individual. The email address that I was provided was invalid and despite many attempts to talk via phone he never returned any of my calls. All communications with this individual had to made via a third party. This individual was not a loan officer.
8. On July 26, 2010 I spoke with William Rinehart who is a customer advocate in Bank of Americas Office of the CEO. He informed me that all the points that I have raised here are standard procedure for the Bank .
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rockfishing on 09/02/2010:
I always hire an real estate attorney for a few hundred dollars to review all that nonsense. Even when I refinanced. That was they can deal with the bs charges and all transactions go through them. When dealing with that sum of money, it's worth a few hundred dollars to have professional on your side.
Venice09 on 09/02/2010:
I have to be honest. I didn't read this review. But I don't have to read it to know that rockfishing is giving you good advice.
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Bank of America's employees are Morons!
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I lost my job on March 13 2010 and decided it would be a good idea to close my Bank of America Savings Account and transfer the money into my checking account until I received my unemployment check. My checking account and savings account were linked. I also a "keep the change" on my checking account which takes charges from your debit card and rounds up the change and dumps it into your savings account. On March 13 I used my debit card at a fast food restaurant and exactly three days later the keep the change amount comes through to my savings account the same day that I closed it! The banker at Bank of America in Henderson NV off I-15N on Blue Diamond RD did not unlink my checking account from the savings account and did not turn off the "keep the change" product. Therefore, she closed the savings account didn't follow banking protocol and exactly $1 was left in the savings account. I received a letter explaining that the savings account was closed and the balance owed was 0. Therefore, since the teller did this I could no longer review the account online. On May 13 2010 the savings account maintenance fee of $5 hit the account because the account never closed because of the $1 that was left inside of it! The bank teller never delinked everything upon closing the account. During these weeks I was in and out of different Bank of America branches and non of the tellers whom made my deposits into my checking account told me the savings account was open and overdrawn. Well, on June 13 another $5 maintenance fee hit the account, on July 13 another $5 maintenance fee hit the account and on August 13 another $5 maintenance fee hit the account @ $5 a piece. So, the bank kept my savings account open and didn't ask me if I made any purchases the day before because keep the change might drop into the savings account which would leave it open. The moron banker didn't delink the account and close "keep the change." Now I may have been reported to Chexsystem and Telechek for an overdrawn savings account when the entire ordeal was Bank of America's fault! I received no alerts online, no emails and no physical letters in the mail and to top it off none of the employees at the branches told me! I found out yesterday August 19, 2010. Then I finally got someone to delink everything and close the account. When I got home an email came in that read Bank of America will assess $35 fee towards your savings account on 8/24 even though the savings account has been closed 2 x's with a positive balance. Then the banker tells me today that it takes 10 days to close a savings account permanently and you will get that fee regardless! When I go and explain myself the bank tellers are extremely stand offish even stating they must review my account to ensure my honesty! Please dear lord come and help me!
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Anonymous on 08/20/2010:
Yes, I have to agree with your assessment. We have had numerous "mistakes" made on our home loan. They took months to straighten out and were all the fault of the employees who were entering our payments incorrectly. We recently paid off our HELOC and they couldn't even get that right. This is apparently a bankwide problem, not just something that affects their regular account holders. Soon we will be done with them--I am counting down the months until payoff. Then it will be time for a "no more BOA" party!!

I suggest you start banking with a smaller community bank or credit union. You will probably find more satisfaction than you are receiving now.
Anonymous on 08/20/2010:
I agree that BOA doesn't seem to be able to do anything right. They are like the Ashley Furniture of the banking industry.

Did you also not receive a statement for your savings account once you thought it was closed?
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How Can I Achieve Redress Re Late Charges/Interests Charged Me In Error
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I remitted mortgage payments on time via ONLINE BILL PAY to BAC Home Loans Servicing for the months of April, May, June and July 2010. My Fed Credit Union assisted me in verifying that those payments were received and acknowledged by BAC on time. Still I am charged non-receipt of payment/late charges/interest by BAC and after numerous phone calls to their customer service reps (a true misnomer), no resolution has been achieved. I have also written to the several addresses from which their idiotic notices were mailed as follows:

July 20, 2010
To: BAC Home Loans, AZ1-807-01-19, 1515 W. 14th Street, Tempe, AZ 85281.
To: Bank of America Home Loans Payoff Dept Mail Stop NC4-105-01-40, 4161 Piedmont Pkwy, Greensboro, NC 27410-8110.
To: Customer Service, CA6-919-01-41, P. O. Box 5170, Simi Valley, CA 93062-5170.
To: Bank of America Home Loans, INS Dept MS:TX2-977-01-03, P. O. Box 961206, Fort Worth TX 76161-9911.
To: Back of America Home Loans, P. O. Box 10221, Van Nuys, CA 91410-0221
To: Bank of America Home Loans, P. O. Box 10219, Van Nuys, CA 91410-0219
RE: Loan Number 206502908—Property at 6456 Amherst Dr., Ocean Springs, MS 39564.
This is to inform and clarify that I, the undersigned, am the customer/creditor and responsible individual for reference loan. I have faithfully remitted monthly payments on this loan since its transfer to your bank as of 10/02/2009. Regular on-time payments were made via USPS October 2009 through March 2010 and via Keesler Federal Credit Union (KFCU) BILL PAY ONLINE April 2010 through July 2010. My FCU documentation reflects online payments and receipt by BANK OF AMERICA as follows:
 07/01/2010 -- $1410.00 -- Ck #775023
 06/02/2010 -- $1410.00 -- Ck #775011
 05/03/2010 -- $1410.00 -- Ck #775010
 04/02/2010 -- $1410.00 -- Ck #775005
I have received several past due notices from your Van Nuys and Tempe offices, and have tried to resolve the issues via telephone and fax only to have the calls from your bank re past due payments continue. I have consulted with my KFCU officer in contact with your bank at least three times, and still the past due issues are not resolved by your bank.
KFCU may be reached at 1 888 533 7537 or 228 385 5500 or PO Box 7001, Biloxi MS 39534-7001.
Request immediate action to research, clear and refund any and all past-due charges and/or penalties and interest re my account #x0x0x0x. Please notify me in writing when this requested action is completed with a copy of a currently/updated statement.

Isreal Jones

Bank of America Home Loans P. O. Box 5170,MS SV314B, Simi Valley, CA 93065 7/29/10
BAC Home Loans---AZ1-807-01-19,
1515 W. 14th Street,
Tempe, AZ 85281.

Bank of America Home Loans Payoff Dept
Mail Stop NC4-105-01-40,
4161 Piedmont Pkwy,
Greensboro, NC 27410-8110.

Customer Service, CA6-919-01-41,
P. O. Box 5170,
Simi Valley, CA 93062-5170.

Bank of America Home Loans,
INS Dept MS:TX2-977-01-03,
P. O. Box 961206,
Fort Worth TX 76161-9911.

Back of America Home Loans,
P. O. Box 10221,
Van Nuys, CA 91410-0221

Bank of America Home Loans,
P. O. Box 10219,
Van Nuys, CA 91410-0219
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goduke on 08/05/2010:
You may want to have your online folks reach out to the BOA loan people and ask why they aren't seeing the payments. My online banking team has been helpful a couple of times in resolving some missing payment issues.
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Bank of America Closes Fraud Victim Accounts with a $50 Fee
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Five years ago, I was the victim of bank account fraud. I worked with Bank of America to resolve the situation and correct my accounts. Now, five years later they decided to close my accounts based only on this fraud incident and charge me a $50 fee to do so.

In 2005, my Bank of America checking account was breached. I live in Seattle, WA and discovered a withdrawal from my account in Alabama. I immediately contacted Bank of America that told me my mailing address was changed in their system to an Alabama address. Apparently, someone was able to contact Bank of America, convince them that they were me, change the address on the account and issue a new debit card to the new address. We worked with Bank of America to close the account and issue a new checking account. The bank credited the account for the lost money and everything seemed resolved.

I have always been a very good Bank of America Customer. I conduct most banking electronically and do not run overdrafts. I own a premium Bank of America credit card and owned a savings CD. Earlier this year, in 2010 I opened a new business account and credit card. Everything was going well with the account until we received a letter regarding our new business accounts.

The letter we received said that Bank of America “has elected to close your account in accordance with the provisions of our Deposit Agreement and disclosures provided”. It then stated that Bank of America “may report the account to Chex Systems, Inc., an account verification service. This may adversely impact your ability to open an account at another financial institution for up to five years.” While the letter included a phone number for the Risk Identification Center, it provided no explanation for the account closure.

The only accounts affected were the new business checking and savings accounts. Instead of calling the number, I decided to go to my bank branch and speak with the manager that set up my recent accounts. She mentioned that everything appeared fine with all of our accounts and did not have any information why the new business accounts would have been closed. The manager called the Bank of America Risk Identification Center and the gentleman stated that the reason the accounts were closed was due to a 2005 incident involving “electronic transfers”. He did not know any details and said that “any time an account is closed by the Risk Identification department, the customer can no longer conduct business with Bank of America.”

After I explained the 2005 event to the Risk representative he told the bank branch manager that she could try escalating the matter. Two days later I received a voice message from the manager apologizing for the policy, but that the bank could not reinstate my account. After getting the message, I paid a visit to the manager again.

She told me that the Risk Identification department has only been around for a couple years and was not even in existence when this episode happened. She asked if I had any paperwork about this incident from 2005 and I told her that Bank of America should have everything already. She stated that management would look at and consider any information I could provide about the 2005 incident. Apparently, the bank has very little information from five years ago and is asking that I provide it. Bank of America handled the matter in 2005 and did not provide me with any follow up correspondence as to the details after I reported it. She then stated that there was no risk to any of my personal accounts, the accounts I re-established in 2005.

I decided to call the Risk Identification department again to double-check if there were any other reasons for closing an account in good standing. The woman on the phone confirmed that the only reason for closing the account was the event in 2005. She reiterated that it is their policy to close all customer accounts no matter the reason, if the Risk department initiated the close. I told her that in 2005 I contacted Bank of America and worked with them to close the account and reopen a new one. She could not confirm anything in regards to the matter except the bank policy. She didn’t seem to have any information about the event.

Also interesting is that the representative had no idea about the other accounts I had at Bank of America (not even the personal account I re-established in 2005). When I mentioned it, she looked up my account numbers and said that these may be in the process of closure as well.

Bank of America is passing the blame to their customers. When criminals breach Bank of America security protocols and they decide to close an affected customer account, they will not allow you to conduct business again with Bank of America and will post a notice on the Chex system for all banks to see. The details of the events leading to closure do not matter and they may not even have any past records of the event. They essentially pass the buck to the fraud victim and even charge $50 to seal the deal.
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Ryan84 on 06/21/2010:
This doesn't surprise me. Bank Of America is a disgusting company to bank with. I have learned to bank with smaller companies because they treat you like a customer and not a dollar sign.
Anonymous on 06/21/2010:
Great review. I wouldn't wait around to see if BoA closed your other accounts..get out now, and do as Ryan84 suggested, or go to a credit union. You should also demand BoA provide you with any documentation they have about the 2005 incident, and have them provide you with the exact reason they are closing your Account Now, just in case they do decide to report you to Chex system.
BEJ on 06/21/2010:
I am with JC and Ryan--go to a local Credit Union.
Helpful on 06/22/2010:
I have to agree with other comments here -- this review was very well written and easy to follow. It seemed to be written by someone articulate and professional. As such, along with the fact no other problems have occurred with your accounts during the last five years, I think BoA is in the wrong here.

Whereas they can't explain the closing of the account or the $50 fee, I would officially dispute both, just as you've done here, in writing and by certified mail to their head offices. Withdraw you funds and take it to a local financial institution that will be more willing to service your needs.

Best of luck.
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Incompetent, Unhelpful and Dishonest
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FLORIDA -- Our experience with BOA started with a BOA screwup. To mend fences with the law firm my husband then worked for, BOA offered to give all the attorneys "Premier" accounts. We gave a mortgage to BoA for our home, we took out an equity line, and established personal checking, savings, and then later our operating and attorneys' trusts accounts for our own firm, IRAs, Roth accounts, and investment accounts. What did BoA do? First, they lost our mortgage and sent a nasty letter saying we had to execute their new mortgage. We did not. We sent a copy of the mortgage we had, and re-executed it. Let's see...then, BoA manager locally griped because I asked for more than one copy of a notarized document. Yep, that was pretty dumb. But that is how petty BoA was. Then, we got the F** letter. That meant that we no longer were eligible for the premier account because after the collapse that BOA helped cause, we no longer were rich enough for BoA to honor their promises (which, of course, were given because of their initial screw ups).
Finally, we discovered that we were being charged fees for maintaining our equity line, although we had a zero balance. We asked for the line to be closed, and they said we had to come into the branch to do so. Between the time they told us that, and we could get into the branch, they charged more fees! We paid the fees (for the privilege of maintaining a zero balance) under protest, and signed the forms they requested we sign to close the account. However, we crossed out and amended their "forms" since they demanded that we waive our rights under state and federal law which BOA had no authority to require and we certainly had no obligation to give. Cute, no? To close an account, when we owed NOTHING, they demanded that we waive our rights under the law. The branch manager wrote on the form that she "advised" us that BOA "may" not accept the amended form. They MAY NOT ACCEPT THE AMENDED FORM?
BOA has no right to refuse to refuse to cancel our account, when we owed them nothing. In fact, we notified the branch manager (a robot, I'm convinced) that if BOA does not give us a satisfaction within 60 days as allowed by our state statute, then we will sue them for attorneys fees and damages. This is an incredibly deceptive practice by BOA, since BOA has no legal authority to demand this. I actually almost hope they "lose" our satisfaction, because I would relish suing this bank.
We finally got a promise from BOA manager's manager that they would refund us the fees. My guess is that this check will get "lost" like they lost our mortgage, and fumbled the ball with the law firm.
If you are even considering Bank of America, reconsider! This bank is the scummiest, most inept and outrageous excuse for a bank I have ever seen.

If anyone out there has experienced similar problems with BOA, WE would consider filing a class action. We are lawyers.
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Stay away from Bank of America.....They should be in prison!!!!
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I have had my account at Bank of America for 28 years. I didn't open the account with them, but rather with another bank that they subsequently took over. Be that as it may, I have had this account for 28 years.
I recently wrote a check for $2000 which overdrew my account by $113.
My mistake, and I had no problem being charged the $35 that they charged me. However, what I DID have a problem with, was what they did next.
They went back and reversed out the 9 small items such as milk, and bread and small items that I had bought with my debit card PRIOR to writing the $2000 check, posted the $2000 check FIRST, which caused the account to be overdrawn PRIOR to posting the small items.
In other words, they re-shuffled ALL the charges I made to enable them to charge $35 for 9 small items. This of course is 9 x $35 = $315 of nonsense charges.
When I called to complain, I was told that they do it this way, because THIS is what their customers requested. They admitted that they re-shuffle the charges from largest to smallest NO MATTER IN WHAT ORDER YOU MAKE THE CHARGES.
In other words, if a customer spends $10 while there is a positive balance in that customer's account, and then spends $1000 that causes this account to be overdrawn, THEY GO BACK and first put through the LARGER amount, which causes the account to be overdrawn, and THEN clear the smaller amounts which trigger the fee.
If you write ANY check that causes your account to be overdrawn, ALL the charges made to your account are re-shuffled into an order that allows the bank to maximize the fee's that they charge you. I am an Accountant by profession, and this process gives a whole new meaning to the term "fuzzy math".
Once I saw what was going on, I IMMEDIATELY ran to the Bank and deposited $5000. Well, this nightmare was FAR from over.
They put a hold on 90% of the check, which written on the deposit slip, it said that the check would clear on 4/22.
How you clear a PORTION of a check is beyond me. A check either clears or it doesn't. Be that as it may, I waited until 4/22, and then pulled up my account on the internet. They had NOT cleared the check by 4/22 and had now charged me another $315 of fee's.9 small items like small groceries where I had spent $10 here, and $20 there.
In the interim, the $5000 had already cleared the bank on which it was written on.
I called Bank of America, and was told that there was nothing that they could do. If I wanted to take my business elsewhere, that was fine with them.
I notice that the list of complaints against them is long and egregious. If there is anyone else that would like to participate in a class action lawsuit, or any lawyers looking for more victims, put me down. Thesed people are criminals, and something MUST be done.
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Slimjim on 04/22/2010:
It's a practice almost all banks have complaints here for. I believe there are reform bills being drafted to eliminate this shuffling of debits monkey business.
FlShopper on 04/22/2010:
Banks have been doing this for years, it's nothing new. Their reasoning is that it's for the customer's benefit to put through the larger items first. Better to have the mortgage payment go through with no problems than to put the milk and egg run at the market first and let the mortgage bounce. That does make sense.
But if they pay the milk/egg run as well as the mortgage anyway, then I do think that hitting each transaction with a fee is just excessive.
goduke on 04/22/2010:
July 1.
idontthinkso on 04/22/2010:
Yup, This is why the reform is going on. The banks are getting their last licks in before it becomes illegal to do these things. Think I am changing banks. Gah.. this is going to be a hassle.
goduke on 04/22/2010:
The important thing is that on 7/2, this $2K check goes back as a bounced check.
FlShopper on 04/22/2010:
And on 7/3, the complaining about the lack of overdraft protection begins.
Anonymous on 04/22/2010:
goduke, The fed policy doesn't cover checks. It only covers ATM and one-time debit card transactions. A bank can still honor and charge OD fees for checks after 7/1.
Weedwhacked on 04/22/2010:
All banks do this and have a disclaimer on their paperwork that states so. People should really start thinking of banks as looking out for themselves instead of their customers. They really don't care about you. Stew is correct the OD protection is only on debit card transactions and ATM withdrawals.
Slagathorn on 04/23/2010:
As an accountant... why would you write a check when you know there's not funds to cover it?
Slagathorn on 04/23/2010:
The fed policy, which banks will be implementing at different times; but all sometime during June.... it covers everyday debit card and ATM transactions. It does not include: recurring debit card transactions, such as bill payments or pre-authorized transactions (e.g. gym membership), checks and other transactions (such as onine billpay). If sufficient funds are not available in the account, these transactions which are not impacted by the regulatory changes may, at the Bank's discretion, continue to be authorized into overdraft and assessed an overdraft fee, regardless of whether the customer has added the Debit Card Overdraft Service to their account.
Goddess1 on 05/03/2010:
You can complain all that want about Bank of America overdraft fees. However, this is your account, your responsibility to maintain over the course of time. It is your responsibility. If you would have had those funds in your account in the first place this would not have happened. Through upcoming legislation all banks in the United States are not going to let you overdraft your account if you don't have enough money. There will be no more window or matrix and by August all bank existing customers will not have the ability to overdraw their account unless they have overdraft protection. That means no one can go to the ATM and request 300 dollars for example when they have only 5 dollars in their account. Don't blame Bank of America.
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Bank of America are a bunch of LIARS and THIEVES!!!
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Bank of America came to us not by choice because we did have Countrywide as our mortgage company. Well in the midst of the change and all, we were trying to refinance or remodify our loan. Well we fell behind when my husband and I both lost our jobs. It took me months of begging for BofA to send us papers for the "Making Homes Affordable" program, which by the way is a JOKE as well (started in June 2009). What BofA didn't tell us was that our credit score would go down significantly, and it showed we were making partial payments. Well, we made our NEW payment of what "Making Homes Affordable " told us to make and said we have to make them on time for 3 months. Well, almost a YEAR later, here we sit not knowing if we get to keep our house. Making homes affordable program kept telling us they didn't have all our information and I faxed them almost 400 pages which included all the paperwork numerous times with the confirmations of confirmations of confirmations that they received it. Then the program failed to let us know that they gave our case back to BofA. There it sits since December of 2009. We were supposed to have a new loan payment in October of 2009. It is now April 2009 and all we get are phone calls from BofA asking we need updated information on why you fell behind. Well, they have almost 400 pages to read. We have been lied to and were going to be checking into a lawyer. Don't know how much help it will do. BANK OF AMERICA only wants your money and does not help you out. They make you sit and wonder if you will have a home. They think this is a big game. They want as many people out of their homes because they are banking on the houseing market to go up and all these empty houses they are sitting on, they will charge an arm and a leg for. I am pretty sure they also are waiting around for the unemployed to get jobs so they don't have to remodify anyones mortgages. GREEDY GREEDY people!! Glad I don't bank with them.
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