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Bank of the West & Unfair Fees
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PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA -- I canceled my Netflix account, but was charged anyway. This caused a Bank of the West overdraft fee. Netflix corrected the charge by refunding the money to my bank account. However, Bank of the West, will not refund the fee. The on line banking statement showed my available balance as a plus number, when in fact it was a negative number. The number was not in red nor did it have a - sign in front of it. It appeared that my account had funds available but in fact it was overdrawn. This is deceptive communication on their on line banking statement. I filed a complaint but with no satisfaction. Closing my account asap.

Loan Confidentiality
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CALIFORNIA -- My husband and I have a boat financed in both of our names with Bank of the West. When my husband passed away my attorney sent a letter to Bank of the West without my knowledge, telling them he would be handling the affairs of the estate. Without consulting me to get a Power of Attorney for them to give information to my attorney, BOW requested and obtained a Creditor's Claim from the clerk of court. BOW said they needed to cover themselves in case I did not continue to pay the loan, although I have excellent credit and never missed any payments.

The court system charged BOW $169.00 for it, and BOW in turn charged it to my loan, without even notifying me. Any respectful bank or loan company would ask the customer who pays the bills for a Power of Attorney before releasing confidential loan information to any attorney who sends them a letter. I will not be doing any other business with Bank of the West.

Warning to Bank of the West Customers
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I just received a letter from Bank of the West. It states that due to no activity on my account, that Bank of the West will be remit my funds to the state. I ask what non activity? My accounts show deposits, withdraws, checks and ATM usage. The account has always had problems. I tried to cash a check for some cash at the bank and I was told I had no account. Yet they found it after about 45 minutes of looking.

The bank canceled my ATM card. However it was re issued after I called and complained. The bank has bookkeeping problems. I am jumping through hoops and crawling mazes just to keep the account open. Every time I turn around the bank seems to have another problem with my account. Though I show activity the bank says the account is abandoned.

I have never had any problems like this with other banks. They seem to be able to take deposits, but unable to find your account when you need to access your funds. This is more of a yellow alert to all who have a Bank of the West account. Than a complaint. I am getting out now while I can. Thanks.

After Complaining How They Run Their Service They Closed My Account
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DELTA, COLORADO -- I have been banking with this bank for years. I went in to cash a insurance check. I needed the money for another car since mine burned. They told me they had to hold the check for 7 days. I complained and then I went in to put a check in and take cash out they would not do that. I complained again so they were holding 4600 of mine. Now I get a notice they are closing my account and holding my husbands social security direct deposit.

It's uncalled for that they make the rules as they go I called the main office in Calif. And she was helpful but not I have a this letter they work for us. It's our money in their bank and they treat people like we don't amount too much when we aren't the big money holders. It's not right.

Checking Account
By -

GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA -- Today I went to BOW branch in Glendale, CA on Glendale Ave. to open a free checking account, to my surprise they refuse to open a checking account for me unless I would also open a saving account as well. I walk out of the branch knowing that not only BOW lost a potential customer but I will not recommend BOW to any one!

Idenitity Theft
By -

COVINA, CALIFORNIA -- A Bank of the West manager instructed one of her employees to approach a friend who was a banker at another bank to steal my personal and banking information. This was done in retaliation due to a family dispute. The Bank of the West employee walked out of the other bank with my personal information including account numbers, social security number, driver's license number and birth date. This information was subsequently transmitted out of state.

All of these activities took place during working hours while these people were on the payroll of the Bank of the West. The banker at the other bank was terminated immediately upon discovery of the unauthorized access and later hired by Bank of the West. Consumers need to be aware that although the following appears on the Bank of the West web site: "The Bank's reputation for honesty and integrity is the sum of the personal reputations of its individual employees. Ours is a culture of ethical behavior, in which we protect the confidence and privacy of our customers and scrupulously avoid conflicts of interest."

The Bank of the West does not enforce this statement nor do they discipline any managers who violate this statement. The Bank of West actually takes the position that the activities of their managers are personal activities and not an issue for the bank despite the statement above related to their core values.

Federal agencies such as the FDIC and the California Department of Financial Institutions do not take any action related to this type of identity theft activities. Law Enforcement agencies, most notable, The Los Angeles County Sheriff's department will not take any action in a case like this unless there are fraudulent activities that actually occur with the stolen identity. CONSUMERS – be careful with BANK OF THE WEST and beware of the behavior of their employees!!!

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