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Patient Abuse
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MESA, ARIZONA -- On Aug.2nd 2012 my husband'S kidney doctor admitted him into the hospital.

He had a bed on the 6th floor, when we got there the head nurse refused to have him on her floor because besides having bad kidneys he also has heart problems. So, they put him on the 4th floor. When we got there the head nurse wanted him in isolation for a infection 5 yrs earlier. This was wrong.

I fought the nurse and he said I was right. Then, when it came time for his meals, we told the girls that bought his meals what he didn't like. She informed us that he's going to eat the food he dislikes while he in the hospital. I had to go his doctor to get some food to eat or go out and buy his food. This all happen on Thursday.

On Friday, it seemed everything was OK until the night shift came on. The aid and head nurse tried to put him back into isolation and again the head nurse came back and said I was right, but my husband wanted to leave the hospital because of what I found out. After we signed him out of the hospital the male aid that was assigned to him wanted him in isolation. He didn't care if we was telling the truth or not. He also made several comments that [snip] my husband off to make him leave. One comment was he shouldn't come to the hospital, he should go home and die people like us should not be on this Earth and his wife is a [snip].

My husband has 3 top medical insurances and each time he's in the hospital, I have review the bill for charges that didn't happen, test that were never given and they also tried to charge him for a case of females pads.

This is not the first time they have mistreated my husband. They have gone as far if I don't shut up and do has they tell to do, my husband can stand up a year in the hospital and I was to pick him up when they decide to release him.

I was not allow at the hospital. Since 2009 my husband has been in this hospital almost 30 times each stand get worse and worse each time for the world to know that they abuse the patients. Also the insurance my husband has are 2 Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Medicare. They don't care about the patients just how much they can get out of the insurers.

When I go to cafeteria you should hear some of the horror stories I have heard. Thursday they release with 15in open wound the doctor took him off all meds gave him none to go home no cleaning supplies to take of the wound and the doctor told because he had tattoo he a drug addict that why he didn't want him as a patient and stay away from the hospital.

I am contacting our insurances and the medical broad and letting every one know how this hospital abuse their patients!
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User Replies:
Karnamay on 08/05/2012:
This is why Americans need universal health care. We never experience these problems in Canada. I am also a reg. nurse and have never witnessed such abuse as you describe.
Amy on 08/05/2012:
It is not the lack of universal health care that causes these situations, the OP's husband had good health care, the hospital was getting paid, they just don't care about the care they give their patients regardless of pay. Universal health care will not fix poor quality care when the nurses don't care about the people they treat. I have witnessed hospitals in my area give indigents the same quality and humane treatment they do for those with the best insurance. It is certain hospitals and medical staff that simply shouldn't be in the business and don't care about giving quality care. Universal health care here in America will not fix the quality issues for these kinds of places.
oldisgood on 08/05/2012:
I sympathize with the poster, but I was also In Banner Baywood and without the excellent care I got there and the conern everyone that took care of me had for me, I would have died. I am sure there is another side to this story and would like to hear it. As far as I am concerned Banner Baywood is a top notch hospital.
FoDaddy19 on 08/05/2012:
I'm interested in hearing the other side of this story.
jonthethird on 08/07/2012:
Read the UK newspapers about the problems they have with NHS. Our health care is not perfect, but there are more MRI units in LA then then entire nation of Canada. When I needed an MRI, I was scheduled the next day, and always receive excellent care from my medical team
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Services and Billing.
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
ARIZONA -- I received services at the Banner Baywood Emergency Room on two separate occasions in October and November of 2013. I have Humana insurance and this hospital is in my network of preferred care. On one visit my Humana insurance paid all the bills sent to them from Baywood Emergency. On the other visit here was an additional bill from another company (not Banner Emergency). This bill was not completely paid by Humana because they were out of network and submitted the bill as outpatient services not emergency room services. This company wanted me to pay the additional charges that Humana did not pay. Humana asked me to tell them to submit another bill as an emergency room billing not outpatient billing and that they would make an adjustment but instead they sent it to collections and now I am being harassed by them to pay the additional charges. Apparently Banner Baywood Emergency allows out of network doctors to provide services at this facility but no one tells you that they are not in you network of providers. These out of network doctors do not properly bill your insurance and expect you to pay for the additional charges that the insurance does not cover. I am sure that I signed something when I was admitted that says somewhere in small print that this is what they are allowing but this is clearly a deceptive practice in that you are in a situation where you are under physical and mental duress and prompted "Just sign here" I though that did everything that I was supposed to do by going to a facility that was in my Humana network but Banner Baywood did not properly inform me of the fact that they were allowing out of network doctors to provide services.

I never would have allowed this out of network doctor to provide any services if I had known the facts. So on one visit I got lucky and had al in network doctors and the following week on my next visit I had an out of network doctor and now am expected to pay hundreds of dollars more for services.
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Posted by on
MESA -- I will attempt to make a very long story short by outlining below a recent experience at Banner Baywood Hospital located in Mesa, Arizona.

-My adult daughter was ill and I drove her to Banner Baywood Hospital.
-Newly renovated parking lot is a nightmare to navigate. Extremely narrow parking spaces. Had to park downstairs and either walk-up a flight of stairs or take an elevator up to the ER. What "ill" person is willing/able to do this??
-Newly remodeled ER: Extremely brightly lit, extremely limited seating, extremely uncomfortable seating, had to sit shoulder-to-shoulder with the next ill person beside me. Seating is arranged so all who are waiting are forced to sit "facing" the people sitting across from them with a space of no more than 5-6 feet apart. I didn't want to be stared at and I was not ill. Can't imagine how an extremely ill person would feel being stared at. I also didn't want to be easily exposed to the germs of those who were ill and I WAS! Within 10 days of this ER visit, I ended-up with pneumonia. Ugh! I don't think it was coincidence either.
-Waited and waited and waited. Arrived at 6:15 P.M. and were still waiting at 1:00 A.M. Approximately 1-2 patient names were called PER HOUR. LITERALLY! There were on average at least 60 people waiting at all times.
-People were leaving left and right. Most all were irate and verbally shared with the staff who seemed offended and not to care.
-Several elderly patients were in wheelchairs, moved literally to the middle of the ER waiting room floor and were abandoned. Feeling sorry for many of these folks, after several hours of waiting, I was asking nurses for water and blankets and personally delivered them to these poor souls. The waiting room was FREEZING COLD and these already sick individuals were left totally exposed.
-I checked with the admitting nurse once per hour. I was told that the hospital ER was fully staffed. When I asked how many doctors that included I was told "TWO!!!!!!!!" Well there you go! Effective management of resources! NOT! Whomever is making these staffing/procedural/customer service related decisions SHOULD BE FIRED IMMEDIATELY.
-Left at approximately 1:15 a. m., my daughter had still not been called to be seen, and went to a nearby private hospital. We were admitted and seen by the attending physician within 30 minutes. Excellent and thorough service. Extremely professional and competent.
-Seriously, go to Chandler Regional Hospital (excellent - model hospital), Gilbert Hospital....any other regional hospital excluding the BANNER name.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/07/2010:
And there you have the average emergency room. High care costs, millions ion unpaid bills, and hospitals are barely able to stay open and operating. All those extra staffers you want have to be paid...who is going to foot the bill? It stinks...I know. But having experience working in a billing office for medical profession, I can see why it costs so much and why they are understaffed.

Also, don't forget, every entity in operation these days is cutting back. Think it's bad now? Just wait.
Anonymous on 04/07/2010:
That actually sounds like a typical ER experience. I'm sure your daughter, along with all of the other waiting patients, was triaged.

Keep in mind that they may have had enough staff, but if they don't have open beds, well..

I agree that it stinks, and I'm glad you chose to go somewhere else. I also hope your daughter is OK.
azspots on 04/07/2010:
This is too typical of Banner Baywood. My husband went in there with a severe nose bleed a few years back (to where it was running down his chest and pooling under his chair). He sat there 7 hours!! Same problem a few days later-8 hour sit after coming by ambulance. Finally 6 hours trip # 3 and he was admitted. This place should be investigated, fined and whatever else-they are horrid.
get_real on 08/01/2011:
ER patients are seen according to the severity of illness/injury. If people would stop going to the er for colds, aches, and stuff that could be taken care of at the doctors office, the wait would not be so long. Keep in mind that many patients are brought in by ambulance and bypass the waiting area. Sorry you have to wait to have your runny nose and cough checked out while someone else is having a heart attack or not breathing and require the doc, 2-3 nurses, respiratory, and 1-2 techs.
Steve on 05/10/2012:
I worked at banner baywood many years ago. Same dump
it was then. Found several of my patients dead in the ER
and the nurses didn't even know they died. It is a real scary
place. The icu nurses had to wear house arrest collars around their necks to electronically check when they were
going into patient rooms from too many complaints in the past
Christina on 03/10/2013:
Would not go back if I was dying. I went there for complications from a foot surgery. When I arrived my foot was so swollen the incision sight had split open and bleeding. They sat me in a hard chair after advising them I had 3 buldging disk in my back and left me there for hours. Not so much as a ice pack was offered
Sophie on 07/16/2013:
Any Banner Hospital, ER or not, is a death trap. They pride themselves on having the latest and greatest computer system that contains all your medical information, allergies, tests, etc. But doctors and nurses don't use them or even look you up in the system. They love running tests that are not necessary, especially CT Scans. Banner doctors are contracted which means they know nothing about you and basically don't care. The nursing staff sucks and are always understaffed. If you are lucky, you may get one nurse who will listen to you once you get to the point of begging for help.
Just avoid anything, anyone attached to Banner.
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Worst Hospital in the world
Posted by on
MESA, ARIZONA -- I have had several, several bad experiences with this hospital in the past. Although, I promised I would never go here again....I happen to live 5 minutes away. My son just happened to hit his head extremely hard and he had a pumpkin seed size hole in the very top of his head and it was bleeding profusely. My sister told me that she had taken both of her kids there recently and she thought things had changed...they got right in...etc. So, I rushed my son down there (getting a photo radar ticket on the way). When we check in at the front desk, no one comes around the desk to determine severity. They put that thing to test vitals on his finger and take us to the waiting room. The nurse that took us back said we would be seen quickly. 45 minutes pass. My son, still bleeding and crying just wanted to leave so bad. We saw several people come right in....and then get called back right away. Theses people were older or elderly. There were no other 6 year old, or young children in the waiting room. After waiting for about an hour, I finally decided to leave. While walking out, I received several snide remarks from the front desk staff. When I got home, I basically had to fix it up myself. It was wayyy too late for stitches at this point. My husband called the emergency room and spoke with the supervisor. All she could say is that "depending on the severity" would depend on the waiting time. How would they know the severity if they never looked at his head? Then the supervisor proceeds to say she will not stand to be yelled at, or continue any kind of discussion. I try to give these people a chance to redeem themselves....and they just can not do it! This hospital is so hideous. It's like they collected all of the worst of the worst in the medical field and they send them all to work at banner baywood in mesa, az.
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User Replies:
Helpful on 08/07/2010:
I tried to side with the OP on this, but in fairness, a parent is always going to think they're the most important. Hospitals are absolutely not first come first serve. And I would guarantee that the person who put the vital "thingy" on your child's finger, also saw the cut. If you were able to get walk out and deal with the problem yourself, not needing stitches, it doesn't sound too bad. I'm sorry your son got hurt, but by anything written, it doesn't seem that the medical staff did anything wrong.
Anonymous on 08/07/2010:
If my kid had a HOLE in their head, I would raise hell to get my son seen. Sounds like it *may* have been an abrasion (I could be wrong), and head wounds are notorious for bleeding profusely.

OP, how did you "fix it up", and how long ago did this happen?

I'm confused as to why you mentioned the ages of the other patients seen before your son.
Venice09 on 08/07/2010:
Dryad, wouldn't the level of attention be based on the amount of blood in a situation like this? I'm thinking that the child wasn't bleeding that much by the time they got to the ER. Maybe that's why he wasn't a priority.
Anonymous on 08/08/2010:
Venice, I've never seen an ER where the patient wasn't properly triaged. There are more vital signs that are usually taken besides the pulse oximeter. The triage nurse would have taken a history of the injury, pain level, etc, plus ask about any other medical problems/meds/allergies. The triage nurse would also examine the injury, not just look at the amount or absence of blood.

If the hospital did none of those things, I find it hard to believe that they are still in business.
leet60 on 08/08/2010:
If anyone, especially a child this young, has a significant blow to the head, the visual appearance of the injury does little to determine the extent of the injury. While the human skull fuses at around age 2, it continues to grow. Any significant blow to the skull can cause the brain to "bounce" against the inner edge of the skull risking problems from a mild concussion to intercranial bleeding.

The OP is absolutely right to be incensed about the lack of treatment. I strongly suggest a personal visit to the hospital administrator to make him/her aware of this treatment.
Venice09 on 08/08/2010:
Now that I think of it, Dryad, I never actually walked into an ER. Every time I had to go with a family member, they went by ambulance. I really don't know what happens if you walk in. I guess I was thinking that the sight of a lot of blood would get immediate attention and treatment.
Starlord on 08/08/2010:
As a former EMT, I know that what people think they know about triage and the severity of injuries is not very accurate. I was working on an accident once where six people were injured and six were killed. I was working on a patient, trying to stop the flow of blood from an artery, and several people were demanding I go look at a woman who was having trouble breathing. The hardest part of triage is deciding who you can help and who you can't. The important thing is to help those you can. Some people do not require much in the way of care, as their conditions are delat within the ER. Some people you can do nothing for, they are mortally injured. In that case, the woman was demonstrating Cheyn-Stokes breathing, an indication that the lower brain stem is largely destroyed. If she had been in a hospital, nothing could have been done. The person bleeding had a chance of survival. This is the principal reason that one does not work on their own family. you cannot let your emotions control your work. Scalp wounds are deceptive, as they bleed rather copiously, and the blood spreads out quickly, so it looks much worse than it is.
jktshff1 on 08/08/2010:
Good info Starlord.
Couple of things...It was not severe enough to stay and wait for treatment seeing as you left and did it yourself. As SL said, and emergency room helps those who need it most 1st. What did the kid hit? Was there swelling ie a knot on his head? Little more to this than what was posted.
clutzycook on 08/08/2010:
I just want to say something about that ticket. I would try to protest it and tell the judge that you were rushing your child to the hospital with a head injury. They MIGHT let you off.
jnapier on 08/08/2010:
Thanks for the last comment about the ticket. Other than that, sounds like most of you work at banner baywood. They did not see the hole on the top of his head. They stood right in front of him the whole time, sitting, so they were not standing over him. There was a trail of blood from the wound and all over his shirt. He was bleeding the entire time we were there. And! I don't know what that "thingy" for checking vitals is called because I AM NOT IN THE MEDICAL PROFESSION! By "fixing it up" I meant, my husband, mother and sister (who are all not in the medical profession) had to google what to do. We iced it,and cleaned it the best we could, while my son was screaming and crying. It was a hole. Like I said though, we really were not sure what to do because we have no medical training of any kind. Even though its not first come first serve, why would a child that is bleeding from a hole in their head have to wait so long at an emergency room, that is not even busy? And why would the front desk staff be so rude when we were leaving?
jnapier on 08/08/2010:
Oh, he hit the corner of the bathroom counter while pulling up his pants. He said he was trying to hurry. I only left the ER because he was freezing and begging to leave. He would cry and say it hurt so bad...then try to say it did not hurt anymore, just to leave.
jnapier on 08/08/2010:
Why wouldn't the nurse say, it's hard to determine the severity right now and it may be a little bit before he is seen? Right away, she said he would be seen quickly. To me, that means less than an hour.
raven2010 on 08/08/2010:
If it were a true emergency requiring an ER visit, there is no way I would have left just because the child was begging to leave.

If I felt my child wasn't being properly cared for, I would have asked to see the patient advocate and/or charge nurse immediately. But hey, that's just me.

If you were able to clean and care for the would by following instructions you found on google, I would say it wasn't an emergency. If he needed stitches, your home care would not have solved the issue---even hours later.
Skye on 08/08/2010:
I'm sorry your son was injured. He's a little boy, and of course he's going to be upset, as well as you. You have to remember, they take people in the ER according to the severity of their injuries or complaints. Did you know the head bleeds the most, when it suffers any type of trauma? You need to have your child examined by another medical facility. An open wound is nothing to mess around with. The last thing you need is for your son to get an infection, due to not having his wound treated.
Nohandle on 08/08/2010:
I don't believe anyone here works for that hospital, a comment you made that seems to have been deleted. As far as a child begging to leave..what child wants to be in an emergency room? None I can think of. There's no way on God's Green Earth would I have left an ER with a child in the condition you mentioned no matter what he begged. You are the responsible adult not a child making the determination.
Anonymous on 08/08/2010:
You should have waited till they took your son in. He would of eventually been seen. Better safe then sorry.
Anonymous on 08/08/2010:
The hospital seems ill-equipped to treat children in an emergency situation. The ER at our hospital, in a smaller city, has a pediatric ER section. They have specialists who can assess the children/infants quickly and in a suitable environment in which the child is cared for in a reassuring way. The cut could have been a smaller issue, compared to a possible concusion and numerous other issues having to do with head injuries.
Skye on 08/08/2010:
They may have been sing, but the mother should never have left. She is the adult, and leaving was not in the best interest of the child.
Anonymous on 08/08/2010:
I agree, Skye. But, I guess my point was not the mother, but the way the hospital handled the situation.
Skye on 08/08/2010:
I understood what you meant sing, and its a very valid point. The hospital may not have been equipped for children, but they are equipped to treat people, and the mother leaving because her child was crying, to me seems very irresponsible on her part. Just because she did not get in immediately, and again, they take them in order of injury, as you are aware of, was not reason to just get up and go. But it was her choice to stay or go, and her choice ended up being to leave. I really hope for her childs sake, she takes him to the doctor or another medical facility for treatment.
yoke on 08/08/2010:
If the child was that injured the mom should never have left and if the child was as injured as the mother claims he was the hospital would have contacted CPS and someone would have been out to do a safety check, it happened to a friend of mine. She brought her child in and got irrate that he was not seen as soon as she wanted and left. Within an hour of her being home CPS was at her home to do a medical check on the child, since the ER felt he did need to be seen. Has the mother brought the child to see his own doctor since the incident?
Starlord on 08/08/2010:
Yoke is correct. Did the mother wake the child up every two hours to make sure he would wake up? Probably not. So the kid was whining and didn't like the ER. So what? I am 64 and I don't like the Er. Even with EMT and First Responder training, I don't know enough about medicine to self-diagnose, and I would never consult google on a head injury. The mother did the child no favors taking him home. And Google?? What was she thinking? BTW, I do not work at that or any hospital.
Anonymous on 08/08/2010:
I have to agree with everyone on here. When I was a kid I to had a small head wound and my mom took me to the ER and I was kicking and screaming to get outta there she had me stay till they saw me and stitched up my head. Which I still have a scar from if I didn't get medical attention could have got a infection.
Venice09 on 08/08/2010:
I couldn't make up my mind about this. I know logically that everyone is right, but I couldn't help thinking what it would be like waiting a hour in the ER with a crying, bleeding child in pain. If I did leave, I would have tried to get treatment somewhere else. I don't know if that was an option in this case.

Wally, you helped me decide. Since this happened to you as a kid, you know what it felt like. And now you realize your mom did the right thing. I'm sure it wasn't easy for either of you at the time, but sometimes things just have to be dealt with to avoid something worse happening.

When my daughter was a toddler, she tripped on a rug at my parents' house and gashed her forehead on the corner of the coffee table. I'm not sure what we were thinking, but we didn't take her to the ER and took care of it ourselves. To this day, I regret not going to the hospital. We were lucky that the cut wasn't worse than it looked. She ended up with a scar on her forehead but it's hardly noticeable anymore.
azspots on 08/09/2010:
My husband went to their (Banner/Baywood) twice within 2 days for a hemmoraging nose bleed to where his blood was literally pooling under his chair. First time wait was 6 hours, 2nd time-8 hours (brought in by ambulance this time), he was admitted after "visit" two. IF either of us ever needs emergency medical care, we will go where we take our doberman-Red Mtn. Animal Hospital. We KNOW they care about their patients.
MRM on 08/09/2010:
I didn't think that an animal hospital would treat people also.
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