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Sales girl at Partridge Creek Mall
Posted by on
48038, MICHIGAN -- There is a sales girl at Partridge Creek mall, in MI. Her name is [snip] and she is awful. She literally yells across the store, follows me around while I'm trying to browse, and tries to pressure me into buying items, even ones I already have.

1. Do not yell at me. There is no need.

2. I am an adult. Do NOT follow me around the store. There is NO reason for you to be so annoying.

3. I will buy what I want/need to buy without your "help". And no, I will not buy them from you.

I will no longer shop there when she is there. I peer in the window, and if I see her, I will not go in. She needs to leave.
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Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
I hate to be followed around too..but that is their job, minus the yelling of course. Try, I order from them all the time and have never had a problem.
yoke on 10/09/2008:
Have you tried to talk to her manager about how she is. She may be turning other customers away also.
If an employee follows me around I walk to the door and leave.
bill on 10/09/2008:
I agree with Yoke. Talk to the manager. Let him/her know how pushy the salesgirl is. There is a big difference between being a good, helpful salesperson and a salesperson who hounds the customers.
Principissa on 10/09/2008:
I agree with yoke. Any time I visit a store, I am usually asked for help. I politely decline, ask their name, and inform them that if I need help I will find them. Nine times out of ten they leave me alone. On the off chance they don't leave me alone, I leave. I refuse to feel like I am being stalked around a store. And this sounds exactly like what this girl is doing. I'm curious to know what her manager said when you brought this to his/her attention. If you haven't, perhaps a quick call or a letter to the store manager to let them know how she is behaving would help. You never know, you may not be the only one who has an issue with her behavior and management may in fact be clueless because nobody has complained about it.
MRM on 10/09/2008:
At first I thought that being asked for help is annoying but now I'm used to it and I say that "I'm just looking."
jktshff1 on 10/09/2008:
Politely refusing help usually works.
The girl may be on a commission and trying to up sales
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
When I read this post I thought OP was referring to the cosmetics counter, which if any of you have ever tried to just look or browse, you know it's almost impossible to do so without the sales staff hovering over you the entire time, even if they're politely asked to stay out of your personal space.
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
that sales girl sounds hot.
MRM on 10/09/2008:
"AnnoyedCustomer" I don't agree with your last statement "I will no longer shop there when she is there." The more you shop there, she will get the message and leave you alone. Be brave! Sales people are only human and will not bite you!
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
you have a dirty mind, TW
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
yes I do!
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
why can't I edit my comments????????
jktshff1 on 10/09/2008:
TW...probably 'cause admin is still working on your I'm post thing!LOL!
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
my what? I'm not the one that needs moderators trolling me.
MRM on 10/09/2008:
I see what's going on here... Trainwreck and JC, get a room! The room is only $50 at the Red Roof Inn.
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
jktshff1 on 10/09/2008:
TW you're right it was tnchuck....sorry
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
Sounds like you need an "order of protection".
Are you that afraid of 'Snip' that you can't tell her to leave you alone?

"....I peer in the window, and if I see her, I will not go in. She needs to leave....?"
There is more to this story.
cherpep on 10/09/2008:
Just went to Partridge Creek mall this past weekend. I didn't go into this store, but I really enjoyed walking around the outdoor mall. It was chilly, and I was disappointed they didn't have a fire going in their huge fireplace in the center of the mall. Loved the Illuminations store - I could have dropped a pretty penny in there, but I was a good girl and just bought 1 candle, autumn air. Love it!
Anonymous on 10/09/2008:
Being in that store is supposed to be a luxury experience given that their wonderful make up is not cheap. You are allowing this moron to dictate whether you enjoy shopping there? I would give the manager a call tomorrow.

One way to stop someone from following you around (if they don't heed a verbal request) is to cross your arms, turn toward them and just stare at them. They go away pretty quickly.
annoyedcustomer on 10/10/2008:
I tried to post her name, but now it just says 'snip'. Oh well. I think I will call the mgr today. I just really do not like being hounded, yelled at and pressured.
cherpep on 10/10/2008:
You really should call. Managers want to know if their employees are affecting their customers this way. I'm sure the employee will benefit from this knowledge too.
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For sensitive skin? Think again!
Posted by on
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I bought my mom the bare minerals set from Sephora because she's revamping her look but hates the feel of makeup on her skin. She loves it and it looks great on her, so I decided to try it too. Now, my skin has been unanimously described by many makeup application staff as "the lightest I've ever seen" because I really am not yellow or pink. I am absolutely neutral, so it's nasty trying to find a foundation that doesn't give me a tint. I went to a bare minerals store with my mom and two friends. I told the saleslady I wanted to buy the very light foundation, but then she mentioned that they were doing color matches that day. I told her to sign me up because I wanted to be absolutely sure it was right. She got very huffy and grumbled but I got a match. And it didn't match. The lightest one they had turned yellow on my skin. The consultant applied a full face anyway, including their primer potion. After a few minutes, my face started to get very itchy. The first salesperson was very pushy and wanted me to buy the product, but when I complained of the itchiness, she said it was because my skin was dry. Excuse me. My skin is as glossy as J Lo's hair. I suggested that I might be allergic to something (I am very allergic to odd things). She said, very sarcastically, that that was only possible if I were allergic to rocks since that's what the makeup is made out of. My mom went to read some labels and came back telling me that the primer contains oat products--to which I am allergic! So beware: 1) it does NOT match all skin and 2) Not for sensitive/ allergic skin if you buy the whole shebang. I am very disappointed in their shady marketing and pushy sales. I'm glad my mom is happy but I'll continue with my search.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/13/2007:
Sheepie87 glad you found out before they sold you that stuff. I don't understand why they said it was made of rocks? I know some of that stuff is made of bat goanna and all kinds of other stuff but I never herd of rocks?
Good luck with that and I hope you find the right one for you.
LANDON on 01/13/2007:
It sounds to me like ur complaint is more with the pushy salesperson. no make up is right for everyone. good luck with ur search! try the Bobbi Brown cosmetics, they r very good!
*Brenda* on 01/13/2007:
Lidman, it's made out of minerals.
diamondgirl on 04/13/2007:
My daughter and I both tried bare minerals, my daughter likes it but it makes her face itch too, she noticed it especially when she sweats. I quit using it also because of the itching, it also didn't give enough coverage for me.
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Customer Service
Posted by on
OHIO -- Their idea of customer service is almost laughable. Good luck if you are placing a telephone order with them. It took three separate phone calls to get an order placed. If I ever see it I will be pleasantly surprised.

I just needed to get that off my chest.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 06/28/2002:
I agree with this writer. Same thing happened to me.
Anonymous on 06/28/2002:
So why are you both placing orders if you have issues prior?
Anonymous on 07/08/2002:
BE is insanely busy right now, after being taken by storm after launching their informercial. If you call a boutique, you can order from them, and they are less overwhelmed than customer service. I promise you, BE is the best out there, and I too have been disappointed in customer service until finding out WHY they were so aweful. Give them a chance, and look up their boutique locations and call one of them and order. I drive 2 hours to a boutique and it's worth every minute of my precious time and money!
Anonymous on 07/09/2002:
Great comment Jeanna. I can imagine business is booming and even though I get frustrated with their customer service, it's worth it in the end.
Just swirl, tap and buff!
Anonymous on 07/13/2002:
I had no problems ordering- but wasn't told that the product was on backorder until I called to check on my shipment. all totaled I waited 4 weeks for my product - however I am so happy with it that it was worth the wait.
Anonymous on 07/16/2002:
Try QVC. Huge selection and excellent customer service. This is the best cosmetic line ever!
Anonymous on 07/24/2002:
I agree about QVC. However, they did not carry a certain shade of Bare Minerals foundation I needed. I finally got my make up after 2 or 3 more calls to customer service and how should be receiving them regularly.
diamondgirl on 04/13/2007:
I'm glad you all like this product, I can't use it because it makes my skin itch, especially if I sweat. I don't think it gives very good coverage either, maybe if you have perfect skin it will give you color.
LILT on 06/10/2007:
Order canceled with no reason! on 06/20/2013:
I ordered $280 worth of make-up at the website.Ten days went by without any notification. I called the customer service number to ask if my order had shipped since I was going on vacation and wasn't sure if I would have my make-up before I left. I received an email saying one of the items I had ordered was now out of stock so my entire purchase was canceled since "you indicated you were going on vacation." What the ***? I wanted the rest of the items! Every time I have called for help, I have gotten obnoxious people on the phone who are rude and snarky.
Awful customer service on all fronts.Buyer beware!
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