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Salesgirl at Partridge Creek Mall
By -

48038, MICHIGAN -- There is a salesgirl at Partridge Creek mall, in MI. Her name is ** and she is awful. She literally yells across the store, follows me around while I'm trying to browse, and tries to pressure me into buying items, even ones I already have. Do not yell at me. There is no need. I am an adult. Do NOT follow me around the store. There is NO reason for you to be so annoying. I will buy what I want/need to buy without your "help". And no, I will not buy them from you. I will no longer shop there when she is there. I peer in the window, and if I see her, I will not go in. She needs to leave.

For sensitive skin? Think again!
By -

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN -- I bought my mom the bare minerals set from Sephora because she's revamping her look but hates the feel of makeup on her skin. She loves it and it looks great on her, so I decided to try it too. Now, my skin has been unanimously described by many makeup application staff as "the lightest I've ever seen" because I really am not yellow or pink. I am absolutely neutral, so it's nasty trying to find a foundation that doesn't give me a tint. I went to a bare minerals store with my mom and two friends. I told the saleslady I wanted to buy the very light foundation, but then she mentioned that they were doing color matches that day.

I told her to sign me up because I wanted to be absolutely sure it was right. She got very huffy and grumbled but I got a match. And it didn't match. The lightest one they had turned yellow on my skin. The consultant applied a full face anyway, including their primer potion. After a few minutes, my face started to get very itchy. The first salesperson was very pushy and wanted me to buy the product, but when I complained of the itchiness, she said it was because my skin was dry. Excuse me. My skin is as glossy as J Lo's hair. I suggested that I might be allergic to something (I am very allergic to odd things).

She said, very sarcastically, that that was only possible if I were allergic to rocks since that's what the makeup is made out of. My mom went to read some labels and came back telling me that the primer contains oat products--to which I am allergic! So beware: 1) It does NOT match all skin and 2) Not for sensitive/ allergic skin if you buy the whole shebang. I am very disappointed in their shady marketing and pushy sales. I'm glad my mom is happy but I'll continue with my search.

Customer Service
By -

OHIO -- Their idea of customer service is almost laughable. Good luck if you are placing a telephone order with them. It took three separate phone calls to get an order placed. If I ever see it I will be pleasantly surprised. I just needed to get that off my chest.

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