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Poor installation and customer service
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PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- We just purchased a granite countertop from Barefoot Floors located in Northeast Philadelphia on Woodhaven Rd. When the company came out to make a template for the countertop they broke two of my kitchen cabinets, the existing sink and garbage disposal. Barefoot floors didn't take any responsibility for breaking the countertops, sink and garbage disposal and blamed my wife for the damage. Then they accused me of having "old cabinets", but still assured me even that they would fix them when they installed the counter top. When the installers came out they first spent over an hour on the phone speaking talking to someone in Russian so I had no idea what was going on. At first they still refused to fix the countertop and said that they do not have any wood glue to repair the cabinets. Suddenly after I refused to pay the balance the wood glue suddenly appeared for them to repair the cabinet they claim didn't break...They did a horrible repair job on the cabinet. I need to now have my kitchen cabinets refaced because the two doors are not repairable. Also the hole they cut for the sink was a terrible ratchet job and sloppy job cutting the stone. They also cracked my synthetic granite sink. The customer service is no existence and I would never shop nor buy from Barefoot floors ever again. They might have been 200 dollars cheaper than your big box home repair store, but it wasn't worth it after all that I had to go through. DO NOT BUY FROM BAREFOOT FLOORS. Penny wise is always pound foolish.
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Noneill on 08/19/2006:
I feel your pain, really I do. But why call a floor company to do your counters?
SHELLBY on 08/24/2006:
I don't understand how they broke your sink, cabinets and disposal making a template.
dolphin on 04/19/2007:
Sorry to hear you had a problem. I have to agree, I don't understand why they did your granite counter.We had a wonderful experience building our home. And no, they don't even do Granite Counters I had to go somewhere else.Some owners of franchise co's just don't feel customer service is important,just wait they will be out of business with that type of attitude.
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