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Don't Even Consider Buying From These Thieves!
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SMYRNA,, GEORGIA -- On February 15, 2010 we purchased a sectional couch and counter height table set from Bargain Barn LLC. At that time, we paid Bargain Barn in full for both items, a total amount of $1407.00. 2/21- After our initial delivery date came and when I contacted the Sales Manager of the Overstock Division about it via email he stated that the shipping date on it was scheduled for 3-5-2010 and that he would get me the tracking info as soon as he got it. 3/3- emailed Sales Manager again asking for the tracking info since he never got back to me with it. 3/5- still no word, emailed again at which point he said he would check on it.

Items finally shipped on 3/4 (or so he said) and received a tracking number. 3/11- sectional couch is delivered to our house, but no sign of the $692 (plus shipping) table set and no explanation as to where it is. 3/11- My husband calls manager requesting an explanation as to where the table set is. His response is that he would check on it and get back with us. No response. 3/12- Manager responds to an email from me requesting info about the couch saying again that he will check on it. No response.

3/15- Emailed manager AGAIN. "Any word on the table yet?" You guessed it, no response. 3/26- response from manager "Once the product is picked up from the warehouse you can start tracking. I will let you know when it is picked up from the warehouse."

Finally received a Bill of Lading for the table from the Operations Overstock Division, with a tracking number. Pulled up the tracing ("PRO") number on Southeastern Freight Line's website and it said that the shipping company was only electronically notified of a shipment and nothing more. Called Freight Line to clarify that this was true and they confirmed it. Lots more phone calls made and voice mails left and... nothing. In fact, 75% of the time this company does not answer the phone!

On or about 4/29/2010, received phone call from "D" a supposed manager from Bargain Barn that took over the messes the other "D" left behind. You see, the former "D" was supposedly let go, which I later found out was false. The new "D" asked if I wanted to be refunded for the table set and I said no, but that I DID want to be refunded my shipping costs due to the incredible delay and frustration this has caused me, but that I really just wanted the table set we ordered.

He said he understood and would look into getting a shipping refund authorized by the owners and that he would have info re the shipment of my table set no later than Tuesday of the following week which would have been 5/4/2010.

5/5/2010 Called "D", no answer. VM full-emailed the following instead. I wrote, "Hi again. After speaking with you on Thursday and Friday of last week, you said you would get back with me no later than Tuesday of this week (5/4) with information on the shipping of the table set I have been waiting on and shipping refund. Haven't heard back from you. Tried calling yesterday, left a VM and "D" (former) called me back. I told him I was trying to get a hold of you and he said he would give you the message, but again, I haven't heard back from you. Please contact me asap via phone or email with information. Thank You."

5/11/2010 Email from S in Operations Overstock Division: "product will be picked up on 5/14" (from warehouse). 5/20/2010 Email to SK: "Do you have any answers for me yet?" (re shipping date and refund status). Response from SK: "Yes I have, sorry. Trucking company is forwarding to me and you check has gone out." 5/25/2010 Email from SK: "Will this work?" (The email had an attachment with a picture of a table set similar to the one we ordered but with different dimensions, etc. Keep in mind, S offered no info on why the product I had originally ordered was unavailable.).

Response from Me: "I will take it! When can it ship?" Response from SK: "Tomorrow. I will forward the tracking information." 6/2/2010 Email to SK: "What is the status of my refund and shipment? Per my conversation with D yesterday, he said he would have information for me by today." 6/11/2010 Response from D via phone conversation: "Sorry for not calling back, been out of the office for a few days. Table will ship from Coaster Furniture Store. Table has been paid for and the pro has been sent. Just waiting on word from the company. Trying to get it shipped out of CA for faster delivery. Told the company that it MUST ship by next week."

(week of 6/14-6/18) Me- "Has refund been sent?" D- "I know 15 checks went out today not sure if one of them was yours (note: D as well as SK have specifically told me that HE writes the checks). I will check into it on Monday and definitely call you back then." Me- "OK, thank you."

6/16/2010 Called D at 3:10pm and he answered. He stated that he would call down to the warehouse right away and call me back in 20 minutes (Something he commonly says.). And again, no phone call back! 6/21/2010 Called D and he answered. Immediately after I told him who was calling, he said he would call the company since he hadn't heard from them and call me right back. No phone call back! Since the above phone call there have been numerous calls and VM's to D. It is always the same song and dance, either he will answer and say he will call me right back after he "calls the warehouse" or simply doesn't answer or call back at all.

6/23/2010 After numerous attempts to get a hold of someone today I called SK (Since she is D's supposed supervisor) on her direct line and requested a phone call back since her sales people do not call people back. NO call back. Since all of this I have attempted to reach these people and no one will answer or they will answer then hang up. It is obvious that these people are crooks and they need to be stopped. Meanwhile I am out of $800+ dollars and have no table for my family to eat on to show for it.

Have already filed a complaint with the BBB and have launched an investigation with the Georgia Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs, Criminal Investigation Division. Even wrote this last email to the company and yet, nothing.

The email read: "Just wanted to inform you of a conversation I had with D today. He called me, as I'm sure you are aware, and proceeded to tell me that you all are still having issues with furniture coming back damaged (something that should be irrelevant considering last I heard just yesterday, the item was to be coming directly to me from Coaster Furniture!!!). He then suggested that I simply agree to a refund to remedy the problem we seem to be continually having.

"I agreed and asked him what the next step would be. He told me that I actually needed to call my back and request that they do a chargeback. I told him that I tried to do that months ago when it was obvious that my furniture wasn't coming anytime soon and I wasn't able to get anywhere because that the charge was over 60 days old. He then tried telling me that the bank was just saying that because they didn't want to do the chargeback. I told him 'no' and that my bank is very reputable and I trusted what they had told me.

I then asked him why Bargain Barn could not refund my money the same way it was sent to you and his response was that it costs them money to do credits through PayPal. I told him I did not care and that there was no reason it couldn't be sent that way or via check. After all, I have been under the impression this whole time that Damien was working on getting a check sent out to reimburse the cost of shipping to me. He of course then passed the buck and said that D would have to deal with that since he is in accounting. I said OK and asked him to have D call me with a solution to this problem.

Now I leave you with this email. Either Bargain Barn reimburses me my money, or I will not hesitate to fly to Georgia and sue you and believe me, I'm not bluffing! I am done, done, done with this nightmare of a company!! I expect a response via phone or email within the next day. Thank you."

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