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I'm sorry I ever heard of Bari Leather Furniture!
Posted by Sdozier50 on 03/05/2013
ALTAMONT SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- I first ordered my furniture Sept. 1, 2012. I received information in Oct. that my order had been canceled and no refund was available due to a service agreement Bari had entered into with LuxeYard, who was holding our funds. I finally got my money back ($7100+) after disputing the LuxeYard charge with my credit card company. Bari told me there would be a two week turnaround to deliver my furniture (this was the first of Dec. 2012) and they would give us a 10% discount if we replaced the order directly with them. On December 17 Bari told us it would be mid-January 2013, and they would give me an additional $500 credit, which we never got. Mid-January we were told it would be January 29th. We received an email on January 28, 2013 that our furniture was shipping. We kept following up with the shipping company, who said they did not have our furniture. On February 26 we learned the shipping company was scheduling half of our furniture for delivery on March 7. Now it is March 5 and I just received an email from the shipper that they have our furniture (two of the four pieces), but Bari has canceled the shipment... and I cannot get anyone from Bari on the phone to answer any questions. All calls go to voice mail. We lost our home to a tornado April 27, 2011, and we're just trying to replace our furniture.

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Posted by mad2 on 2013-03-07:
I too ordered furniture with Bari Leather Furniture in November, 2012, expecting a 6-8 week delivery, that did not happen. Called customer service people, they told me there was a leather problem, and the furniture would be delayed till the end of January, 2013, of course they offered us a discount...(mind you they never notified me on their own as to the fact the furniture would be delayed), I had to call after not hearing from them for weeks. They then told me the issue was solved and my date of completion for the furniture would be February 28, 2013. I called that day to be told that it would be completed on March 1, 2013 and I would be receiving an email from shipping on March 5, 2013 give or take 24 hours. That hasn't happened and it will be going on 4 months now with that order. I too have tried to email and call the Bari Furniture on March 5 and 6, 2013 with the Bari company to no avail. All I get is an answering service and they will return my call. I would have cancelled this order long ago, within the 60 day limit of my payment, but the customer service person offered 2 credits to my payment if I would allow the extra time, seemingly to be very nice. I am concerned also, as they knew this was going past the 60 day limit with my credit in order for me to be able to get my money back easily. I have made a complaint with the BBB, and will be looking for other means to obtain my monies they have already taken.
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Bari Leather Furniture HAPPY ENDING
Posted by Disabledsenior on 01/06/2011
ALTAMONTE SPRINGS, FLORIDA -- I was almost immediately contacted by L. at Bari Leather Furniture after my initial review on their customer service issues and he was very concerned. L. quickly understood my viewpoint on the situation and agreed that there was miscommunication. He offered to reorder our furniture at no additional charge and has worked very hard with his time, energy and efforts to make our experience with purchasing furniture through their company the best that it can be given the rough start. Our confidence and happiness is restored and we can sincerely recommend them to anyone interested in purchasing quality leather furniture!

Bari refused to take responsibility for mis-ordering my sofa recliner (D. took the order). After much discussion with "D." I ordered the sofa with two recliners because I am disabled and my husband needs a recliner too. Instead we got a sofa with 1 recliner. Refusing to make it right, their customer service representative J., turned it around back onto me saying I should of caught their mistake in the e-mail they sent for confirmation THAT DID NOT MENTION ANY RECLINER AT ALL! What? If the description had even mentioned 1 recliner then we could have immediately called to correct it to 2. "J." also came up with the figure of an extra $800.00 and they'll do it right this time. No thanks and don't order from this people, they take no responsibility for their own mistakes.
Delete Posted by disabledsenior at 2:18 PM on 01/06/11
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Posted by Venice09 on 2011-01-07:
How many recliners did you pay for?
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