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Good customer service
Posted by on
EDGEWATER, NJ -- I ordered an item which was a gift for my sister. The item arrived in the store and I went to pick it up. The item was placed into the bag and I paid for it. That evening when I opened my bag I found the item to be damaged. "How could they give me this item like this." I was very upset. When I called the store a very helpful person said I could bring my order back and they would reorder the item for me.
When I returned to the store, this item was no longer available for ordering. This person did everything in her power to get me my item. She even went to another store to pick it up for me. When she had the item in her possession, I picked it up and it was perfect.
Her name is Nancy and I want to thank her for all service.
In the economy we have today, customer service needs to be 100% and Nancy did just that.
Thank you again, Nancy for all your help.
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Alain on 01/09/2011:
Like you, I've always had good & friendly service at Barnes and Noble. We like to go down some afternoons and spend some time reading and getting a cup of coffee at our local B & N. I usually come out with around six books every time I go.
Venice09 on 01/09/2011:
Hey, rm's mom.. remember me? How's Edgewater doing these days?

It's nice of you to acknowledge Nancy's exceptional service. I hope all the customers appreciate her as much as you do.
trmn8r on 01/09/2011:
Great compliment. I haven't been to a B&N in many years, but always had great service there.
FlShopper on 01/09/2011:
I love B&N. Nice review.
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Missing Order
Posted by on
A once great company for books, cd’s and DVD’s and noted for its exemplary shipping is now at the bottom when it comes to customer fulfillment.

As a loyal customer, I’ve spent over $1,285.00 in the past 18 months. And now, once I get the long-awaited remaining order it will be the final one. I plan to never visit your website again.

Here is a reason (but not the only one) why:
12-06-10: placed an order with 10 items that ALL “Usually ship within 24 hours”.
12-12-10: Left warehouse (120+ business hours since order was placed).
12-12-10: Arrived at 3rd party intermediary vendor (ARGIX Direct) location.
12-14-10: ARGIX Direct logs that they delivered the package to the USPS in Philadelphia, PA.
12-14-10: USPS in Philadelphia, PA log that they received an electronic notification to expect my package for mailing.
12-20-10: USPS has not logged that they have received my package.
12-20-10: It’s now 11 business days since I placed my order and I still do not have my package.

I don’t see this as a ARGIX Direct problem, nor do I see this as a USPS problem. I see this as a Barnes And Noble problem. I did contact a B&N customer service representative. She told me that I could expect my package today. When I told her that USPS has not logged receipt of my package she said that they sometimes don’t update their system. It was either wishful thinking on her part or I was getting a blow-off. Which do you think it was? However, I did contact USPS and their automated response said that my package has not been received.

In Closing, would you buy from an online vendor that provided this level of service?

On a final note: do you have children? The package that I’m expecting from you contains the major part of my son’s Christmas presents. Please imagine how you would feel.
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Whiteduck on 12/21/2010:
Well, all that may be true, but as for the USPS updating their system that wasn't necessarily a blow-off. I've had packages delivered by them when the web site still didn't say they'd received anything.

It's a busy time of year. I hope you got your stuff on time...
momsey on 12/21/2010:
I can tell you for sure that USPS doesn't always update their systems. I mailed something two day priority last week on the 14th. On the 17th, it was still showing as "estimated delivery date 12/16" and the last status was "received at processing facility" on 12/15. The recipient didn't receive it until 12/18 when he went to the PO to pick it up. I don't know how he knew to go there, but the online tracking was no help.

FedEx and UPS are much better at tracking their packages.

I do have a son, and I also understand that this is a really busy time of year for every retailer. Hopefully you'll get your package in time for Christmas. But you'll really turn your back on a store that you've done so much business (happily, I'm assuming) with over one somewhat delayed shipment? That just doesn't seem fair.
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Please Clarify Shipping Times
Posted by on
FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- First off, I would like to say that I have used your company in the past for my textbooks and I have always been very pleased with the quality of the merchandise and the perks that I received with my purchases. This time however, I feel like you have let me down a little.

I placed an order online on 01/07/2008 at approx.1900 hours for over $300 in books that I desperately need for my graduate classes that begin on Monday. I wanted to order earlier, but because my college, Northern Arizona University, held onto my student loan and scholarship money until that day, I was stuck. I elected for the expedited shipping so I would have my books by Monday at the latest, since the online store stated that they would ship within 24 hours I went with your company over several others.

When I got home from work today, I checked my email looking for my tracking information, and there was nothing. I called to find out why there wasn't any information, and I was told by one of your very polite and helpful clerks, that one of my books was backordered and since all my books were shipping at the same time, my entire order was held until this Friday.

I asked if I could cancel and just bite the bullet and buy my books at the campus bookstore, but your clerk told me that I couldn't cancel and get a refund until I got the books and then returned them. This really puts me in a bind because I am a very obsessive and dedicated student, and I wanted to have my books so that I could get a head start on my class work. Please, in the future, when dealing with textbooks, please idiot-proof your site and warn those of us tunnel-visioned students that our books might be delayed in shipping.

I appreciate your clerks efforts, and she seemed genuinely sympathetic, and that was appreciated.
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User Replies:
calamity on 01/09/2008:
I should have mentioned that it didn't say anywhere on the site that my book was backordered. It showed it was available and ready to ship, so I assumed,(wrong to do) that everything would be ready to go and on its way to me. I know it doesn't seem like much to be whining about, but I have worked very hard to get a 4.0, and I desperately want to keep it, and between my family, an ex-husband who doesn't work, a full-time job that pays squat, I am a little tense right now. Thanks for letting me whine, and I apologize for being in full freak-out mode.
Ponie on 01/10/2008:
I think this is a well thought out letter. I would have labeled it Informative rather than Complaint because you really aren't complaining about anything, just giving them a suggestion. And--I don't think you're whining, merely stating the facts of your case.

Congrats to you for making it on your own with no assistance from the el-freako ex! Wish I could offer a suggestion to ease your situation, but you sound as though you have it all together and will triumph. Good luck!
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Rude Employees
Posted by on
OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- On July 16 2010 Barnes and noble book seller played host to Kendra of the girls next door fame. She had a book written and was to be at the store at 7pm to sign for 2 hours and meet and great fans. Myself and 2 of my friend arrived at 6:50pm and got in line. One employee a woman was rude from the beginning, When Kendra finally arrived 20 minutes late, she went right to signing and greeting people most did not buy her book at 26.00 per person instead they opted to have other items signed such as pics or playboys even though she was not a playmate. After 1 hour and forty one minutes in line and 20 feet away from our goal we were told to leave if we were not buying a book.

I asked to see a manager and a guy with long hair and tattoos claimed to be the manage told used to get out along with everyone who was not buying a book. The employees where rude and acted as if they were speaking on her behalf, which was unclear. I will never shop at Barnes and Noble or any of there other brand.
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User Replies:
Skye on 07/19/2010:
I can't.
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
Well if it were me I'd cross this Barnes and Noble off my list. They don't sell anything you can't get elsewhere and if you order from Amazaon you don't get the bad attitude.

Good review!
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
She wrote a book? What connect the dots?
Stew were yiu aware of this?
The probably shut the whole state down for such an event, huh?

jktshff1 on 07/19/2010:
2nd skye
PepperElf on 07/19/2010:
never did one of these myself but yes, I thought it is in better taste to buy the book in question, even if you get something else signed

plus you say she got there at 720pm, and you were in line for and hour and 40 minutes starting at 650 so...

by the time you were spoken to it was 830 pm or so?

Out of curiosity, when did the store close and how much longer was the line? It is possible that it was decided later on that only book buyers could be in line... either by the store, the author, or the author's publisher/handler... perhaps because of how many people had shown up for a free autograph without buying the book.

especially since the author didn't have a lot of time left for the book signing
BEJ on 07/19/2010:
She was there to do a book signing. I can see asking other items to be signed if you were also buying a book but not if you were not buying a book--just my opinion.
Venice09 on 07/19/2010:
That's a good point, Pepper. It could have been the author's or handler's decision to limit the autographs if the crowd was bigger than expected.
jktshff1 on 07/19/2010:
Does Amazon do book signings? I enjoy going to my local B&N.
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
I totally agree BEJ.
Ex centerfold models turned wives of football players that nearly singlehandedly costed his team a win in a Super Bowl have bills too!
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
Kisha, I didn't notice this was in OKC. No, I didn't hear about nor would I have been interested. First of all I have no idea who this author is and secondly I only venture over to that part of town if I'm going to Guitar Center or Nomad II.

Now you'd probably like that B&N because it's relatively close to the Habana Inn.
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
Is it? I will keep that in mind.
Kendra used to be one of Hef's girls.
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
Who is Kendra and what is the girls next door fame... a TV show? Movie? Documentary?

Skye on 07/19/2010:
Is her book about how all her plastic sugery gave her a new life?

Hef looks like a cadaver.
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
It was about these three chicks that lived and worked with Hugh Hefner.
Pretty lame I thought. She is married to an Indianapolis Colt now.

Skye, a centerfold model that went under the knife? No way!!
Anonymous on 07/19/2010:
LOL Skye...he does look like a cadaver...I always wonder if the Bunnies shower in Lysol after snuggling up tight to him. Ewww..
Skye on 07/19/2010:
OMG jc, just the thought of snuggling with him makes me ill :(
Ytropious on 07/19/2010:
I happened upon her hawking her book in People magazine. It's called "Sliding Into Home"...WHY? her husband is in football not baseball. She certainly aint the smartest so I can see why people wouldn't be buying her book. I don't know, but do they get money from these companies to be at the book signing, or is it used as an event to sell more books. Meaning if no one buys her book she doesn't get anything. If this were the case I'd be pretty angry too. I don't see how this is B&N's fault. She wants you to buy her book, you didn't want to, she doesn't have to sign squat then I guess. When you're famous you can pretty much do whatever you want.
Skye on 07/19/2010:
I know kish, what was I thinking~
Skye on 07/19/2010:
Sliding into home, sounds more like a porn movie.....
Ytropious on 07/19/2010:
EW it does!
Venice09 on 07/19/2010:
All these responses and not one mention of the long hair and tattoos. I'm disappointed.
Skye on 07/19/2010:
Hef has long hair and tattoo's??
Venice09 on 07/19/2010:
Maybe that's what he needs.
Skye on 07/19/2010:
What? A slide into home?? LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
FlShopper on 07/19/2010:
I went to a book signing for Carl Hiaasen at B&N a few years ago. He was going to be reading from his latest book, talking about it, and taking some questions. Then the signing began; we were on line for well over an hour and we'd barely moved. I left after a while because I was starving and I saw that I might not even make it to the front of the line before the event was over.
Despite it being so crowded, the B&N staff handled it well and kept things organized and under control.
Venice09 on 07/19/2010:
That, too!
Ben There on 07/19/2010:
The point of a book signing is to sell books. See if you can catch her somewhere else that she is not attending for business and get a free autograph.
Mike in FL on 07/20/2010:
This is standard procedure for the majority of book signings. The whole purpose of this kind of event is to drive business into the store. Every signing I've ever been to, I had to pay either the bookstore for the product or pay a small signing fee to the author directly. I don't mind doing it if I have the extra cash.
PepperElf on 07/20/2010:

Personally I'd rather go to a Neil Gaiman book signing myself.

Of course I'd probably also be buying whatever book it was (or the audiobook version) cos I like his books.
heggymonster on 07/20/2010:
She is not a centerfold she just did the old guy, and I have been to several signing where you don't have to buy the book, examply Ted Nugent, Peter david etc. There were a lot of people who did not buy anything some just wanted a picture with her and like someone else said I did not even know whoi she was and really did not care I was just there to help out some friends. That still does not excuess the way the staff acted toward the people in line weather they were going to buy anything or not.
PepperElf on 07/22/2010:
however again... it was getting late, there was a limited time for the book signing

so by that time, they - as in the store, the author or the handlers - may have decided to cut the non-buying people from the line so that all of the people BUYING the book had a chance to get it signed.

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The first time was one time too many!
Posted by on
Although I usually order from Amazon, I got a B&N gift card, and thought I'd order my brother's birthday present from them. For about $30, I got an email promise to deliver the book, gift wrapped, within three days - plenty of time, since the birthday was still 8 days off.

Seven days later, I tried to call. The automated number 1-800-THE BOOK is a joke; three times, an automated voice tells you that the operators are busy, and then the system hangs up on you. Call the local line - 201-559-3882 - and prepare to be lied to, starting with the agent's cheerful "I can help you" (they can't and won't) and ending with "a manager will call within two hours" (that won't happen, either). I did get an offer to refund the shipping portion of my order, which I thought was funny, since THEY HADN'T USED THE THREE DAY SHIPPING SERVICE I PAID FOR (in related news, they also aren't charging me for fixing my car, cooking my dinner, or any other services that they did not provide).

My last call - with my third "customer service" representative - ended with her saying how much B&N appreciates my business, echoing the line from their email, "We are glad we could be of service and look forward to your next visit". This, too, is a lie; I'm sure they would rather have not done business with me (since I get mad when you take my money, make promises, and then don't deliver), and I most certainly am sorry that I did business with them. Amazon works; why mess around with a firm that is repeatedly dishonest?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 04/01/2010:
No company representative believe their canned language claiming to value you as a customer including Barnes and Noble. The only value they place is on the dollars you spend with them. Once the transaction has been completeld with the money in their pocket, we're nothing but a faceless account number. Wish that was not the case but these days it is the sad truth.
goduke on 04/01/2010:
Odd. I use B&N all the time (some would say a bit too much). I never have had a single issue with them. Not sure how the shipping method could have gone awry, since the label is printed automatically from the system based upon the option that you select in the shipping method box online. Maybe you'll get another gift card from someone and can give them another try.
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Beware of double-billing
Posted by on
Wanted to warn any potential customers of Barnes & Noble (B&N - online). I purchased a gift for my son with my debit card, but actually had twice this amount withheld from my checking account. B&N told me it was the Bank that put a 'hold' on it, my Bank told me B&N actually reflected two separate transactions. When I tried getting it resolved through B&N customer service, I was basically told I was out of luck. They only showed one transaction.
My checking account reflects two transactions:
- 3/15/2010-VISA CHECK CARD PURCHASE BARNES&NOBLE*BOOKQUEST 866-257-7723 US $34.74; and
- 3/15/2010-VISA CHECK CARD PURCHASE BARNES&NOBLE*3RD PARTY 800-843-2665 US $34.74.
... with a hold on my account of a total of $69.48

My bank says B&N created the error and my account reflects 'two' debits, and they cannot credit it without notification from B&N who refused to help. I do not understand where two different dates reflecting B&N with two different phone numbers show up! If my bank doesn't have the money, who does?

Last time I'll be patronizing B&N and I'll make sure to pass this 'business practice' of theirs along. Seems like a scam somehow, B&N 'holding' my money and lying about it.
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Later shipment arrived but 2 others still haven't - ignored by customer service
Posted by on
I place one order from B&N online. It was unfortunately, divided into three shipments. The orders were to be shipped internationally. We alway received our shipments from the US within 7-10 days (Amazon, mail from home, etc.) it is rare that anything would take two weeks. Well, it has been three weeks and we received the last items shipped and are still waiting for the first two shipments - shipped 4-5 days before the last shipment. Contacted B&N and no response within the promised timeframe. Finally, I received an automated email apologizing for the delay (Apparently the don't have enough staff to handle customer requests for assistance.) They directed to their FAQ online and basically said, we will be closed on 12.25 and will write after that - a week after I wrote. Waiting for a late shipment is one thing, but completely blowing off a written request from a customer because your department is short of staff is not acceptable. I am very careful about where I spend my hard earned dollars and expect better customer service. Still no orders...I may ask for a refund. Three weeks is too long to wait for these orders. And, I would only order from B&N online again if they were the only vendor with a book I needed. Was also considering a "Nook" but have decided not to order that from them either.
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User Replies:
goduke on 12/26/2009:
This is one of the busiest times for online retailers. Of course they are short staffed. There's no way they could hire, train, and deploy staff for only a few weeks of volume. Be patient and they'll respond to your email.
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
As goduke said, this is one of the busiest time of the year. you "USSUALLY" receive packages 7-10 days, but can take longer.....ALso, ditto what Godduke said about the emails. IF you ever plan on buying something online and wanting it before Christmas, it needs to be done 2 weeks before Christmas AT THE LATEST, IMO. Just to be sure there are no problems, or delays
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
In addition to what the others have said, if I am reading correctly, you had these items shipped internationally. This time of year, international shipping times can DOUBLE.

I mailed packages to friends and family stationed both in Afghanistan and Iraq SIX weeks ago and they all just arrived a few days ago.
bcd on 12/26/2009:
Did you request a tracking number? That is the easiest way to verify if (and when) something was shipped.
Anonymous on 12/26/2009:
bcd, many times (not always) tracking numbers are not available on international shipping. Once of the many reasons I don't ship overseas when I sell on eBay.
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Bad customer service policy
Posted by on
I purchased 2 books as Xmas gift for my son (on-line). Shipping address was the address where I wanted gift to be send. When completing purchase I provided credit card info after I saw the summary of the purchase including shipping address. The second step was to provide the billing address and I provided my address. In few minutes I received purchase confirmation with the order number and the link to view order details. Link did not work. Error was displayed when I used my email address and order number.
Today I switched my computer and saw another email with shipping confirmation and THE BILLING ORDER used in place of shipping order.
I immediately called to B&N and they said that nothing can be done at this point.
Nevertheless, I went to UPS website and figured out that there was a way to change shipping address especially when the parcel was not even moved from the warehouse. But the option is only available to the sender, namely B&N.

I called again to B&N and ask to change shipping address via UPS website. Customer representative refused to do it explaining that B&N policy does not allow changing address.

Order detail in the system:
shipping address is replaced with billing address. And when completing purchase I saw the right shipping address on the screen. Right now the shipping address is wrong.

The main point is: B&N system does not deliver expected value and customer support refuses to fix system error or company does not care about customers if it has a policy that prevents customer service to take care of customers when they have trouble caused by B&N system.

Happy Holiday B&N!
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User Replies:
Ytropious on 12/20/2009:
I'm sure it's an issue of protecting you against fraud. Anyone could call up pretending to be joe somebody asking for a package reroute.
PepperElf on 12/20/2009:
though for this I do have to agree with the OP
if she/he has the correct credit card number and order number, and can file a complaint on line from his/her much more proof do they need that it's the person who really ordered it?

only thing I can suggest is canceling the order and then calling up to make it again - to ensure the shipping is correct, if you want to stay with the company that is
Anonymous on 12/20/2009:
I wouldn't call to place the order again. If the customer has the order number, credit card number the chances of fraud are very slim.

I would cancel the order if that is an option. If not I would wait for the order to arrive and either send it back for a refund or take it to the local B&N and return it there.
Ytropious on 12/20/2009:
I was not disagreeing with the OP, I was just explaining why the company might have such a policy in place.
LafayetteStudent14 on 09/16/2013:
Something similar happened to me. I order a book and clearly put down my college address as my shipping address. I do not receive it but my mom asks me if I ordered a book. The credit card I used has a billing address of my dad's office. Apparently my book was shipped to my dad's office. This has happened three times. My college is 80 miles away from my dad's office.
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Poor/No Customer Service
Posted by on
TENNESSEE -- On November 11, 2008, I ordered a book from Barnes and Noble online. This was "supposedly" sent out on November 13th.

I have yet to receive this book. I have contacted the "Customer Service" 8 times by phone and 4 times by e-mail regarding this issue.

The individuals I spoke to were not knowledgeable and lacked training to speak to customers. They let me know that they couldn't care less about my problem by their attitudes.

I went ahead and ordered the same book at auction on eBay and won. The transaction went smoothly and it arrived in time for Christmas.

I still do not have the first book, nor have they refunded my money. So in fact I am out $30.00. Since I paid for the same book twice.

I did sent B&N an e-mail telling them to contact eBay regarding Customer Service classes for B&N employees.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 01/06/2009:
I like your last

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Thank You
Posted by on
EVANSVILLE, INDIANA -- Last Saturday me, my husband, and our four year old son went to Barnes and Noble to buy some new books for the kids.

We were going up the escalator to the children's section when my little guy lost his footing on the escalator and fell, cutting open his leg.

We immediately went down to the registers and requested a manager. The staff was very friendly and very helpful, and paged the manager and within seconds she arrived.

Without any questions she handed me a first aid kit and took me into the back to provide me with antiseptic wipes and neosporin ointment. She even locked the women's bathroom so we could care for him in the bathroom in privacy.

When we were done she took our personal information, and took us to the Starbuck's cafe in the front of the store to give him free juice and a cookie.

We read a lot of complaints on here, but every once in a while it's nice to read about a company going above and beyond what they should do to help a customer.

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User Replies:
jenjenn on 07/28/2008:
That is awesome! Thanks for sharing.
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
That really was going above and beyond. Most places now would have the parent sign an incident report to prevent a's about time they put a child first. Good for them...hope the little one is OK now, there are a lot of accidents involving kids and, shoe laces hanging open, long pant legs your case, you said he lost his footing and I'm glad to see the manager was concerned about your four year old more than she was about business.
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
She didn't make us sign anything. I honestly think she was more concerned about him than the paperwork. She just told us to leave our info with her and that was it. No questions, no attitude, just someone who actually cared.

He's doing fine now. He's got 7 stitches on his shin bone from where he fell, but he's fine. He's going to the pediatrician later this morning to have his stitches looked at and make sure there's not infection and they are clean.
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
I wonder what Eileen would have done.
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
Well she was most likely on her cell phone with her brother, and she probably told him to call her lawyer, and then made them give her free staples for life.
yoke on 07/28/2008:
Hope your little one feels better. It is nice to know there is good customer service out there still.
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
LOL he's fine. Yesterday I was out grilling burgers for lunch and he was trying to climb a tree! If my e-mail will come up I'd post a picture of his "war wound" on the community side. Little man didn't cry at all until they put the novacaine in his leg with a needle to start sewing him up.
yoke on 07/28/2008:
Now the joy of trying to keep an active 4 year old quiet and keep the wound clean!
Mrs. V on 07/28/2008:
I'm glad that your little one is doing OK ^_^

And good for B&N!!!
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
I think you should add triplet boys to your family!
old fart on 07/28/2008:
I bet your little guy shows off the stitches like a war wound..Both of our boys were constantly going to the emergency ward for similar things... they knew us on a first name basis at the local hospital..
You've got another fifteen years or so of the same thing coming yet..
Boys will be boys..
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
My mom said this was the first of many. This morning I caught him trying to jump off his dresser with a towel around his neck like a cape.
OF, we usually go twice a year to the ER for something. Never fails. I know something is really wrong when they don't scream and cry. When they are quiet and just say ow that hurts, it's serious.
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
DB hubby got himself fixed a few months back. We are not having any more kids. The ones we have are plenty. My youngest is like having three kids in one little body and my oldest is just as bad. Cutest little things in the world, but man they are the most fearless kids I've ever met.
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
Well..."Fixed" can be reversed! And there is always adoption.
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
Next thing we're adopting is a puppy! :) No more kids! I was born with two hands, one for each kid!
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
OH! Let ME pick the puppy out for you! PLEASE!PLEASE! PRETTY PLEASE...CAN I? HUH, HUH, CAN I PLEASE?????
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
You can pick the puppy out if you want. :) I only ask one thing, it has to be a girl puppy! I'm tired of being around all these boys. And nothing too big like a great dane or bull mastiff. Medium sized preferably.
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
THANKS! You KNOW you can trust the Basher! *Smiling, skipping down the street, ponytail swaying back and forth, to go puppy shopping*
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
We want a shelter puppy! No purebreds or puppy mill dogs, we want to save a puppy from the shelter. :)
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
Princi...did you see the photo of that dog I posted the other night for NoHandle?
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
No. Is it still on the community forums?
Anonymous on 07/28/2008:
Consider a retired greyhound, princi. Super gentle, sweet temperament, and you're saving a life. I do not recommend a grey if the kiddoes are REALLY rambunctious. Greys can be terrified by some kids. Good luck!
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
No Princi...I had to remove it before Admin did...THAT'S how good it was...but, I will post it again...just for you!
Anonymous on 07/28/2008:
Excellent review and info as always Princi. Sounds like the guy was lucky to have you there and some attentive employee's. Years ago we picked up a shelter dog. It was a Spaniel mix and turned out to be one of the smartest and best dogs we ever had join the family.
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
OK Princi...go check it out while it lasts.
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
I know some rescue organizations frown on adopting animals to families with small children, but I will look into the breed. I refuse to pay big bucks for a pure bred animal when I can adopt one from a shelter or rescue organization and give it a good life. Hubby won't even let me walk into the SPCA down here because he knows we'll have a house full of animals.

LOL, if you want DB e-mail it to me so you don't get into trouble. :)
Principissa on 07/28/2008:
Thank you super. If my e-mail would come up I'd post a pick of it in the comm. section. But my internet is being weird today.
Super my mom adopted a shelter dog, Gabby, she was a mix between a retriever and a chesapeake bay and she was the sweetest most loyal dog I've ever met. We had to put her to sleep about 3 years ago because of a tumor on her gums, but I would love to have another Gabby. My dad and step-mom adopted two Boston terriers from a boston terrier rescue and they are the sweetest little dogs! :)
DebtorBasher on 07/28/2008:
Trouble and me we're old buddies you see
I've stuck by him and he's a stickin' by me
Well, goodbye honey, be thankful you're free
And that you're not stuck with ol' trouble and me.
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