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Don't Order an eGift Card from Barnes & Noble!
By -

I ordered an eGift Card from B & N as a gift for a friend, who recently purchased a Nook. It never arrived and I've re-checked the e-mail addresses and can't find a reason for that. I have e-mailed them to ask to have this resolved to no avail. I called once and was told the representative couldn't do anything about it, could not take a phone number for a call back and could not transfer me to a supervisor. Though she was polite, I've never been in a customer service situation where the representative was so unempowered to do anything to help.

Called another day to be given the transfer-and-hold runaround until I gave up. Complained to the Better Business Bureau and have been ignored. It's been two months now. They literally scammed me out of $50, like some spammer! I would stay away from this company and would strongly recommend you get a different e-reader, so you're not beholden to such a useless company. Unless of course, you like paying for headaches!

Good customer service
By -

EDGEWATER, NJ -- I ordered an item which was a gift for my sister. The item arrived in the store and I went to pick it up. The item was placed into the bag and I paid for it. That evening when I opened my bag I found the item to be damaged. "How could they give me this item like this." I was very upset. When I called the store a very helpful person said I could bring my order back and they would reorder the item for me. When I returned to the store, this item was no longer available for ordering. This person did everything in her power to get me my item. She even went to another store to pick it up for me. When she had the item in her possession, I picked it up and it was perfect.

Her name is ** and I want to thank her for all service. In the economy we have today, customer service needs to be 100% and ** did just that. Thank you again, ** for all your help.

Rude Employees
By -

OKLAHOMA CITY, OKLAHOMA -- On July 16 2010 Barnes and Noble book seller played host to Kendra of the girls next door fame. She had a book written and was to be at the store at 7 pm to sign for 2 hours and meet and great fans. Myself and 2 of my friend arrived at 6:50 pm and got in line. One employee a woman was rude from the beginning. When Kendra finally arrived 20 minutes late, she went right to signing and greeting people most did not buy her book at 26.00 per person instead they opted to have other items signed such as pics or playboys even though she was not a playmate.

After 1 hour and forty one minutes in line and 20 feet away from our goal we were told to leave if we were not buying a book. I asked to see a manager and a guy with long hair and tattoos claimed to be the manager told use to get out along with everyone who was not buying a book. The employees were rude and acted as if they were speaking on her behalf, which was unclear. I will never shop at Barnes and Noble or any of their other brand.

The first time was one time too many!
By -

Although I usually order from Amazon, I got a B&N gift card, and thought I'd order my brother's birthday present from them. For about $30, I got an email promise to deliver the book, gift wrapped, within three days - plenty of time, since the birthday was still 8 days off.

Seven days later, I tried to call. The automated number 1-800-THE BOOK is a joke; three times, an automated voice tells you that the operators are busy, and then the system hangs up on you. Call the local line - 201-559-3882 - and prepare to be lied to, starting with the agent's cheerful "I can help you" (they can't and won't) and ending with "a manager will call within two hours" (that won't happen, either).

I did get an offer to refund the shipping portion of my order, which I thought was funny, since THEY HADN'T USED THE THREE DAY SHIPPING SERVICE I PAID FOR (in related news, they also aren't charging me for fixing my car, cooking my dinner, or any other services that they did not provide).

My last call - with my third "customer service" representative - ended with her saying how much B&N appreciates my business, echoing the line from their email, "We are glad we could be of service and look forward to your next visit". This, too, is a lie; I'm sure they would rather have not done business with me (since I get mad when you take my money, make promises, and then don't deliver), and I most certainly am sorry that I did business with them. Amazon works; why mess around with a firm that is repeatedly dishonest?

Beware of double-billing
By -

Wanted to warn any potential customers of Barnes & Noble (B&N - online). I purchased a gift for my son with my debit card, but actually had twice this amount withheld from my checking account. B&N told me it was the bank that put a 'hold' on it, my bank told me B&N actually reflected two separate transactions. When I tried getting it resolved through B&N customer service, I was basically told I was out of luck. They only showed one transaction.

My checking account reflects two transactions. My bank says B&N created the error and my account reflects 'two' debits, and they cannot credit it without notification from B&N who refused to help. I do not understand where two different dates reflecting B&N with two different phone numbers show up! If my bank doesn't have the money, who does? Last time I'll be patronizing B&N and I'll make sure to pass this 'business practice' of theirs along. Seems like a scam somehow, B&N 'holding' my money and lying about it.

Later shipment arrived but 2 others still haven't - ignored by customer service
By -

I place one order from B&N online. It was unfortunately, divided into three shipments. The orders were to be shipped internationally. We always received our shipments from the US within 7-10 days (Amazon, mail from home, etc.) it is rare that anything would take two weeks. Well, it has been three weeks and we received the last items shipped and are still waiting for the first two shipments - shipped 4-5 days before the last shipment. Contacted B&N and no response within the promised timeframe.

Finally, I received an automated email apologizing for the delay (Apparently they don't have enough staff to handle customer requests for assistance.) They directed to their FAQ online and basically said, we will be closed on 12.25 and will write after that - a week after I wrote. Waiting for a late shipment is one thing, but completely blowing off a written request from a customer because your department is short of staff is not acceptable.

I am very careful about where I spend my hard earned dollars and expect better customer service. Still no orders... I may ask for a refund. Three weeks is too long to wait for these orders. And, I would only order from B&N online again if they were the only vendor with a book I needed. Was also considering a "Nook" but have decided not to order that from them either.

Bad customer service policy
By -

I purchased 2 books as Xmas gift for my son (online). Shipping address was the address where I wanted gift to be send. When completing purchase I provided credit card info after I saw the summary of the purchase including shipping address. The second step was to provide the billing address and I provided my address. In few minutes I received purchase confirmation with the order number and the link to view order details. Link did not work. Error was displayed when I used my email address and order number.

Today I switched my computer and saw another email with shipping confirmation and THE BILLING ORDER used in place of shipping order. I immediately called to B&N and they said that nothing can be done at this point.
Nevertheless, I went to UPS website and figured out that there was a way to change shipping address especially when the parcel was not even moved from the warehouse. But the option is only available to the sender, namely B&N.

I called again to B&N and ask to change shipping address via UPS website. Customer representative refused to do it explaining that B&N policy does not allow changing address. Order detail in the system: Shipping address is replaced with billing address. And when completing purchase I saw the right shipping address on the screen. Right now the shipping address is wrong.

The main point is: B&N system does not deliver expected value and customer support refuses to fix system error or company does not care about customers if it has a policy that prevents customer service to take care of customers when they have trouble caused by B&N system. Happy Holiday B&N!

Poor/No Customer Service
By -

TENNESSEE -- On November 11, 2008, I ordered a book from Barnes and Noble online. This was "supposedly" sent out on November 13th. I have yet to receive this book. I have contacted the "Customer Service" 8 times by phone and 4 times by e-mail regarding this issue.

The individuals I spoke to were not knowledgeable and lacked training to speak to customers. They let me know that they couldn't care less about my problem by their attitudes. I went ahead and ordered the same book at auction on eBay and won. The transaction went smoothly and it arrived in time for Christmas. I still do not have the first book, nor have they refunded my money. So in fact I am out $30.00. Since I paid for the same book twice. I did sent B&N an e-mail telling them to contact eBay regarding Customer Service classes for B&N employees.

Please Clarify Shipping Times
By -

FLAGSTAFF, ARIZONA -- First off, I would like to say that I have used your company in the past for my textbooks and I have always been very pleased with the quality of the merchandise and the perks that I received with my purchases. This time however, I feel like you have let me down a little.

I placed an order online on 01/07/2008 at approx.1900 hours for over $300 in books that I desperately need for my graduate classes that begin on Monday. I wanted to order earlier, but because my college, Northern Arizona University, held onto my student loan and scholarship money until that day, I was stuck. I elected for the expedited shipping so I would have my books by Monday at the latest, since the online store stated that they would ship within 24 hours I went with your company over several others.

When I got home from work today, I checked my email looking for my tracking information, and there was nothing. I called to find out why there wasn't any information, and I was told by one of your very polite and helpful clerks, that one of my books was backordered and since all my books were shipping at the same time, my entire order was held until this Friday.

I asked if I could cancel and just bite the bullet and buy my books at the campus bookstore, but your clerk told me that I couldn't cancel and get a refund until I got the books and then returned them. This really puts me in a bind because I am a very obsessive and dedicated student, and I wanted to have my books so that I could get a head start on my class work. Please, in the future, when dealing with textbooks, please idiot-proof your site and warn those of us tunnel-visioned students that our books might be delayed in shipping. I appreciate your clerks efforts, and she seemed genuinely sympathetic, and that was appreciated.

Misrepresentation and Overcharging

On 12/14, I placed an order with Barnes & for Christmas presents consisting of a CD, a movie, & two books. All four items were said to be in stock and available for shipping within 24 hours. I requested that all the items be shipped at the same time. On the 16th, two of the items were shipped with no explanation for why the other items were not. That day I sent an e-mail to find out why my other items were not shipped, and to find when they would be sent. I did not get a response, so I called 1-800-THE-BOOK. After over 20 minutes of sitting on hold, I hung up.

The next day I sent another e-mail asking the same questions. On the 18th, ** a CSR wrote back to me apologizing for the delay and telling me that the remaining items would be expedited, and that I would get an e-mail confirming when the items were shipped. Two days later, I still have not received anything telling me that the items have been shipped. After nearly a half an hour of being on hold, I finally talked to someone, who said that my items would be shipped and the shipping method would be upgraded. I was also told that an e-mail confirming shipping would be sent to me.

I did not receive one, however after checking the website I found out that my "in stock and ready for delivery in 24 hours" items were shipped on 12/20, after ONLY a week! Barnes and Noble did indeed upgrade my shipping to make sure that I would receive the items in a timely manner based on when I ordered them (if you call Christmas Eve as timely), however while looking at the web site I discovered that Barnes and Noble was charging me more than I had agreed to pay based on the e-mail receipt I received when I first placed the order.

Yes, Barnes and Noble has decided to charge me for their mistake. Not only have they misrepresented themselves and their items, but also they have charged me more than I agreed to pay.

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