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Order Rejected Due To Low Price Listed On Site For After Holiday Sale!!!
By -

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- I ordered Canon EOS Rebel XS Digital SLR which was listed on site with 50 % discount for after holiday sales, they have taken my order but after two days they rejected saying the price listed on site was low. Now I bought other accessory worth of 100 $ but they have rejected my order for nuisance reason, & when I called them they behave very rudely & said they are not responsible for anything. Is this a way a fortune 500 company deal with customers??

My NOOK died after only 7 months!
By -

Got a NOOK in April 2010 and can't put it down, except now. At sea, 6 days into a 17 day cruise and my NOOK completely died! The page froze and I cannot do anything! I'm SO upset! Do I get another NOOK or go to another brand? I won't be back in CA for 2 more weeks and I have NOTHING to read!

Free Coupon
By -

ARLINGTON -- Barnes and Noble offer a free coupon and when you submit the required details your coupon is supposed to appear with your name on it. But it does not. All that appears is a list of other coupon offers, that I do not want. The required coupon never prints out. Either it is a con game or very bad software.

By -

EL CERRITO, CALIFORNIA -- Sales manager harassing customer about the amount of books selected to view prior to purchase and requesting that customer returns all selected items of no interest back to original shelves.

Misrepresentation and Overcharging

On 12/14, I placed an order with Barnes & for Christmas presents consisting of a CD, a movie, & two books. All four items were said to be in stock and available for shipping within 24 hours. I requested that all the items be shipped at the same time. On the 16th, two of the items were shipped with no explanation for why the other items were not. That day I sent an e-mail to find out why my other items were not shipped, and to find when they would be sent. I did not get a response, so I called 1-800-THE-BOOK. After over 20 minutes of sitting on hold, I hung up.

The next day I sent another e-mail asking the same questions. On the 18th, ** a CSR wrote back to me apologizing for the delay and telling me that the remaining items would be expedited, and that I would get an e-mail confirming when the items were shipped. Two days later, I still have not received anything telling me that the items have been shipped. After nearly a half an hour of being on hold, I finally talked to someone, who said that my items would be shipped and the shipping method would be upgraded. I was also told that an e-mail confirming shipping would be sent to me.

I did not receive one, however after checking the website I found out that my "in stock and ready for delivery in 24 hours" items were shipped on 12/20, after ONLY a week! Barnes and Noble did indeed upgrade my shipping to make sure that I would receive the items in a timely manner based on when I ordered them (if you call Christmas Eve as timely), however while looking at the web site I discovered that Barnes and Noble was charging me more than I had agreed to pay based on the e-mail receipt I received when I first placed the order.

Yes, Barnes and Noble has decided to charge me for their mistake. Not only have they misrepresented themselves and their items, but also they have charged me more than I agreed to pay.

Pornography Policy
By -

Barnes and Noble currently carries pornography. This is highly disturbing since pornography is causally linked to violence against women. Creating Social Justice has launched a campaign against 10 companies, including yours, that we have feel have played a role in the mainstreaming of pornography. As pornography becomes more mainstream it becomes more readily available with no consequences (to the men) for consumption. The women pay the consequences.

We realize that you make a lot of money off of pornography. However, the human cost has to be taken into account. A woman is beaten every 9 seconds. As if that weren't bad enough, domestic violence is one of the leading causes of women with their children becoming homeless and women with their children are the most rapidly increasing segment of the homeless population. Creating Social Justice is calling for a boycott of your company until the pornography is removed.

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