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Company has got too big to "take care of people". All about the money!!
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OCALA, FLORIDA -- I have been dealing with Optioncare, or no they call themselves "Barnes Healthcare Services - Optioncare", for several years. Each month they send me supplies that I don't need (but supplies that they make a lot of money on by billing my insurance company). When I call, every month, to tell them I don't need what thety sent, they spend several minutes trying to convince me to keep the supplies because " I don't have to pay for them!".

This is exactly why Medicare is going broke.

I have called Medicare several times to complain and hope to have this stopped. Optioncae has made it almost impossible to go to another provider because of the way they have billed the CPAP and mask. The manager was very smug to me on the phone and told me to "let it go... they will pay shipping back to them if I don't want the supplies each month!"

Very rude.
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NeveragainAmazon on 06/21/2008:
How is it that the healthcare company can charge medicare for supplies that you have shipped back to them? Your healthcare company is even paying for the shipment of the returned supplies. That's a very nice gesture on their part. Also, medicare knows that the healthcare company is sending supplies that you no longer need...You called medicare and told them. So, why would medicare pay the healthcare company for those supplies? What is your complaint...because what you write is not logical.
madconsumer on 06/21/2008:
did your doctor prescribe these items?

try contacting medicare and explain this to them.
NeveragainAmazon on 06/21/2008:
If I am reading right....He has contacted medicare about those issues...I am sure that they have investigated the extra supplies saga via his healthcare provider, if indeed, they are being overcharged as he states. A government funded agency is not going to let an overcharging issue slip by.
gushion2002 on 10/10/2008:
I worked for Health Care for 8 months I know for a fact Medicare does not follow up on these Complaints, That is why Barnes healthCare and all the other medical sharks do what they do.Its a numbers game.Tey will tell you they will take care of it but if it takes money out of the branches profits you can forget it.They know medicare is not going do anything.Its sad that these sharks do what they do .The federal Govt should take at these Companies and the Doctors who are giving your Private Info.
jlplr on 12/11/2008:
This company has lied to me from the start. I told them I could not afford to get the machine if I had to pay anything out of my pocket. I stressed this many times. I was told I wouldn't have any co-payments. A few months later I receive a bill from them for hundreds of dollars that I couldn't pay.
I recently received an automated call about getting new parts to the machine. I should have known better saying yes to send the new things. They also said I would have no co-pay on this either. I just got a bill today for that. If I don't pay it they will put it on my credit report. I fell ripped off big time!
Like I said, I stressed many times I didn't want it if I had to make any co-pays. They told me I would have no co-pays on any of it. Yea, Right! Its my word against theirs.
Don't believe what they tell you. I would not recommend dealing with this company.
jktshff1 on 12/11/2008:
never, a government funded agency will do whatever it takes to keep it's budget.
The OP need to contact his state and national congress reps and let them know what is happening.
If they are worth their salt, they will take care of it.
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Complaint of efficiency
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GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA USA, FLORIDA -- I have been dealing with Barnes Healthcare Option care in Gainesville for the past 6 months . There are several employees that answer the telephones
when you call. If you get "Belinda" or "Evelynn"- you cannot trust the information given to you! And they will tell you anything (They) think you want to hear, just to get you off of the telephone. On more than one occasion I have been told by Evelynn that a particular item would be delivered on a certain night or day when in fact nothing was ever delivered nor did anyone even call me back telling me there were any changes being made.

On at least (4) times I have waited all day & night and no one ever came to my home with the delivery. The very next day I called there office and was told that a driver had come to my home and repeatedly rung the doorbell, but no one had answered! I told them that this information was false and untrue because I had been only 5 feet from my door and that I have no hearing problems!
They just laughed and hung up on me!

As of today after (3) attempts they've finally picked up all of their equipment and I am through dealing with them! Amen!
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Skye on 11/09/2007:
If the driver had come to your home, you would of had a missed delivery tag on your door. Do you have a regular driver?? Call the logistics department, and ask to speak to the manager. Find out why you aren't getting deliveries from him/her.

Are there any other oxygen companies you can use?? This place obviously does't care about its patients medical needs.
Skye on 11/09/2007:
gushion2002 on 10/07/2008:
I worked fot this company for 8 months they will promise you the moon if you will be there customer and once they have you they forget you.Home health care is a numbers game they only want your money.The bad thing is that the federal government allows this to happen,Also if you have medicade they will get you any thing you don't need just to make the almighty dollar.That is the reason medicare will not be around for our kids the federal should take another look at these medical companies before giving them a permit to scam people that why our economy is nin the trash.
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