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Complaint of efficiency
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GAINESVILLE, FLORIDA USA, FLORIDA -- I have been dealing with Barnes Healthcare Option care in Gainesville for the past 6 months . There are several employees that answer the telephones
when you call. If you get "Belinda" or "Evelynn"- you cannot trust the information given to you! And they will tell you anything (They) think you want to hear, just to get you off of the telephone. On more than one occasion I have been told by Evelynn that a particular item would be delivered on a certain night or day when in fact nothing was ever delivered nor did anyone even call me back telling me there were any changes being made.

On at least (4) times I have waited all day & night and no one ever came to my home with the delivery. The very next day I called there office and was told that a driver had come to my home and repeatedly rung the doorbell, but no one had answered! I told them that this information was false and untrue because I had been only 5 feet from my door and that I have no hearing problems!
They just laughed and hung up on me!

As of today after (3) attempts they've finally picked up all of their equipment and I am through dealing with them! Amen!
Company has got too big to "take care of people". All about the money!!
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OCALA, FLORIDA -- I have been dealing with Optioncare, or no they call themselves "Barnes Healthcare Services - Optioncare", for several years. Each month they send me supplies that I don't need (but supplies that they make a lot of money on by billing my insurance company). When I call, every month, to tell them I don't need what thety sent, they spend several minutes trying to convince me to keep the supplies because " I don't have to pay for them!".

This is exactly why Medicare is going broke.

I have called Medicare several times to complain and hope to have this stopped. Optioncae has made it almost impossible to go to another provider because of the way they have billed the CPAP and mask. The manager was very smug to me on the phone and told me to "let it go... they will pay shipping back to them if I don't want the supplies each month!"

Very rude.
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