Barney's Service Station - Bayside, NY

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Very Expensive $$$$$
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200-05 HORACE HARDING EXPSY, BAYSIDE, NEW YORK -- They came ( a plus), took my daughters car to shop as it would not start.

They used a jumper and related I had weak battery. It was only 2 days old ( brand new).

They called and stated the alternator was shot because of a short in the attached plug. repaired the car in a couple of hours. Charged me over $500. Cannot discuss price or argue. They had her car and keys, had to pay!!!

A new alternator at Auto Zone was $200!! Top of the line. I believe they put in a rebuilt one and charged two hours labor.


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BAYSIDE, QUEENS, NEW YORK -- I have now had my car inspection done here twice and, in unison with all my colleagues (the garage is beside my workplace), I will NEVER bring my car here again. Tony, the supervisor, told me I needed a new O2 sensor in order to pass my inspection: that's fine, but after my father (who himself has been a car mechanic for over 40 yrs) told me it is a 20 minute job, and the part costs around $40-$50, I was livid: Barney's charged me $170 for labor (2 hours' worth!!) and $115 for the sensor! When I questioned it, I was patronized and told that I didn't know what I was talking about.

I have now found out that Barney's, and Tony, routinely inflate their prices, and it's a standing joke in the office that every time a car goes in there, it's $400...BE WARNED...DO NOT TAKE YOUR CAR TO BARNEY'S ON FRANCIS LEWIS BLVD., BAYSIDE!

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