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BARRON, WISCONSIN -- I would like to know how the Family Court and Social Services can get away with letting a mother who is getting child support and food stamps for a child that she does not live in her home and they know that the child is not living there but the judge gave the mother physical custody and therefore even though he knows the child is living with his father says that she is entitled to receive those benefits. The two children that are living with her say that she hits them with belts, wooden spoons, and slaps them across the face all the time but the judge gave her physical custody anyway and social services does not do anything about it either.

The mother abandoned all three children for over a year but because she got the guardian of item on her side (the guardian of item has a past history with the father and wanted to get back at him) and a lawyer that the state paid for (the father could not afford a lawyer) she was able to con her way to get the children in her physical custody. She only want them so that she can have the money, food stamps, and medical. It was only when she lost those benefits that she even wanted custody. Before she lost those benefits she did not care if she even seen the children.

The father has always taken care of the children even before the mother abandoned them. When the father has to take two of the children back after the weekend the children cry and cling to him not wanting to go back to their mother. She has denied the oldest child. He lives with his father because she does not want him. She has told the other two that the oldest child is their half brother and told him to call his by her name not mom.

The court ordered her to have all three children but she does not want the oldest so she lets him live with the father. The courts and social services know that he is with his father but allow her to get the benefits for that child anyway. The children are very close and want to live together with their father but because the father has had some trouble with POT but is clean now (the mother uses meth and lied to the judge looking him straight in the eye and lied to him and he knew she was lying but that's OK). Is this wrong what the family court and social services are doing?

I can not believe that this is right and if it is right what in the whole has the legal system come to. I am worried to death about the safety of these children physically and emotionally. There has to be something that can be done to help these children and their father. If I could Win the lottery or something then maybe I could hire a good lawyer to help him and the children with this and get them all a safer more stable life together. Please let me know if this the way it is supposed to be or is there something that can be done to help them.

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