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Fabulous Auto Body & Repair Work
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WARMINSTER, PENNSYLVANIA -- My wife's legally parked unattended 2008 Ford Fusion took a major $7000 hit on the drivers side left rear. The soccer mom who lived on the block lost control and really nailed it. Fast forward. Due to their excellent reputation the car ended up at Barry Hackert Auto Body. This is a small body shop that has been in business for over 40 years. They do no advertising but are constantly busy due to the word of mouth by satisfied customers. They specialize in fiberglass repairs which is very difficult to work with. Many body shops cut corners (increased profit) and use after market replacement parts. Hackert uses only new factory OEM parts. They invite you to stop by anytime to inspect the progress of the repair job. They even take pictures documenting the various stages of the repair. Where they really excel is the paint blending. They did an outstanding job which comes with a lifetime warranty for their work to the current owner.

What really impressed me was how the car looked when I picked it up. Not a quick wash job. They completely detailed the car inside & out. OMG did it look good. If you live in the area & need body work this is the place to go. Highly Recommended.
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Alain on 02/01/2011:
A local shop with a good history and reputation. Can't beat that!
Anonymous on 02/01/2011:
Thank goodness it was unattended!
Anonymous on 02/01/2011:
Nice to hear about the local places beating out the chains. We also have a neighbor who has a small body shop and has never advertised. He is doing great too. May the small business owner live on--especially those that do a great job!
ok4now on 03/01/2011:
Quick Update. This accident happened on 1/7/2011. The striking vehicle's insurance company was Prudential. Even though this was a not at fault accident I didn't want the aggravation of dealing with them directly. I turned the claim into my Insurance company (Amica) and let them handle it. They paid the $7000 body shop repair and the $650 three week car rental. They're waiting for reimbursement. I'm out the $500 deductible until Prudential pays up. So far Prudential is dragging their feet and has paid nobody. Keep this on mind when you see the "name your price" TV commercial. Eventually they'll pay the claim. They seem more interested in collecting premiums than paying when their insured is at fault.
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