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Bassett Furniture Is Poorly Made and Falls Apart
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Rating: 1/51

ORANGE, CONNECTICUT -- I informed the Bassett sales representative that I was looking for a solid wood table. She told me that their custom tables are solid hardwood and have a special infinity coating to prevent damage. The table was received damage on one leg, in addition there were a few odd white marks on the table. The white marks were actually chips where the table appears to be de-laminating and the table is not solid wood. I received this table on Oct. 30th and the issue is still not resolved. Bassett will not accept any returns. I had a furniture maker come in and evaluate the table and he stated that the table is constructed with poor materials, and is veneer not solid wood as I was told.

Bait and Switch
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Rating: 4/51 - Consumer improved rating by 3 stars

KENNESAW, GEORGIA -- This review is a warning to anyone who buys Bassett Furniture. I have had a dispute with them on a purchase since day one of delivery. I ordered a custom piece of upholstered furniture. The quality and craftsmanship of the delivered piece was well under anything they have in their showroom. They told me it was because of the fabric I chose and took no responsibility. Their “Design Expert”, whom I worked closely with, never informed me that this fabric would behave in any other manner than what was displayed in their showroom. After delivery, they cited the fabric and acted as if it was my problem for choosing it. They offered no resolution except for me to repurchase the ottoman with a different fabric. I have reported them to BBB for their bait and switch tactics but since Bassett is unwilling to do anything, there is not much more I can do but warn others.

Resolution Update 11/13/2014:

I am updating my review because Bassett has come forward to resolve the issue to my satisfaction. Thank You.

Store Manager Were Condescending When I Voiced a Complaint
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Rating: 2/51

CONCORD, NC -- Last year we bought custom furniture from Bassett in Concord. We carefully selected the best we could afford and to us it was a lot of money. After about three months the one chair's fabric started fraying and pilling. The manager was very helpful and kind and told us we could reselect. We were very grateful but could not find a fabric we liked at that time.
After about 6 months we called the store and were told they got new fabrics so we went back for the reselection.

In the meantime the manager who was familiar with our case left and a new manager was in his place. Although we explained what happened (and I am sure they must have notes somewhere),she treated us as if we were criminals and not customers. We felt very uncomfortable. We were going to buy a Tempurpedic mattress but left the store and bought the mattress somewhere else. She acted as if she was doing us a favor and as if it was our fault that the fabric didn't hold up.

I was going to let this go but today we were talking about this to friends and they said they had the same experience with this manager after they had a complaint.
Customers deserve better and should not be treated the way we were treated.

Poor Quality Furniture
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Rating: 1/51

FT. LAUDERDALE, FLORIDA -- I purchased a leather 7 piece sectional a few years back ($8,000), the core (seat) of only one section continually failed (3 times) and had to be replaced, The metal part of the foot rest had to be replaced once. The aformentioned section had to be taken away to be repaired on 2 different occasions.

Having spoke with the Service representative on the phone and leaving messages I was finally told by the representative that came to the house after the third failure of the seat that Bassett would only cover 1/2 of the cost to repair the cushion with or that I could continue to argue with Corporate and then they would refuse to pay anything, but that I would have to pay $225 to contractor to repair the seat. The new firmer cushion is now beginning to feel just as the old pieces did.

I really thought that Bassett was a top quality furniture maker. I could have purchsed 4 sectionals for the price paid for this one in the 4 years that I have had this one. Frustration !!

Sloppy sofa and chair cushions poor customer service
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Rating: 1/51

BASSETT, VIRGINIA -- I recently, less than 2 years ago purchased a Sofa and Chair from furniture store in Port Huron, Mich. In less than 1 year fabric on cushions was rolling with sloppy fit on foam cushions. Bassett told me my complaint in less than 1 year had to deal with the store. They handled my problem the best they could. Now this is less than 2nd year and the problem is back, but now Bassett tells me my warranty on fabric and cushions is only good for 1 year. It is really too bad when you as a consumer can be sold a bill of goods and company can't stand up for their product. As I read the complaints about this on my computer I realized I wasn't they only person they SCREWED Took my money and ran.. Careful folks what you buy and I don't know if it matters to anyone but it was a sofa that you build yourself, Pick the style, fabric, arm shape, legs, you shouldn't have a duplicate of any-ones beware of the scam...

Custom hand-made couch with ill-fitting cushions
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OREM, UTAH -- Two years ago, September 2008, my wife and I ordered a custom couch from Bassett Furniture. We selected the fabric, the cushion style, the legs, arms and all the options that we wanted. We were delighted with the ordering process.

The couch was supposed to be delivered within a month, and it was not, but it eventually came and that's when we were not satisfied. We should have refused delivery of the couch, but we trusted the customer service folks who said they would address our concerns. The big problem was that the cushions didn't fit right. They appeared to be loose and the covers rolled on the cushions so the piping around the corners wouldn't stay square and it compressed.

Bassett replaced the cushions (but not the covers) and told us that we would have to manually adjust the cushion covers every week so that they would look right. In fact, the representative said that the couch was supposed to have a floppy look to it. Well, my wife wasn't happy, but she liked the color and the fabric and the style so we decided to "live with it."

The cushions wore out and lost their loft, their shape, and they got lumpy. It's been two years. We think the cushions should have lasted longer than that. We didn't know what to do. Because we didn't want to replace the couch, we took the cushions to a local upholsterer who removed the cushions from the cushion covers. As he did so, he pulled a lot of "loose" stuffing from corners and odd places from the inside the covers. He said, "See, this is your problem. A cushion like this shouldn't need this loose stuffing. Someone tried to scam you."

We asked him to order new foam and cut new cushions for the covers. We just received the newly stuffed cushions from the upholsterer today. He said that the cushions were two and one-half inches too small for the covers and that's why the covers rolled and the cushions lost their shape. When we put the newly stuffed cushions back on the couch, they barely fit because they were bigger.

The net effect was that the cushion covers were sewn to the wrong size. When we first received the couch, there were a lot of stray threads that appeared to reflect poor workmanship. We believe the couch is useful now, but we don't think that we received the quality that we paid for. And, we think the customer representative knew the cushion covers were wrong but didn't want to take the couch back. So, he scammed us by stuffing extra lumpy material into the cushions.

Pleased With The Results
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I am happy to share with others my outstanding experience with Bassett Furniture in Connecticut.

First, there was no typical sales pitch or hounding when I went into the store for the first time. A very nice salesperson (who I later found out was an experienced decorator) approached me casually and we chatted about my scarf for a few minutes when she finally got to asking me if I needed help. I was afraid to tell her anything right up front because I didn't want to be trailed or pushed like in the other furniture stores. But that didn't happen! She told me about the sale that was going on, and said she would be nearby if I had questions. She went back to what she was doing. A few minutes later she came over to see if I had any questions, and by that time I had a lot of them. It's a good thing too because in that store there is a LOT that you can't know about by just browsing. She showed me a storage system that I could design myself, and helped me with a quick sketch to see what I could do with my family room.

Well anyway she was so nice and helpful. She came out to my house and measured, made a layout, and showed me the best way to set up my room. I was nervous about what it all would cost, but I loved her ideas. When I heard the total I was surprised how affordable it all was, and I got the design service free. Everything was on sale. Lucky. Now I have my furniture. It came in very fast. My designer (I can't call her a salesperson anymore) came over again and helped me to set up all of the lamps and pictures. My room looks great and the quality of everything is outstanding.

I have had so many bad experiences with furniture that I was really nervous about redecorating this room. But Bassett is great and I would recommend it to everyone.

Beware of This Furniture Store
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Rating: 1/51


We had a nightmare with this furniture store. We ordered a clearance bed and after 4 weeks of waiting it was to be delivered on a Friday. They called that morning to tell us what time they would be here. After 3 hours after scheduled time we called them. They told us, that we had postponed our order. Of course this was not true. They told us it would be another week of waiting. I was a little leery of this bed because it never said what wood this bed was made of. I asked the sales lady and she told me it was solid wood which now I have my doubts.
So we cancelled our order and went to Kincaid where we were told my bed would be solid cherry. We ordered the bed and it was delivered in 3 days. I couldn't be happier with my purchase. My bed is top quality and I'm so thankful I cancelled with Bassett. I will always believe "You get what you pay for."

Rude And Childish Manager At Greensboro Store In My Opinion
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GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- Dear Bassett Management:

I wanted to convey to you the extreme lack of professionalism exhibited by "Dean" (I do not know his last name nor do I care ever to return to the store to find out), the so-called manager at your store off of Wendover Avenue in Greensboro.

After my wife and I were ready to purchase $10,000 worth of furniture in your store, your manager rudely interrupted and insulted my wife at which point we cancelled the sale.

In my entire life, I have never seen a store "manager" exhibit such rude and inappropriate behavior and in my opinion, he is more suited to work at Wal-Mart stocking shelves than running an upscale furniture store.

His actions cost Bassett, the store, and his sales woman several thousand dollars in sales as well as a decline in reputation. I simply wanted to make you aware of this problem, but judging from his unrestricted behavior and insulting attitude towards customers, you probably have heard this complaint before.

WE WILL NOT BE BACK and what's more we will be sure to tell all of our friends to never patronize your furniture establishment ever again.

We will be posting our experience online on several furniture store reviews to alert other furniture shoppers to our horrible experience at Bassett.

Hopefully, you can offer your managers some training in manners and in customer service, particularly when such a large sale is at stake.

Sincerely yours,

No Longer A Customer

Extremely Poor Customer Service
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GREENBORO, NORTH CAROLINA -- I recently spent $3500 on a sectional from Bassett. It was delivered yesterday to the tune of $120 delivery fee. I noticed a few scuff marks on the leather and supposedly the company will send someone out to look at it. The real problem is that I would like to add an additional piece to the sectional. I called the sales representative to place the order and asked to pick the item up in the store. It is only a 23" wide armless chair. She informed me that the new manager did not allow this and I would have to pay another $120 delivery fee on a $450 chair. I was outraged! I called Bassett stores in Raleigh, NC and Concord, NC and both would allow pick-up on a piece of this size. This manager is obviously oblivious to good customer service practices, which is a shame in this economy. I would rather drive an hour and pick it up than to give this unreasonable manager another penny of my hard earned money.

I wouldn't grace the doors of the Greensboro, NC Bassett store again if they were giving away free furniture and I will be sure to share my horrible experience with as many people as I can!

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