Bast Chevrolet - Seaford NY

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Bast Chevrolet - Seaford NY
3660 Sunrise Hwy
Seaford, New York 11783
516-785-4100 (ph)
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3660 SUNRISE HIGHWAY, SEAFORD, NEW YORK -- 2/27 on my way to Atlantic City NJ, my power steering gave out on the ramp entrance to the Verazzano bridge. I made it across into Staten Island and by the grace of God avoided an accident moving across all lanes to get to a off road spot. A tow truck was available immediately and my GM OnStar operator gave me the address for Island Chevrolet 2519 Hylan blvd. Staten Island NY. I was towed there and Pat the service manager told me to leave it, but he probably wouldn't get to check it until the next day. I tell him I'm 50 miles from home, have reservations at the Taj Majal but no other help is offered. When I tell him I will find another dealer, he tells his man to take my car out of the lot and put it in the street. I wouldn't give him the keys so I sat in my car for another hour waiting for Chevy Roadside Service to tow me to 86th st. Chevrolet in Brooklyn. These people were wonderful and I would recommend them to any one.

The problem was diagnosed as the return hose on the power steering pump; I replied that that hose was replaced a month earlier at Bast Chevrolet after I was almost killed entering the Southern State Pkwy. from the Belt Pkwy on !/24/08. I was advised that they just changed the original hose and that all Bast did was change a clamp. When I returned home I called Bast service and asked what was done on 1/24 and was told that they replaced the power steering hose. I related what happened the previous day and what the other dealer said, after a moment he said they had received a bulletin about power steering problems and that they only changed the clamp. My repair invoice shows a 3/8 inch hose being replaced.

I should have been suspicious because the repair was ready the same day, something that never happens at Bast. This is a leased vehicle under warranty with 15 months to go on the lease. I want out; This car has been trouble for 2 years and I'm now afraid to drive on the highway. I left a message with sales manager Al and he had Mark call me. We agreed to meet at Bast around 11am 3/1. I got there at 10:50 and was told that Mark was outside with a customer. When he finally arrived 20 mins. later he had to take care of the customer and asked me to wait. 50 mins. later at 12 noon he was still with a customer and I went to his desk and told him that I had to leave. I have not heard from him since.

Sorry for the long story.

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