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3660 SUNRISE HIGHWAY, SEAFORD, NEW YORK -- 2/27 on my way to Atlantic City NJ, my power steering gave out on the ramp entrance to the Verazzano bridge. I made it across into Staten Island and by the grace of God avoided an accident moving across all lanes to get to a off road spot. A tow truck was available immediately and my GM OnStar operator gave me the address for Island Chevrolet 2519 Hylan blvd. Staten Island NY. I was towed there and Pat the service manager told me to leave it, but he probably wouldn't get to check it until the next day. I tell him I'm 50 miles from home, have reservations at the Taj Majal but no other help is offered. When I tell him I will find another dealer, he tells his man to take my car out of the lot and put it in the street. I wouldn't give him the keys so I sat in my car for another hour waiting for Chevy Roadside Service to tow me to 86th st. Chevrolet in Brooklyn. These people were wonderful and I would recommend them to any one.

The problem was diagnosed as the return hose on the power steering pump; I replied that that hose was replaced a month earlier at Bast Chevrolet after I was almost killed entering the Southern State Pkwy. from the Belt Pkwy on !/24/08. I was advised that they just changed the original hose and that all Bast did was change a clamp. When I returned home I called Bast service and asked what was done on 1/24 and was told that they replaced the power steering hose. I related what happened the previous day and what the other dealer said, after a moment he said they had received a bulletin about power steering problems and that they only changed the clamp. My repair invoice shows a 3/8 inch hose being replaced.

I should have been suspicious because the repair was ready the same day, something that never happens at Bast. This is a leased vehicle under warranty with 15 months to go on the lease. I want out; This car has been trouble for 2 years and I'm now afraid to drive on the highway. I left a message with sales manager Al and he had Mark call me. We agreed to meet at Bast around 11am 3/1. I got there at 10:50 and was told that Mark was outside with a customer. When he finally arrived 20 mins. later he had to take care of the customer and asked me to wait. 50 mins. later at 12 noon he was still with a customer and I went to his desk and told him that I had to leave. I have not heard from him since.

Sorry for the long story.
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Aerocave on 03/02/2008:
I think you are being slightly dramatic here. I realize losing power steering would immediately change the way your vehicle handles--however, it would still steer. If the work was performed as per a campaign/service bulletin, the dealer would follow the necessary sounds like there was some miscommunication as to what was actually done. If you have questions I would contact eh service manager. This is a prime example of why leasing is a great alternative to purchasing a car...I realize you want out of the vehicle now (which I suspect is not going to be economically feasible), but at least you know there is "an end." GM as being offering many "pull-ahead" offers as well, which assists leasees in terminating their lease would still be a little early for you to benefit from this as well...but I doubt you will have to keep the vehicle the entire 15 months.
gooch on 03/02/2008:
Not being dramatic at all; each time the steering failed the car was enetering a curve. I am a senior citizen who watched a young mechanic at 86th st. Chevrolet in Brooklyn have a hell of a time trying to steer the car to get it into as bay. Yesterday the servixce dept. was closed and I spent over an hour waiting for the salesman to finish with a customer before I told him I had to leave. He should have gone into the sales manager and told him he would be awhile and have him help. I leased this car on the internet through the sales manager; it was the sales manager who got the message about my complaint and had the other man call me to set up the meeting. I expect to get out of this lease with no cost to myself and will not get another GM car. I will post a followup as to what happens, right now it is out of hands.
Aerocave on 03/04/2008:
I really think you are unfairly giving up on GM cars...Yes, I am biased, but if you read any automotive publications, the quality has really improved...You are right, the Sales Manager should have gotten someone else to help you...
Bobby G on 06/29/2008:
The fact is your was fixed by another dealer and that's that. If you want to get out of your lease it is up to you to pay the penalty involved with doing so. If you don't want to come up with whatever it costs to get out of the car, deal with it! There's no free ride here or anywhere else. You bought a mechanical item (Impala) and sometimes things break. It gets fixed and you move on. The fact that you can't handle the possibility it may break again is ridiculous. Is this the only consumer product you've ever purchased that has a defect? What's next? Your toaster burns up so you can never eat bread again? If the Brooklyn dealer has fixed the problem, stop complaining already. Things break and they get fixed.

So, you had to wait for the salesman? Next time make an appointment like everyone else. He's supposed to blow off another customer because you're impatient? If he stopped working with that customer to help you, maybe they would be complaining here as well. It's a no-win situation for him.

Bottom line is that you signed a lease commitment and are bound by it. Your financing with a bank has NOTHING to do with the mechanical issues on your car. If your car could not be repaired by either dealer and was bought back under the lemon law, your beef would be with GM, not the dealer.

BTW, did you even ask the manager to help you or were you in such a rush you didn't take the time?
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