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Product broken and no response from vendor during warranty period
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AUSTIN, TEXAS -- I purchased this product in April 2009 for about $500. It's an external battery to give me another 6-10 hours on my MacBook Pro if I'm travelling somewhere without access to AC power.
I used it a couple of times over 4-5 months with no problem. Then in September I tried again and it had no power. I tried to charge it up and it wouldn't take any charge.
Battery Geek Inc. offers a 6-month warranty. I contacted them by email and got an emailed suggestion as to something to try to fix the problem. It didn't work. I went on their web site (it was about 5 months after purchase) and filled in their form to return the product for repair. I got an automated email saying I'd get an "RMA" number to return the product within 24 hours. Never got it.
I've followed up with numerous emails and phone calls (left voicemail each time), with no response. I've also gone online and requested a new return, got their automated message again saying I'd get an RMA number within 24 hours (on November 3), and nothing further.
Has this company gone out of business? They still seem to be selling product online. How do I get them to respond and take the broken battery back for repair, replacement or refund?

David Sherman
ds@davidsherman. ca
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MSCANTBEWRONG on 11/09/2009:
Send them a certified letter stating your request. If you still have the emails and their responses, attach copies to your letter showing them the amount of times you've tried to contact them during the warranty period. Good luck!
davidshermantax on 11/10/2009:
Thanks. Curiously, they responded within a few hours to the email I sent them at the same time I posted this complaint. I don't know if this posting was forwarded to them (by or otherwise) or if it's coincidence. They've now sent me an RMA number and return instructions. Let's see how they do with actually handling the repair or replacement!

David Sherman
davidshermantax on 12/22/2009:
BatteryGeek seems to have mended its ways. After the problems described above, I got a response within hours after posting the above, as noted. Their returns supervisor Jack Murray (512-422-8310) wrote, as part of his email to me, "I know we have been way too slow in getting this resolved. Battery Geek has been undergoing a difficult re-organization and is now under new management. We sincerely promise to be more responsive in the future."

Since then BG has been very responsive. I sent them the battery (took me a while because I was away), they tested it and agreed it's broken and they are replacing it with a new one (actually a better model that's lighter and more useful for my needs).

I'm willing to accept that the service problem has been solved by new management; Jack Murray has responded promptly to each email I've sent, and has included his phone number and invited me to call him personally. Very different from my earlier dealings which were with a phone number answered only by voicemail.

David Sherman,, 416 781 4622
strongb33r on 01/18/2010:
I am having similar issues with BatteryGeek's RMA process. It took 10 days and opening a dispute with my credit company to get an RMA issued. UPS tracking shows they received the battery, but no word on how its being processed!
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