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A Big Rip Off And Poor Customer Service...
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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK -- I bought a 2007 Nissan Murano from Bay Ridge Nissan less than two months ago and now I feel like I've made the biggest mistake of my life. At first it seemed all nice, at least when I was shopping for it, the sales people where calling me all the time to follow up on closing the deal and they were very pleasant in helping me then. As soon as I decided to get the car and I closed the deal on it, all the great customer service changed. Every time I called to follow up on picking up the car and also on receiving the title(which also was a run around) the customer service was so poor and frustrating.

At the time when I viewed the car I was never told that the car only came with one copy of the key so on the day I picked it up I discovered that, when I brought this to the attention of the salesperson who was assisting me, he brushed it off and said that the vehicle was sold as is and there is nothing he could do about it(who sells a car with one key?).One day about a month and a half after purchasing the car I tried starting it and it would not start. I called the dealership and they told me that there is nothing they can do for me over the phone and I would have to bring the car to the service department somehow(even though it was not starting).I eventually got it jump started and brought it to the dealership. Without even checking the car the service representative told me based on what I told him he thinks I need a new battery and that it would cost me over $150 for a new one and to install it.

I don't believe that anyone should have to pay for a new battery after spending so much money on a car in such a short space of time. I believe I got a bad deal with the car, since I should not be having any issues in such a short period of time and on top of that Bay Ridge Nissan is not willing to assist me. The question is what will go out next? After this horrible experience I will never recommend anyone to this dealership nor will I ever purchase any vehicle or request service from them ever again.
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Ytropious on 10/03/2010:
You state the car was purchased "as is" correct? Never ever buy a car from a dealership "as is", might as well be buying it from joe shady blow down the street. Once you sign on the dotted line and drive that car off the lot, the dealership is absolved of all responsibility to the car. If it breaks, they are not responsible. I would have tried to negotiate some sort of warranty on the car if I bought it from a dealership. It sucks, but again, that's why you don't buy one "as is".
Skye on 10/03/2010:
How many miles are on the car? Did they offer any type of warranty? The best thing to do, is find out what the lemon law is for NYS, and go from there. Here is the link:

Because unfortunately, as is, means as is.
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