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Unchangeable Item
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA -- I made a mistake buying this item (La Choy Terriyaki Sauce), and I went to return it. The Supervisor by the name of Rafael, asked me the reason why, I explained to him, due of the thikness of its content, after hesitating for a while he returned the money back: $2.05, while leaving he became very aggressive and told me that the bottle was already open, off course I had to open to know what was wrong, and wasn't what I was looking for. As I said he got upset and obliged me to return the money, not even exchange for a different one, after arguing with Mr. Rafael, I gave him back the money and in a very unproffesional manner he yelled at me, not to return to this place anymore, very ridiculous and unethical behaviour.
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Anonymous on 03/10/2012:
While the manager's behavior was less than desirable, it is often policy in most stores to not accept returned food items that have been opened. You can't expect a store to reimburse you over trial and error on food products. If I try a new product, and I'm not satisfied, I just don't buy it again. But I can't realistically expect a refund based on those premises.
Anonymous on 03/10/2012:
OP, would you like to buy a food item that has been opened and returned? I wouldn't. I would hope the store doesn't put the soy sauce back on the shelf. That means they are losing money by throwing the item out
clutzycook on 03/10/2012:
He shouldn't have gotten upset like that, but a lot of stores have policies against returning opened food items. It probably would have been best to take it up with the manufacturer.
tnchuck100 on 03/10/2012:
Unless the product was defective in some way they should not refund or exchange it. Sometimes we make mistakes and pickup the wrong item. Some mistakes we make have consequences. This is one of those cases.
trmn8r on 03/10/2012:
I agree with Chuck. If the product was defective, then the store should make a refund and I assume be compensated by the distributor/manufacturer.

On the other hand, if the product was simply not to the OP's liking, I don't believe a refund should be made. The sound of the tamper-proof plastic being removed from the cap is the sound of permanent ownership of the product.
Starlord on 03/10/2012:
I have to agree here. If the return was based on the sauce being bad as evidenced by its thickness, that could have been seen without opening the bottle. It sounds to me as if the OP picked up the wrong bottle of sauce, and that does not rate a refund if it has been opened. I do know that food items are never put back on the shelf. Some companies reimburse the store for the loss, and some don't, but the store does not owe the OP a refund or exchange.
FoDaddy19 on 03/10/2012:
The manager's behavior wasn't very nice, but at the same time, you tried to return an already opened food item. The item wasn't defective, it was just thicker than you expected, I'm sure every bottle of La Choy Terriyaki Sauce is the same consistency. Frankly I don't think going through all this aggravation for a $2 bottle of Terriyaki sauce is worth it, sometimes it's best just to chalk one up to experience and move on,
The Triplets boy boy girl on 03/10/2012:
Well next time don't buy the product if they are strict on returning food. Walmart does and throws it out if it is food in case some tried to poison it.
CrystalSword on 03/10/2012:
Contat the manufacturer...often times they will either refund, or send you coupons for free items.
rodolfoper on 03/12/2012:
Thank you for the comments, yes I was wrong buying the wrong ...I can say..."wrong flavour", I'm not expert reading levels I only remember that one time, a friend of mine invited me a dish with the same ingredient and thought would it taste like this, instead turned out sweet and nasty. But the case is this stupid Supervisor's attitude. Anyway I walked into a bigger supermarket and exchanged the same product with not hesitation, some people can be understanding, not because of the money but out of exceeding customer service expectations. But for sure I never walk into Bay Supermarket anymore, besides it looks like a freaking laberinth...!!!
The Triplets boy boy girl on 03/13/2012:
Do you really think it is mature to call someone stupid because you did not get your way?
Anonymous on 03/13/2012:
Wait, so you took the same item you bought at Bay Supermarket and exchanged it at another store? But you didn't buy it at the other store. That's dishonest
The Triplets boy boy girl on 03/13/2012:
She must have returned it at Walmart, they allow it without a receipt, especially if the item is cheap.
Churro on 03/13/2012:
I agree this isn't so much about being told 'no' as it is about an incompetent manager who has no business dealing with the public. Why stores hire guys like this to be in charge is beyond me. Eh, he's probably somebody's brother in law.
The Triplets boy boy girl on 03/13/2012:
Then who know most of these people do complain that someone was rude because they were told "no"
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