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Fell For The Scam
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The company Baywood Financial was listed in the Dailypress for offering personal loans. However not knowing at the time they were scam artist I applied for the loan and was approved for $8000.00;$400.00 Monthly payments. The manager name was [snip] according to them. They stated I needed to send a Western Union for collateral. I did so by sending the first one for $500.00 They claimed the loan had issues and requested more. I sent another $500.00 ; And they stated once they receive this amount, the loan would be approved and wired to my checking account within 10 days. As the time went by I never received the funds. I called the company; they had shut down quickly; the phone number was no longer in service. I never could get in contact with them. I reported the scam but they could find out anything either; but they new it was a scam. Being so desperate at the time and facing homelessness;I didn't have a choice. This so called company was working out of Toronto, Canada as well. But I learned my lesson.

I should have know it was too good to be true. I never received the funds and they could never be tracked down. The people talked and seemed so sincere on the phone; but that's how they get in a persons mind.
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