Baywood Lending Services in Tampa Florida

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Baywood Lending Services in Tampa Florida
201 N Franklin St
Tampa, FL 33602
877-810-1286 (ph)
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Baywood Lending Services took my money with promise of loan
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TAMPA, FLORIDA -- I was contacted by phone from a man calling himself kyle morrison with baywood lending services on 10-20-09 stating that the loan I applied for online was approved for the amount of $6000.00 that I needed to send in a collaterial payment totaling 4 months payments $725.00 via Western Union to a theresa watkins in Toronto Canada so I did. 2 days later I was contacted by patrick armstrong stating that he was the account manager with baywood lending services & that there was a problem with my loan that the lender was requiring an additional 4 months so again I sent $725.00 to theresa watkins Toronto Canada with a guarantee that the money would be wired to my bank account along with any sending fees. Well on 10-27-09 patrick armstrong called again & stated that the lender had completely backed out of my loan, but that he had another lender willing to do 12000.00 for an additional 8 months collaterial so in desperation mode I once again sent money this time in the amount of $1450.00 well guess what he called again stating that there was a problem so this time I called the property owner of the address they had on the loan documents to find out that this company has been using this address fraudulently I called Western Union to find out by the grace of god the last transaction of $1450.00 had not been picked up & was able to get it back minus the sending fees but they still got me for the initial $1450.00 I contacted patrick armstrong again today 10-29-09 & told him I wanted a refund he began to cuss me & tell me I wasn't getting my money back that I could hire an attorney & he would tie my money up for years..these people are very bad news nothing but scam artist please do not send these people your hard earned money like I did now I don't know what I will do about my bills

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