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RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA -- The Better Business Bureau or BBB. ORG is a Scam. They are a non-profit organization where their income comes from having businesses pay a "membership" fee. This means that businesses are the BBB's source of income (even though they don't report income). If a business pays a membership fee, then their rating is an A or A+ rating. Business that refuse to "join" their club have a B to F rating. Especially if the business disagrees with the BBB information.

In researching the BBB, businesses that pay for a membership receive an A or A+ rating no matter the number of complaints. There are businesses that have over 30 complaints in 12 months with A+ ratings because they paid a membership. Where a similar business with 22 complaints in 12 months that does not pay a membership fee has an F rating.

The BBB is just like the mafia. They strong arm, they extort, and they make you pay to play. The State and Local government needs to step end and stop the BBB they should not be rating any business what so ever...

One final irony: if you have a complaint against the Better Business Bureau, you can't file it with the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau is not a member of its own organization. However there are numerous State Attorney General offices that are now investigating their practices. North Carolina Attorney General needs to investigate the NC BBBs practies too. They are shady and false advertising and misleading consumers and damaging NC businesses that do not pay for a membership.

Maybe it's all a big joke? But unfortunately consumers think the BBB is an honest organization, when actually they can cause great damage to a business who refuses to pay their income.

Look at the Better Business Bureau 20/20 Investigation:

Other videos on the BBB scam: php
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User Replies:
madconsumer on 02/09/2011:
the bbb really does noting anymore. they are no longer what they used to be.
trmn8r on 02/09/2011:
I have used the BBB twice, and both times the pressure put on the company in question resulted in my complaints being resolved.

I'm not saying it is perfect, but it is one arrow in the consumer's quiver.

I'd ask if you had a problem with the BBB, and what it was.
ok4now on 02/09/2011:
Interesting information. Sounds like another pay to play scam. If you grease the right palm you're in on this one sided game. Sounds like the same trick that politicians pull (campaign donations) to get re-elected. Make that donation and get that tax break. What a corrupt world we live in. The big players get away with it and the working guy gets screwed.
Anonymous on 02/10/2011:
the BBB is definitely not what they say they are. Its sad. All about money.
Alain on 02/10/2011:
About $10,000 will buy any business an A+ rating with BBB.
Anonymous on 02/10/2011:
How is this not illegal and how did they get so trustworthy when its all just a facade?
Slimjim on 02/10/2011:
Let me correct the errors you have placed in your complaint:

Scam has certain declinations, non of which the BBB can really be accused of. Even your accounts of what you perceive happens, do not indicate anyone is "scammed".

Being a non-profit does not mean they have no source of income. It means they show no profit at years end, with all income being spent on salaries, rent, utilities etc. Non-profits are run by a board, without specific ownership, hence there is no year end profit or stock to be collected as dividends to any individual(s).

The BBB mandates that their members (now know as being accredited by), maintain a B or higher rating, based on their algorithm of many factors within a grading scale. You don't get an A for being a member, you simply have to have that grade (B actually) already to be able to join. You do get, I believe, a half grade bump for joining, so in theory, no "member" would carry a B grade, as it automatically would bump to a B+ for joining. That's the "official" benefit of accreditation.

You are not penalized for not joining in grading. I have seen businesses carry As and A+s, while still not being members/accredited.
Being graded from B to F is all based on many combined things. Length of time in business, number of complaints, # of complaints compared to size, seriousness of complaints, etc.

While I agree many times I find inconsistencies and questionably between the grading of different businesses, at least present it as it is.
I personally feel they have no business grading businesses myself, as I don't think they do the best job of it. That being said, they do try to do a decent job. I've know many that are more than willing to join the BBB but the charter refuses them, and their money, based on their grade. Yeah, I think some favors may be done on a small scale, but not on any conspiracy level.
Disaster Worker on 02/10/2011:
Great post and very accurate.
Anonymous on 02/10/2011:
The BBB is not what it used to be. Years ago, they proactively called on my behalf and helped resolve a complaint I had against a car dealership. Not so anymore. They won't make calls, investigate, etc...They simply accept your complaint and place it on file. Times have changed my friends.
Skye on 02/11/2011:
I've been saying this for years. The BBB is not there for the consumers. All they care about are paying memberships.
PepperElf on 02/11/2011:
I am not surprised.

One fake business named itself HAMAS (after the terrorist group) and paid the $425 membership fee. Even though there was no actual data about the company, they received an A-minus rating.

also check out

Basically, the BBB has been accused of being disorganized and... well subject to giving out good ratings based on bribery.
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Pay to Play Is the Order of the Day
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Rating: 2/51
I used the BBB on a few occasions to resolve complaints, and as a result I got refunds of almost $1000 I was due. My thoughts at the time were "wow, the BBB is great." The two businesses involved were *not* "BBB Accredited". A representative at one company told me, as she was issuing my refund, "I hate it when they call." If only this were true for accredited businesses.

What I subsequently learned, by researching the BBB ratings of several companies, is that companies that pay "dues" and thus become "accredited", have earned an A- rating just for paying! A few people have tested this - one didn't even supply a valid address for his alleged "business", and the following day he had an A-. Time after time, when I review a business that is accredited, I see a rating of A to A+, even if it has a slew of complaints against it. I've never seen an accredited business with a rating below A-, but in contrast I have seen many non accredited ones with B through F ratings, even those who have only a few complaints can have a C. New businesses that haven't earned a rating yet that aren't accredited are given a "No rating" rating, but the new ones that are accredited are bestowed with an A-.

Connecticut Attorney General Blumenthal threatened to sue the BBB in 2010 after conducting an investigation regarding what he called "Pay to Play" in connection with this practice. Only 10 days later it was announced he had reached "an agreement", but the practice appears to continue today. The BBB did make a few changes such as not awarding points in its ratings system just because dues were paid.

At my auto repair facility, which consists of only the owner and two employees, I noted the BBB plaque on the wall with surprise. The owner told me that he is called incessantly by BBB telemarketers if he doesn't pay for membership in the BBB, and this is the *only* reason he pays "a few hundred dollars" a year. At a large company, the dues are probably several thousand dollars a year.

There is a bunch of mumbo jumbo on the BBB's mission statement about trust between companies and consumers, not being biased, etc. After reading numerous complaints about a few accredited companies, and seeing they have A or A+ ratings despite numerous complaints in their BBB file, I have no faith whatsoever in this rating system and I feel it is in fact biased. This is a sad state of affairs, and my gut feeling (not based on hidden camera interviews or a scientific poll) is there is much more rehabilitation to be done to make the ratings meaningful. As it stands, when I see "AAA accredited" it is a warning to treat a business with an eye of suspicion, which is extremely ironic.
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User Replies:
jktshff1 on 07/07/2012:
Bbb, IMHO, is one of the most worthless entities there is.
madconsumer on 07/07/2012:
what is the source of this?
tnchuck100 on 07/07/2012:
Just seeing Empire flooring sport an A+ rating casts a dark shadow over the BBB.
DebtorBasher on 07/07/2012:
I never really thing much about checking the BBB for anything.

Great info as always 8er, 8er!!!
ok4now on 07/07/2012:
Excellent post, you exposed them for the "pay for play" scam artists that they are.
onlooker on 07/07/2012:
I also know of BBB - finding a non-profit and listing them for free -with some other really beneficial donated materials to help support the non-profit. Until reading this site had not heard of any other BBB 'work'.
Anonymous on 07/08/2012:
I can't really say anything bad about them. I got a full refund because of them from defective furniture I got.

It does sound deceiving but they also do good work in my opinion. Without them I'd be out a few hundred bucks.
madconsumer on 07/08/2012:
very helpful comment Wally86!!
MRM on 07/08/2012:
DB, I too, don't check with BBB for any services. I just read the customers reviews.
raven2010 on 07/08/2012:
I use Angie's List. Companies cannot pay to be included. Members pay and we write reviews that are quite detailed with many categories.

I found my local movers there ( Integrity Moving) and I was THRILLED with them---will write a review on them here soon.
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Sides With These Thieves Of A Companies
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- The BBB, they basically decides with these companies that are doing the consumers in justice.

What ever the companies write as a response back to the BBB, the BBB will accept.

Even if it is a liar!!!

The companies still will remain with a satisfactory history with the BBB.

I think the BBB is a waste of time writing for assistant for help on these companies.

The file is put on a shelf to collect spider webs and these companies continues with robbing the consumers.

***It is sad, that the consumers do not have no one to protect them.

***The attorney general office is no better either, because you never hear back from the attorney general office.
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BBB/Better Business Bureau is not what it is cracked-up to be! 1,972 complaints and an A+ grade on Conn's???
Posted by on
This all started with a repair issue on my oven, see my other reviews. Well, once I filed a complaint with the Texas Attorney General and the Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation (they deal with warranty issues) my stove was magically fixed the following day. People need to file complaints with state and/or federal organizations, these entities work off of numbers and unless the public registers complaints they never know there is an issue to be investigated. The real kicker is that it took 5 minutes, yes 1, 2,3,4,5 whole minutes for the part to be replaced and the oven to once again work. Conn’s is so messed-up that they called 3 days later to schedule a repair person.

However, now what is most concerning is that the BBB actually sent me a response from Conn's that was 2 sentences. The stove was fixed on 4/20 and we are sorry for the inconvenience.

In my BBB complaint I specifically requested an explanation of why it took so long, what would be done to improve customer service, and a full apology from Conn’s. I obviously rejected the BBB letter as settling the matter and stated I wanted what I requested along with an explanation from the BBB as to why Conn's still has an A+ rating with 1,972 complaints in the last 36 months as of 5/5, see and why the BBB would accept such an unbelievably weak response from Conn’s on my complaint.

I requested this explanation from the BBB on 4/18 in a separate e-mail to the BBB of Southeast Texas and in my rejection letter on 4/22 to the BBB. I have yet to receive an acknowledgment of my request for an explanation from the BBB, much less an explanation. I will wait a full month for a response from the BBB and then I will file a report with the Federal Trade Commission for deceptive practices and contact one of the local news stations.

All I can say is do not trust the reports on the BBB and look-up complaints on the BBB; once you do you will see that there are many legitimate complaints on the organization! People need to be educated on what a scam the BBB really is!
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 05/05/2009:
BBB is in business to make a buck. If Conn pays them, they are going to give them a good rating. That's what they do. Their business model is pretty much the same as Ripoff Report: pay us and you'll never get a bad review.
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Complaints Against the Better Business Bureau
Posted by on
PORTLAND, OREGON -- Since the BBB is not ran by the Federal or State government, is it privately owned?

And since the BBB operates, in large, off of funds from its members (Contractors or Business), how can it be bias free from a consumer complaint against its own member(s)?

I have a friend who experienced alarming and costly damages from a contractor who is a member of the BBB. My friend performed the preliminary steps on a claim against the contractor and a follow up report against the contractor to the BBB.

However, when my friend and I called the BBB (under alias names) posing as potential customers who wanted to know if there were any past and/or present complaints on this same contractor, the BBB responded with a "NO" and gave complimentary responses about this particular contractor whom my friend made a claim against.

First, this is how I am viewing the BBB:
If a contractor, bad or good, is a member of the BBB, and since the BBB largely operates off the funds from its members, it would stand to reason that the BBB could not be impartial and unbiased to a consumer's complaint and would most likely be supportive of its own member, as we, my friend and I have experienced.

Secondly, consider this: When a consumer calls the BBB complaining against a contractor who is NOT a member of the BBB.... in short, it is my understanding that the BBB would follow up on the consumer's complaint by contacting the contractor, encouraging the contractor to become a member; and if the contractor refuses, only then will the BBB take the steps in reporting this contractor to the proper agencies, and file a negative report about this contractor within the BBB.

Now, with this in mind, isn't this a form of BLACKMAIL to get contractors to join the BBB?

And isn't the BBB a far cry away from its' historical origins "TRUTH IN ADVERTISING" and it's purpose of protecting the consumers?

Would anyone like to comment on this WITH FACTS AND YOUR OWN EXPERIENCES?
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 03/28/2008:
This pretty much sums up the BBB.
yoke on 03/28/2008:
The BBB is USELESS! They are there to protect the scammers.
thensider on 03/28/2008:
The BBB cannot help you anyway, so it relly doesn't matter. Even if they WANTED to, they CANNOT. What is the REAL problem, I.e., with the contractor? Maybe I can help point you in the right direction to get results?
Loza on 03/28/2008:
Dear "thensider", after doing some research on contractors in my state, I discovered the real problem with bad contractors IS THE STATE.

The state is basically giving away contractor license to anyone. Sure, there are some small fees involved to become a licensed contrator, but taking the tests from the state's contractor's board is a joke, basically an open book test, and eliminating proof of actual hours spent in learning each phase of the contracting jobs (excluding electrical & plumbing).

Oregon and Washington are terrible about this.

Plus, the state provides the contractor with insurance bonds. This too is another problem, as they will attempt every means possible in protecting their insurance funds, resulting in protecting the contractor and leaving the injured consumer to the way-side.

The BBB and the State's Contractor's Board, boy...what a joke!
But I'm all ears if you feel you have other alternatives to receive better results. Thanks
yoke on 03/28/2008:
Loza, CT is just as bad. We had our driveway done 2 years ago. When we checked the license the state said it was clear of any problems. We hired them and had problems. Within a month the state was bombarded with complaints from this company (East Coast Paving). Their license was up for renewal and even with the complaints it was renewed. Come to find out this company was in a different name just before they did our job, the state never bothered to tell us that when we called to check the license. Never told us that it was a new issue.
Loza on 03/29/2008:
More comments about the BBB...go to links below:
Anonymous on 03/29/2008:
I believe the BBB is a scam. They protect their members more diligently than the mob protects its bag men. Essentially, when a business joins the BBB, consumer complaints seem to vanish. It is the small business equivalent of a good ole boys club.
Loza on 03/30/2008:
Well Folks! It seems like the votes and comments on the BBB are unanimous; a FRAUDULENT Business that is allowed to continue it's operations and decieve the public.
Loza on 03/30/2008:
Dear Yoke,
There are soooooo MANY Tricks that follow behind BAD Contractors. Not that I'm broad brushing all contractors, I'm only focusing on the bad ones that are allowed to continue operating. However, the bigger picture here is not so much about the bad contractor in so much that the state which allows these devious, problamatic contractors to continue operating.
But this is a whole different complaint issue that folks could write books on.

There are obvious flaws in our state laws that allow such business & bad contractors to continue operating while others continue to be victimized by this ongoing problem.
Goldy on 05/27/2008:
Hi guy,

I don't need to add any further comments to the ones already mentioned by others about the BBB. Suffice it to say that they are useless and implicitly conflicted (with the businesses).

The next question is that beyond suing a company, what other options do consumers have if they have been wronged by a business or company. The press? Government agency? Inquiring minds need to know. Thanks.
Hatewamu on 08/02/2008:
I just wanted to say that until your complaint has been completed it will not register as a complaint. That is why when you called it said that the business had no complaints. The BBB has to investigate a complaint before it can be recorded as such. Anyone with a complaint against a contractor, would need to go to the Contractors Registration Board in that State. The State is supposed to go out and actually look at the damage done by a contractor.
Loza on 01/29/2009:
Dear Hatewamu, in ref to your comments, did you NOT read and truly understand the comments above ? I.e.
"Loza Mar 27th through 30th",
"thensider Mar 28th"
and "Yoke Mar 28th".

You are "ASSUMING" that these complaints did not take its full course.

And when the word "STATE" is mentioned in the above postings, it "IMPLIES" the state's Contractors Registration Board. Therefore, implying that the preliminary steps of processing a complaint to the Contractors Board was completed. How else could a person convey his/her experience after the fact?

It may be difficult to accept the hard truths of other peoples experiences that contradicts our false-beliefs in the BBB or the State's Contractors Board; but if you're still not convinced, read the following reports "Is the BBB Too Cozy With the Firms It Monitors?", "Fraud, violation of Colorado law (the CO MVRA and CCPA), Grand Theft Auto, Perjury, and Obstruction of Justice are the charges against the Denver BBB", "The BBB Council Headquarters has refused to answer these charges". View these reports at:
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What to do
Posted by on
I just wanted to write a quick note to answer a few questions about the BBB. Part of my job is answering BBB complaints against my company and I have learned a few things.

First: When sending a complaint to the BBB, it is a good idea to make sure that you are filing with the right state. If you file your complaint in your state of residence vs. the state the company is headquartered in, it will take longer for you to get a response. Why? Lets say you live in TX and the company is in MO. TX has to forward the complaint to MO, usually in a paper letter, via USPS, this takes about 5 days. Then the MO BBB forwards it to the company, also 5 days. Company responds to MO BBB. They have 30 days to do this. I usually answer ours in 3-5 days. For the sake of this example, let’s say they take 15 days. MO BBB sends it back to TX, USPS, and another 5 days. That is a total of 45 days. Not including the length of time it takes TX to send the info to you. If you have to respond, you could double this time frame. If you had filed with MO in the first place, generally companies can respond electronically, and that info will be emailed to you, so you’re looking at about 5 days total.

Second: The BBB is simply put, a third party to help you with communicating with a company. They have no power to MAKE a company respond or act on your complaint. The company is given 30 days to respond. If they do not, it goes on their record that way. Of course, other consumers can see this info and make judgments on the company, but that isn’t going to help YOU.

Third: Because of reason number 2, the best way to get results is through either your states attorney general or consumer protection agency. These bodies actually have the power to MAKE a company act.
Hope it helps!
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User Replies:
Slimjim on 03/13/2008:
You're correct, it is vital to complain to the area BBB where the company is located, not the complainant. In the case of an Attorney General complaint, I think doing both may be most effective. This way both offices can decipher if any laws a broken in each of their respective states.
MSCANTBEWRONG on 03/13/2008:
Thanks Insider. Good information. (VH)
Principissa on 03/13/2008:
I agree Slim. I have never had to complain to either, but this is very helpful to know. Thank you for posting this. :)
DebtorBasher on 03/13/2008:
Good Post...thanks!
Anonymous on 03/13/2008:
Thanks for the insight. I don't care for the BBB to much. They called us once and said we had a complaint. We knew it was a scam because they send letters and never call. It was a guy that claimed if we joined the BBB we could then see and answer the complaint. This was a few years ago and the BBB got busted for pulling it on thousands of business's.

We have never had a BBB complaint but filed one on them with the FTC along with hundreds of others. We never herd from them again and the BBB was fined for shady biz practices.
thensider on 03/14/2008:
Well, that's horrible! I don't think my company is a "member", but I still have online access to our complaints, that I check every 2 days, so they get answered quickly!
Rosse on 03/21/2008:
So far I gave the BBB two complaints on two separate incidents. And in both the answer was... we do not deal with complaints about professional (dentist) and the other was we do not deal with complaints about customer service. I am confused. I was told one time that... if any problems with anything contact your local BBB.
forcomplaintsonly on 03/21/2008:
The reason the BBB doesn't want to take on doctors, is they know they can not win, the doctor's seem to have unlimited resources to fight things like this.
jer2 on 04/11/2008:
Good info. I found out the BBB doesn't help at all. My BBB in Denver doesn't even give it any effort. If you file a complaint and the company you complain about answers then the case gets a administrative close. It does not matter what the complaint is about or what the company says in the answer. All the company needs to do is answer and the case is closed. My feeling is this is because the BBB is more interested in selling memberships to companies then consumer protection. If they truly were there to help consumers they would not be selling memberships to companies. Its a conflict of interest.
That is my experience with the Denver BBB.
Not happy1 on 04/21/2008:
I currently have complaint with a BBB. I asked them at what point do you contact necessary authorities of a company scamming people, etc. I was told they do not contact any authorities even if they are aware of this.
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BBB Is Not GOD !!!
Posted by on

International Executive Services LLC / Advancement Solutions, LLC does not have a good relationship with the BBB in Tennessee. However our stance is that their information is inaccurate and unfounded.
Any information that the BBB have gathered is from clients who have signed up for our referral services without meeting the qualifications for the training.

Our office understands that the BBB tries to help consumers. We believe that number a of complaints is minimal considering the number of satisfied customers we deal with on a daily basis. On the other hand, we feel that if an applicant has read and signed & notarized documents agreeing to the conditions of our company’s polices. It is unreasonable for the BBB to side with the customer when a complaint is filed simply because they do not get a refund. International Executive Services, LLC feels that the applicant at some point should be held accountable for their actions.

International Executive Services LLC /Advancement Solutions, at one time was on good terms with the BBB until it was requested that IES divulge personal and confidential information concerning clients personal information & the security company's who employ graduates.

IES does not give sell, trade or otherwise divulge confidential information of any client or Agency who employs clients.

Perhaps the time has come for the business community to ask whom the BBB must answer to for their own indiscretions. If a company does not respond to the BBB’s request, then that company is considered not to be legit or a scam etc. The general public assumes these allegations to be a fact! The truth of the matter is that the BBB makes misjudgments against many companies including International Executive Services, LLC.

IES does have a refund policy that states if you do not graduate the Academy, You will have to provide the school transcripts stating the reason you did not graduate. you can request a refund if you have a doctors statement saying that you cannot participate in the training because of a medical condition. You can request a refund if you are called for Military deployment.

However, if you register for a program and do not follow through with the application process you will not be eligible for a refund. If you decide you don’t want to take the training you are not eligible for a refund.

IES is a Referral Service not a Registration Service and DOES NOT GUARANTEE anyone a job. No one who contacts IES will ever be told that they have been guaranteed a job. Our Agents tell all callers that they are only guaranteed a job upon completion of the Academy training, which IES will make every effort to acquire for you.

When you are accepted into an Academy Training Program you will be offered a contract to work overseas and in the U. S. A.

IES is not out to take anyone's money and not provide our services. There are jobs available to those who meet the qualifications & go through the Training Academy Programs and graduate.

If you would like to register or if you would like additional info, you can contact me
Agent Robbie Wood @ 1-615-885-8960 EXT. #117 or @1-615-942-6978 M-F 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. CST.
Or you can e-mail me at or

Recruiting Agent Robbie Wood
International Executive Services

CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE: This email is intended only for the use of the addressee and may contain information that is privileged, confidential, and exempt from disclosure under applicable law. If you are not the addressee of this email, you are hereby notified that any dissemination, distribution, copying, or other use of this communication, or information contained herein, is strictly prohibited. If you have received this communication in error please notify us immediately by telephone at the telephone number noted above. Thank you.
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User Replies:
Anonymous on 11/22/2007:
The email posted above was transmitted on a confidential basis.
jktshff1 on 11/22/2007:
We here received this gibberish, sorry explanation er excuse post in error.
Principissa on 11/22/2007:
I'm sorry I got sleepy after the first paragraph.
killerklown on 11/23/2007:
I didn't get sleepy, I just stopped caring.
Anonymous on 11/23/2007:
Anonymous on 11/23/2007:
I'm just not that interested.
SGTSAVAGE on 01/06/2008:
It would be nice if Better Business Bureau's were more useful and gave enough information so we could make a decision based on their information. They are too protective of Businesses and I realize that if they provide enough information that they will lose their dues paying members- the Businesses whom you complain about.
Loza on 03/27/2008:
The BBB is not impartial or unbias, and unreliable.

Read the new write up in my3cents, under "Complaints Against The Better Business Bureau".
Steven B on 07/11/2008:
I have sent the BBB in Dallas here numerous times about the service at different medical facilities and one about a retirement home and one about a company whose driver had sideswiped me and in every case the BBB here has been worthless. They always say the same thing, "We regret we cannot help you". I mean really what the hell are they good for? I don't think I have ever heard of them helping anyone. Your right, it seems they always side with the business.
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Bad Business Protection Bureau
Posted by on
Rating: 1/51
AUSTIN, FLORIDA -- I dealt with a business that was operating in clear violation of BBB rules, but was rated an A+ member. I filed a complaint. The business admitted the facts in my complaint but did nothing to fix its ongoing bad practices. The BBB closed the case and left the company as A+, without addressing the underlying practices that are in a clear violation of its rules.
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User Replies:
Old Timer on 07/30/2013:
When a business ponies up money to be a "member", they are almost guaranteed a A . It's a common practice with rating and review companies. Ed at the RipOff Report will take a company run by a bunch of criminals under FBI investigation and give them glowing reports and bury their bad reports. All for an extortion fee of course. The BBB calls it a "membership", the RipOff Report calls it the "Corporate Advocacy Program". They all have a name for it. Bottom line, pay and you get great reports.

The LA branch of the BBB was so corrupt and selling high grades to the point the national BBB shut them down and took their license away.
Weedwhacked on 07/31/2013:
As long as they pay the BBB they keep their A status no matter what.
Jay on 07/31/2013:
You need to understand there are two ways to obtain an A rating with the BBB...1) Earn it by reputation ...or...2) Buy it.
trmn8r on 07/31/2013:
The BBB rating is only valid, as odd as this sounds, for companies that are NOT members. Repeat, the BBB rating for member companies is worthless. It is like they get an outstanding rating just for paying dues.

This really saddens me - the BBB is an old organization, and I used to trust them. I have used them successfully in disputes with NONmember companies. Never tried to with member companies, but have found in multiple cases a member company has an A or A it doesn't deserve.
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No Follow Through
Posted by on
COLTON, CALIFORNIA -- Where is the Better Business Bureau's grade?? Our company worked on complying with their requests, we respond to any complaint with a valid and quick response and at the end of the day we are told "Your type of business automatically receives an (F) rating".. no consideration for anything, just an "F".
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User Replies:
Weedwhacked on 03/10/2011:
That's because you haven't paid them. Companies actually pay them to get their ratings. Google it, you'll see its true.
saj80 on 03/10/2011:
What they didn't tell you is that your company may continue receiving an "F" until you start paying dues to the BBB. 60 Minutes did a story a few months ago regarding this, and had many examples where businesses received failing grades until they joined the BBB and started paying dues. As with the AARP, the BBB is now an organization mainly concerned with collecting fees and not representing what their original charter entailed.
trmn8r on 03/10/2011:
The website tells you what the rating is based on, when you look up a company name. Click on Ratings Explanation.

Then it tells you what raised the rating and what lowered the rating. Examples of the latter are Length of Time the Business has been Operating and Number of Complaints. I have never seen "automatically receives this rating" as an explanation, because that isn't an explanation.

It is NOT true that is means you haven't paid them. I am currently following a company that has very poor business practices. They started with an "F" (which they deserve), and they have risen to a "C" by the grace of time they have been operating and reponding to a few more complaints (they started with no responses to complaints). They are not members of the BBB, and have never been.
Slimjim on 03/10/2011:
You can't pay them to remove an "F". Paying them means becoming a member/accredited, and you can only do that if you have a "B" grade or better. I've heard of instances where certain industries are graded poorly, but never an F automatically. Maybe you started low by default and those complaints made it worse.
leet60 on 03/10/2011:
I am curious about what "type of business" the OP is referring to?
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DENVER, COLORADO -- Better Business Bureau is totally useless. Its such a waste of time to use these people because they exist for the businesses that join and pay dues to them. No matter what the complaint, or the response from the business, they consider tt satisfied and closed. They don't even address the issue, they just take the complaint, forward it to the business and do nothing. They even tell you, they can't do anything, its totally up to the business whether they want to respond or not, and if they do respond, the BBB considers that a satisfied complaint and does not register your complaint as unsatisfactory. I complained that Cricket had False advertisement for one free month cell phone service. Cricket explained they had a 21 day billing cycle and bill ten days in advance. So one month to Cricket is eleven days. You do the math. You are paying thirty to forty dollars a month for eleven days of service. Cricket and the BBB refused to address this complaint and instead gave me a credit of six dollars xx for the one free month service. This is ridiculous. They can't re-define a month and say eleven days is a month when a calendar month is thirty days (at least). And, they didn't advertise one free billing cycle instead of one free month. Instead of changing the rules, they just re-define the definitions to get away with this and its still illegal. Chase couldn't do it with their credit card billing and neither can Cricket. Apparently no one has figured this scam out yet or addressed it.
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