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Utterly impotent.
By -

I lodged a complaint with the BBB about Dell recently and I receive snail mail telling me that the issue is resolved. I scratch my head as my steaming pile of computer that never worked out of the box lays before me. I decide to do a bit of digging to see what exactly goes on at the BBB. Of 14137 complaints (!!) to the BBB, exactly 14137 of the complaints were resolved to their satisfaction. 100% of complaints handled perfectly? A little too good to be true? Well good readers, it is too good to be true. Let's break down the numbers a bit.

Adding up numbers on the page, it seems that 2,068 times Dell made a 'reasonable offer' to the customer that was not accepted. But what is a reasonable offer anyway? There's no case by case breakdown. Many more times than that the customer didn't report back to the BBB whether or not the problem was resolved due to the onerous paperwork involved. The amount of times that both Dell AND the customer agreed that the problem was resolved is a very small fraction indeed. Yet this company still has a 100% resolution rate for customer problems. Weak. Impotent. Useless. Three words you should remember when dealing with the BBB.

They Seldom Are Useful
By -

In my opinion and experience, too many businesses hid behind the BBB. I should not have been surprised that BBB's job is to protect businesses. After several complaints that the businesses that offered less than adequate solutions or services, and BBB having no solution, I BELIEVE THAT YOU WASTE YOUR TIME DEALING WITH THEM- 3cents and other consumer boards is the way to go. Are there a list of similar internet sites that one can make complaints that have better results than BBB?

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