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Online Banking Help
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Rating: 5/51

I had an issue where some payments I made online apparently went to the wrong bank, since I didn't enter all the digits in the account number. I called up and spoke to ** with the online banking department and it was all fixed within like 10 minutes. She even faxed me a confirmation and called me right back to confirm. I have never been so pleased with a bank taking my money seriously! Awesome service.

Something So Simple Turned Into a War.
By -

JAMES ISLAND -- So I have been a loyal BB&T customer for 12 years, and I feel as if I have been betrayed. The countless times I have been let down and disappointed in this bank have left me emotionally distraught. Today I simply just went to make a deposit in my checking account and the ATM was not working properly and took my card in the process. Not allowing me to even insert my check.

I marched into the bank and frantically explained the problem to the ONLY teller that was working on a lunch hour (which makes no sense to me). She explained that she was unable to check due to being the only one working the drive through and the counter. I knew that was a lie because the relationship banker was just finishing up with a client and could have taken over for 10 minutes. Finally I had a chance to speak with that relationship banker and she told me that there was a gentlemen that came in not too long before me and had the same problem. WTF!

New Policy
By -

NORCROSS, GEORGIA -- My son had a student account with BB&T. They have a new policy they have implemented in the past year where they take out withdrawals immediately but hold checks. When it comes to timing on your account--they put through the withdrawals first so they can get their fees. They know EXACTLY what they are doing and are making a ton of money doing it.

My son deposited two birthday checks which they held (without informing us) then posted the withdrawals he made against those checks. They charged him $285.00 in overdraft charges. When my husband and son went in to speak with the bank, they gave them a register and said to keep up with your balance in the future. We another bank. We still can't see where he was overdrawn to begin with even if they held the checks but they are not willing to discuss it any further. It will take him a month to make $285.00 to cover those charges. Please DO NOT BANK WITH BB&T.

BB&T Ripping Off Customers!
By -

SPRING HILL, FLORIDA -- BB&T has been systematically ripping off its customers by posting debits first, then posting credits or deposit. This is in stark contradiction to the policies banks, in general, have had in regard to this situation. Traditionally, banks would post deposits and credits first, usually at 12:00 midnight, then they would post any debits or withdrawals, summarily preventing unnecessary overdraft charges.

However in an effort, it seems, to pad their profit margin, they are posting debits first then posting credits. This new policy, in essence, increases the amount of fees that they collect, as a lot, if not most people in the lower and middle-class have a lower balance when it gets close to payday, or, when we get a windfall and our checking account balance is low, we expect that our deposit will hit the account before any debits.

Also, my wife has her check direct deposited. She is a school teacher. The checks go into the accounts on Thursday. They do not post until after 6:00 A.M. on Friday, again allowing for fees to be assessed for any debits posted at 12:00 midnight. It's clear that the banks have instituted this policy to glean more fees from the working class, while leaving the upper class and the well-heeled, virtually untouched. This practice is an outrage, and if the federal government and state banking regulators won't do anything about it, we the people, should start taking grass roots measures to rectify this problem.

Dirty Bank Polices
By -

POLK CITY, FLORIDA -- I went to my bank BB and T on Friday and cashed a check. I hadn't cashed any checks since the following Monday. Anyway the teller check availability of funds and cashed my check, then on Saturday they charged me an overdraft fee on the check I CASHED AT THEIR BANK FOR LACK OF FUNDS. The money was there on Friday, enough to cash the check. So how did it disappear on Saturday? So that they could charge me an overdraft fee. They cheated me out of my money to make a gain.

Bb&T--Excellent Customer Service
By -

I needed to stop an automatic debit card withdrawal from my checking account that my husband set up a few years ago (before I joined the M3C community) but cancelled 6 months ago. Everything was going fine with the cancellation until today. All of the sudden, out of the blue, this company withdrew 15.00 from my bank account using an expired debit card.

I contacted my bank and spoke with a very nice and knowledgeable young lady. I explained the situation and asked her what my options were. She reviewed my account, advised me that she could put a 30-day block on this company's access to my account, refund my 15.00, leave my current debit card active for 30 days, and resend me a new card with a new number within 5 business days. She said the new card number would ensure the company would have no further access to my account. I was on the phone for a grand total of 15 minutes!!! Awesome job BB&T!!!

Debiting Your Account In The Order The Payments Are Presented
By -

ST PETERSBURG, FLORIDA -- I read a complaint from a lady with 2 children who said her account was debited with the largest payment first, causing all the littler stuff to bounce which, in turn, caused extensive overdraft fees. Years ago, when I had account with Barnett Bank, they used the same practices. I was eventually awarded a small check as settlement of a class action suit for this very thing. This would indicate to me that the practice is at the very least not ethical, and possibly illegal.

I Want My Money Back
By -

COLONIAL HEIGHTS, VIRGINIA -- I incurred an overdraft fee of $35 from a transaction that never should have taken place. The company that put my account into overdraft refunded my money, but now the bank will not refund the overdraft fee. They said they loaned me money to pay it, so I owe it to them. I also had another transaction that I was going to cancel, but the product cost me $4.95, and if I cancel, I won't receive the overdraft fee back. So I in turn am going to end up paying $39.95 for a $5 game!

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