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Complete And Total Lack Of Customer Service.
Posted by Lewperry on 04/14/2014
DURHAM, NORTH CAROLINA -- To make a long story short, they have no customer service. None. You can't get anyone directly. NO ONE. So every single time you have to go through customer service h***. I'm now sitting on hold, yet again, because of THEIR mistake. I tried to remove myself from our policy in January, keeping my family members on the policy. Well to say they've screwed it up royally would be a huge understatement. They only "split the policy. Their mistake but they want ME to pay. How's that work?! Their excuse is, "there is no paperwork." Well, that's because your person screwed up. Needless to say, I'm pretty unhappy. So, 22 minutes on hold and the clock keeps ticking.

I keep thinking that Durham is not a bad drive. But if I did go I'd never get through the front door so why bother. Customer service? Not on your life. Pathetic. I've truly, truly never experienced customer service at this level...... and I'm including DMV experiences.

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Posted by Shayen on 2014-04-17:
I am not surprised to hear of the bad service. BCBS outsources their CS department to a 3rd party who pays the reps $8.50/hour. How can they expect to have a quality employee who is educated and articulate for $8.50? They rarely can but apparently they don't care.
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Posted by Meganshelby92 on 03/26/2014
GEORGIA -- Customer service for Blue Cross and Blue Shield is horrible. They need people to take a class on how to answer the phone and be respectful to a client! Very rude and wanted to talk over me! Very displeased with how one of the representatives helped me I have been transferred 6 times to the same department and no one can seem to answer a minor question about online bill pay! Come on now its your job to know and to help people when they need it not be a total ass about it!!!
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Refusal to pay for meds
Posted by Stljohnj on 03/25/2014
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- I do not have a pituitary gland. It was removed due to a tumor. I then had radiation when the tumor started growing back. BCBS knows this because they paid for it. I take a lot of meds due to this chronic condition. I made a mistake simple as that. I long hard day and somehow after I took my nightly injection I placed it in the freezer instead of the fridge. According to BCBS once I receive the meds if anything happens(lost, stolen or ruined), it is my responsibility to replace them at $500.00 dollars. So I have to go almost 2 weeks without meds which will mess me up for close to a month because of their ridiculous rules. Mistakes happen. Also the entire way their system is set up is a rip-off. My plan says that I have a copay of $30.00 for specialty drugs but the vial only lasts 25 days and they make me pay the extra 3 vials per year because of the way the vials are measured.

That isn't my fault. My plan has me paying for $30 for a 30 supply. Hours and hours on hold and nothing but the run around and in the end. Go call the insurance commissioner I can give you the number if you like. WOW!
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Changing Medications
Posted by Crissangeleyes on 03/21/2014
ROCHESTER NY, NEW YORK -- I changed from one company that I was totally happy with because of the premium increase. Through The Affordable Health Care Act (Obama Care) I met with a navigator who assigned me to Blue Cross/Blue Shield.
It has been nothing but a nightmare so far. They refused to pay for my mammogram, because I require an ultrasound after the mammogram, now they are refusing to approve my migraine headache medication that I have been taking forever via my Neurologist and previous health care provider.

Money is everything with these people. They are trying to substitute the pills with pills that cause tinnitus, which is a condition I already suffer from and also, I found out through research, they give it to dogs with arthritis! They have been rude on the phone and even sent me a letter telling me that I could not have my old med back.

Now I am on Vicidin and nausea drugs and they have to pay out of pocket despite a premium I pay them monthly because they claim I have a "deductible". I do not understand why they will not approve the Naproxen sodium 550mg I was taking because they weren't going to pay for it anyway!

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Poor Customer Service
Posted by Q4844895 on 02/07/2014
Been on hold three times, shifted from department to department. Hung up on me twice by automation phone system. They won't have as many claims if you can never get hold of anyone. Going on 70 minutes now!
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Posted by nikalseyn on 2014-02-07:
Which begs the question----why do you have them as your insurance company? How are they at paying claims, tho? I had BC many years ago and found their "customer service" so bad that I got out after only one year. Why would anyone put up with nonsense like that? Find another insurer.
Posted by bArb on 2014-03-07:
This "please wait representative will be with you shortly" is crazy! 2 Hours wait today, 1 and 1/2 hours Wednesday....still cannot get someone to pick up the phone! Haven't been with them 6 months....but I promise I am looking elsewhere! This is just CRAZY!
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No Coverage
Posted by NEHOMA on 01/23/2014
Moved from Ohio to North Carolina. Called BCBS with address change. Was advised they don't issue policies in North Carolina. Tried several times to get release letter from BCBS so could get coverage from another company,. After threat of calling insurance commissioner in Ohio, got letter.
Found out after arriving North Carolina BCBS does issue policies in North Carolina.
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Horrible Telephone Wait Times; Can't Order ID Cards
Posted by Kelly.email2 on 01/22/2014
HOUSTON, TEXAS -- I would give this a negative rating if I could. Let me explain why. My in-laws switched their Medicare Supplement Care from Aetna to BCBSTX because my father-in-law's prior company dropped all retiree plans. We applied, were accepted, and have made payments for both my mother-in-law and father-in-law. We even put BCBSTX on auto bill pay and made payments well in advance of due dates. Effective date is 1-1-14. They've never received ID cards. Here is my problem. Every time I phone and enter the member number and DOB as requested - no application found. I have to hold "in excess of 60 minutes" (on hold right now - 1 hr 30 minutes and counting) while waiting "for the next customer advocate to be with me shortly. (Shortly?? Advocate??) When I try to order the cards online I have to set up an account online and enter the member ID number, group number, email address, etc. OK, the ID number is on the invoice so that's not an issue. The problem is the Group number - that is found ON THE CARD. Hello?? This is the most time-wasting, non-customer friendly, absurd process I have ever seen. My advice? Go elsewhere.
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Dishonest and Misleading About Coverage
Posted by Misakilove on 01/07/2014
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS -- Blue Cross Blue Shield claimed to cover the cost of my IUD Mirena, with only a $20 copay. However, they did not bother to tell me that the required STD test to get the IUD is NOT covered. It cost me almost $200 to get the test. Additionally, they did not pay for the ultrasound my doctor ordered after getting the IUD placed. An ultrasound is very important to get to make sure that the IUD is in place. Now I am charged $1200 for the ultrasound. Lastly, I was charged $270 for the "office visit" to get the IUD place, and another $90 for the check-up visit, because my insurance only covers one office visit (that is not a medical diagnosis) per year. Why did they not tell me that I would be responsible for paying this? They are dishonest and misleading in their coverage. I am dropping BCBS after this month.

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Horrible Customer Service, Misleading Information Causing Me to Pay Extra Deductible!!
Posted by Lamyukheung on 12/26/2013
ORLANDO, FLORIDA -- In order to avoid any hidden terms/ fee, I called ahead to check if delivery is 100% covered with my plan at my selected hospital and I was told it is 100% covered. only after more than 10 months when I called to inquire about something else that they told me the service I used 10 months ago was not 100% covered and they are going to re estimate everything + I will have deductible to pay for that. VERY rude and unprofessional customer associate. They don't even know what is included in my plan and every time I call, they will give me a different answers/ terms. very frustrated and disappointed. it's just useless to call and talk to those operators that are not informative, they even gave me wrong information about my plan which ended up causing me to pay extra money due to their wrong information. I even tried to talk to a supervisor and she was like a robort just kept repeating it's the policy and she couldn't do anything about it. not even an apology for what her co workers did wrong and for my loss of time and money due to their misleading information. that supervisor just told me to contact my HR as they are not responsible for that. it was Blue Cross Blue Shield's customer associates who gave me wrong information and I have to pay for their mistakes!! very angry and frustrated.
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Customer Service # Listed on Card Is for Out of Service Cell Phone
Posted by Jstkpmvg on 12/16/2013
STERLING HEIGHTS, MICHIGAN -- Customer service # for Blue Cross is listed on back of card but got nothing but busy signal - found out the # is for an out-of-service cell phone not associated with BC at all.

Called many other BC #'s but was told "We're not customer service- just call the # on the back of your card" Finally had someone helpful enough to give me the correct # and asked me to read the # on the back of the card to them- the number didn't show up in their database.

How is it possible that a big, rich company would not periodically check, and call it's own #'s to make sure everything is working properly? How could they issue cards with the main contact # incorrect? I'm a new customer, is this a sample of what I'm going to be dealing with at BC?
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