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Very very poor service to bank clients
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I was in BDO (SM Manila branch - near City hall) at lunch time today to pay the outstanding balance of my two credit cards and at the same time deposit cash for my two accounts. I went at lunch time because I couldn't really find time to go to the bank because of my very busy work schedule. I went inside the bank at a little past 12:00 noon. There were lots of people lining up to the tellers' counter, where two signs were also prominently displayed, - "single transaction" and "multiple transactions". Since I have four transactions, I naturally went to the line for multiple transactions. In the single transaction line, I heard the guards call for people with cash deposits only. I assumed therefore that the line for "single transaction" was prioritizing cash deposit transactions. After about 1 hour and a half of standing in the line, I was finally able to approach the teller for my transaction. To my dismay, she informed me that she will only accept my cash deposit and not my payment for credit card. I told her that I've been standing in line for more than 1 hour and she should accept my payment. The teller told me she cannot accept because her computer is programmed for cash deposits only, and that there is another line for credit card payment. I looked in the direction that she pointed and saw people sitting comfortably in the right side of the bank. But there was no sign saying that that particular portion is for credit card or bills payment. To make the long story short, the teller was telling me in essence that I should line up again in the credit cards section. I felt horrible, I felt very angry, and I felt that I deserve a better service from that bank. I've been a loyal client of BDO and so are those so many people standing in line for hours. I told the teller that I would be filing a complaint with the bank manager. But the bank manager was busy acting as a teller and I had to again wait for a few minutes before she was able to finally talk to me. I told her my complaint and she instructed the guard to give my credit card statement and money to the teller in the credit card section. But since there was no clear instruction, I guess the guard just left my credit card statement with one of the tellers. It was only after I stood up after another 20 minutes that the bank manager inquired from the guard about my statement, and the guard went bank to the teller. 10 minutes later, the guard returned asking me to fill up another paper so that my transaction will be attended to. This time, I could no longer contain my anger and I just asked the guard and the teller to just return my money and that I will no longer wait for them to do whatever it is that they still need to do. WHAT I WANT TO SAY HERE, THEREFORE, IS THIS ----- THE BDO PEOPLE IN SM MANILA TREAT THEIR BANKING CLIENTS VERY VERY BADLY. THEY ARE VERY INCONSIDERATE AND VERY UNPROFESSIONAL. They should stop making people line up for hours and they should not separate the banking transactions that people will have to go to different tellers just to finish all their transactions. Their business is prospering because of all these people who put their money in their bank. If it weren't for these people (and their money) then they will have nothing. I AM WRITING THIS BECAUSE I WANT THEM TO IMPROVE THEIR SERVICE. I HOPE THIS WILL REACH THEM SO THAT I DO NOT HAVE TO GO TO THE MAIN BRANCH TO COMPLAIN WITH THE BIG BOSSES.
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Fufu487 on 09/02/2011:
I'm all with you on this one, though it does sound like it was a crazy busy lunch hour rush. Does the bank not offer online banking? So you can pay your bills in the convenience of your own home? Might be a solution to consider in the future if they do.
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Horrible customer service
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LAS PINAS -- I have always used my ATM debit card for my purchases. I like that I can pay via my checking account and my transactions are tracked clearly. I recently paid for my groceries at Pure Gold. They told me that the transaction did not process and I paid them in cash. In fact the money was deducted from my checking account. I have been 40 days trying to get this cleared up with BDO bank, who continues to insist that it takes 45 business days to find out and credit the money back to my checking. I believe you could have gotten a response 50 yrs ago faster than 45 business days. I have politely addressed this with so called managers over the phone and in branch offices in Las Pinas. Have these people heard of the internet? Are they sending messages back and forth by Turtle? I got confirmation from the Store, Master Card and my Checking account within minutes of the transaction but the personnel at BDO insist that they still are unable to determine if in fact the transaction was deducted from my account. I hope others will complain and prompt better service from their BDO bank.
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Bill on 03/31/2012:
BDO Banco De Oro Philippines Bank Review.

My experiences with this bank (BDO) was a bit confusing after trying to make a deposit. I decided to deposit some money into my BDO Bank at a local branch near my home. When entering the bank I was greeted by smiles and courtesy, I then asked the woman sitting behind the teller counter “Can I Make A Deposit into my account?” She said yes, as long as this was the branch that you opened your account in. This was not the case as I had opened my account in another location. She then went on to say “Its both the the banks policy and the law set by the Philippines Central Bank that you CANNOT make any deposits in any other BDO branch other that the original banking branch that you opened the account in”.
With a sigh of disbelief I left with my money I had planned to deposit and went to my opening branch about 35 minute drive from where I lived.
Arriving at my BDO Branch where I opened the bank account.

I was again greeted with smiles and courtesy but when I tried to deposit my money “Again” after filling out the deposit slip the bank clerk was quick to inform me that my account had been moved to a branch down the street and I would have to go to that branch and make my deposit. I was floored, but willingly left yet again as instructed and went to another Banco De Oro branch that I had never been to before.
Arriving at Banco De Oro #3

I was again greeted with smiles and courtesy but when I tried to deposit my money “Again” after filling out the deposit slip the bank clerk (with a quick snicker) was quick to inform me that it was after 12 noon and they would not except deposits after 12 noon and to come back tomorrow before 12 noon.
Talk about a huge waste of time and on a emotional roller coaster.

Funny, I looked this up on BDOs website and found nothing to support these crazy rules. Maybe they forgot to post this rule?

I quickly exited the bank and went strait to NCNB Bank (North Cascades National Bank) and tried to make a deposit but upon inquiring with the bank clerk for some information like charges, the clerk was quick to point out they had the same banking rules set down by the “Philippines Central Bank” and these rules applied to ALL banking institutions in the Philippines.

I quickly went to their website Philippines National Bank looked up Guidelines For Banks in the Philippines and could not find one statement pertaining to this so called law. And to top it all off, the nice friendly clerk informed me “they charged you for withdrawals even if your withdrawing from NCNB (North Cascades National Bank)”. Making statements on their wall like “With BDO, convenience is key when it comes to personal banking” and “We find ways” and “We are committed to deliver products and services that surpass customer expectations” I had asked the BDO Bank clerk if she thought that any of these statements were true or accurate as she bowed her head in shame and shook her head “NO”.
In conclusion to the Baking Nightmare:

I went to Colon and bought a wall safe! My safe is open 24 hrs a day and I am able to make withdrawals and deposits with no lines, no ID, no charges or fees, no withdrawal limit and no hassle. But isn’t that what a bank is supposed to be for?
ms. upset on 02/18/2014:
BDO-- POOR SERVICE! Not recommended.
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Didn't receive the money
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PHILIPPINES -- I sent money to my boyfriend in the Philippines using my own BDO account. Then today, Saturday evening at around 7:30 PM, 06 February he withdraw an amount of 10,000 in BDO BF Homes Paranaque, but it seems that the machine hanged/malfunctioned which causes the money not to come out from the machine, even a receipt has not been provided to him by the said machine. what am I going to do to get back my money as my family in the Philippines needs the money very badly.

My boyfriend tried calling the Help Centre of BDO to report the incident but it took some time for him to get through someone whom he get some help for what had happen and when the time he spoke to one of the agent he was just given a reference number regarding his report and was told that I, myself should be the one to call them directly on Tuesday for the reason that the complaint or report will be received only by Monday. I need an immediate action for this as it will really cost me much to call BDO Call Centre from Dubai.
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Brian on 07/18/2013:
Had the same experience just this Tuesday. The customer service rep gave me a reference number, he said two days before it can be reverted, if not, it's under investigation and would take 5 business banking days. It's been two days now and I followed up, the rep said it's still under investigation. I guess all we can do is wait. *sigh* BDO should give this kind of situation high priority since its the BDO ATM's fault and not the customer's. 5 days is too damn long!
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