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Orange County Sheriff Apathetic to Predatory Towing Company
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Orange County Sheriff Apathetic to Predatory Towing Company

Predatory Towing companies will never go away when they have local law enforcement in their pocket. Beach Cities Towing in Lake Forest, CA has been sued dozens of times by local victims in Orange County courts for their alleged illegal towing.

O. C. Sheriff Deputies claim that the tow company operators are "too sophisticated" for them to enforce public safety laws. Maybe a lack of ethics and morality rubbed off on the rank and file during Corona’s tenure.
Sheriff Deputies are well aware of the practices of Beach Cities Towing, claiming they receive calls on a weekly basis from victims.
The CEO of Beach Cities Towing, was charged in 2007 and 2008 by the O. C. District Attorney for multiple criminal violations. Citizens complained that they were charged excessive tow and storage costs (VC § 22658(j) (2); and also for Unauthorized Removal of Vehicle from Private Property (VC § 22658(1) (1) (A).
Patrol Masters and Beach Cities Towing apparentley work together in an attempt to legalize car theft. The 31 felony counts was filed by the D. A. case v-nu,9CF1417) by the District Attorney, for fraud, embezzlement, theft over $100,000 and theft exceeding $150,000.

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